Tavis Smith shows off his Super Bowl ring with other rings he's received. Mr. Smith was offensive player of the year for the Daytona Beach Broncos.

There was more bling than you could throw a football at during the Daytona Beach Broncos Super Bowl celebration at the Riverside Pavilion in Port Orange.

More than 150 players, coaches and sponsors, the entire Daytona Broncos and family, cheered the passing out of rings, trophies and team honors.

The event had a family feel as coaches helped with the early setup.

Tamara Clark, co-owner of the team with husband, Derrick, who is the head coach, explained how the team logo on the ring should be worn facing away so people can see what team the ring represents.

Immediately the line of tough football players looked to see how they were wearing their rings..

“You see my guys are all checking out how they put their rings on,” Ms. Clark said as the crowd joined in a friendly laugh.

The Daytona Broncos are a semi-pro football team that plays in the Florida Champion Football League. Players are not paid, but pay a fee toward their equipment and insurance.

Last May the Daytona Beach Broncos defeated the Florida Champion Football League previous champion, the Pompano Beach Outlaws, to win the league’s Super Bowl.

It was the first Super Bowl victory for Daytona Beach or Volusia County.

Running back/receiver Tavis Smith showed off four rings on his fingers as he stood in line for dinner provided by Broncos sponsor Little Italy Ristorante. Some are from other seasons and teams as he plays year-round.

“I’m going to get another one,” he said.

Mr. Smith later received the offensive player of the year award. He plans to play this upcoming season, which begins Feb. 4 against the Blue Devils in Apopka.

As do many of the Broncos players, Mr. Smith has a regular job when he’s not a football hero. He works for WastePro.

Rasheed Blatch proudly held his award for best all around player of the year as he posed for a picture with Coach Clark.

“I’ve played for five years,” said Mr. Blatch, a fullback and linebacker who earned the nickname “The Beast.” In his day job he builds carburetors and other auto equipment.

Also returning next season is Foushad Floyd, the Bronco’s quarterback and offensive most valuable player.

David and Lisa Doak of team sponsor TBD Printing, displayed an over-sized check as they announced a $100 award to the player of the game during the upcoming season. Carried away as awards continued, sponsor Mark Dodds of Cabinet Wholesale Outlet promised to match the $100 per game player incentive.

Awards presented were:

•Offensive Rookie of the Year: Mason Tandy

•Offensive Player of the Year: Tavis Smith

•Special Offensive Line MVPs: Ben Williams, Josh Roberts, Sean “Marine” Henderson, Israel Ross and Oscar Walker

•Offensive Most Valuable Player: Foushod Floyd

•Defensive Rookie of the Year: John Breezo

•Co-Defensive Player of the Year: Phillip Bailey

•Co-Defensive player of the year: Kenneth Jackson

•Defensive Most Valuable Player: Quinton Green

•Special Teams Most Valuable Player: Jim Taylor

•Special Teams Player of the Year: Tyler White

•Most Improved Player of the Year: Darrin Zellner

•Best All-Around Player of the Year: Rasheed Blatch

•Newcomer Award: Josh Roberts

•Derrick Clark Humanitarian Award: Robert Cushionberry

•Veteran Award: Sean “Marine” Henderson

•D-Line: Tazz Frost

•#1 All-Around Supporter: Luke Williamson

•Purple Heart Recipient: Sean “Marine” Henderson

•#1 Player Supporter: Keon Murray

•President of Player’s Board: Juan Torres

•#1 Team Supporter: Armani Lavezza

•#1 Ball Protector: Elisha Tillman

Head Coach Clark and all the coaches also received awards.

The 2023 season schedule is coming soon to

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