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Our group of 15 community newspapers provide small- to medium-sized businesses with a perfect vehicle to getting their advertising message out to a local group of potential customers with a single edition or the entire county with multiple newspapers. This “target market” approach is very popular, and provides businesses with a lot of advertising bang for their dollar. For larger advertisers, our group provides a “one-stop” destination for reaching multiple counties.

Many large advertisers (Bealls, Walmart, Home Depot, Ashley's Furniture HomeStores and others) find our newspapers not only the most convenient method to reach their customers, but also find that they get amazing returns. So, whether you are just wanting to reach a few of our Volusia County communities or potential customers in our five-edition Volusia County market, Hometown News is the right medium for getting your advertising message to the public.


Sizes and Spots

To calculate the size of your ad: Verify with your account representative the size of the ad space that was reserved for you. The sales rep will provide you with a size in column inches. (Columns/width X Inches/height)


Broadsheet Ad Sizes

(Volusia County)

1/16 page: 2col x 4" (3.55"x4")

1/8 page: 3 col x 5" (5.41"x5")

1/4 page: 3 col x 10" (5.41"x10") or 6 col x 5" (11"x5")

1/2 page: 6 col x 10" (11"x10") or 3 col x 20" (5.41"x20")

Premium: 5 col x 16" (5.41"x16")

Full Page: 6 col x 20"

To place a business ad with us, please call our Volusia County office at (386) 322-5900.


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Advertise with Us

To advertise your business, call (386) 322-5900.
Agencies | National | Regional: Call Kathy Young at (772) 467-4352.

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