No help from Hollywood

I go to the movies every Tuesday and this week I saw Stephen King's “It Chapter Two.”

It had the F word a hundred times. Twelve-year-old children were using the F word. I just could not believe it. I don't know what the world is coming to. I thought “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood” and “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw ” were bad, too, but “It” was the worse one.

If people want to see good movies, see “Blinded by the Light” and the “Overcomer.” I can understand why kids are the way they are today. It is a dangerous world out there, and Hollywood doesn't help at all.

Ride smart and happy biker season

'Tis the season to dust off that fabulous motorcycle and hit the road to throw caution to the wind while not wearing your helmet.

Today, I witnessed a helmet-less rider charge off at the intersection of Wilmette and Nova Road in Ormond Beach, heading south full throttle. Before he reached the entrance to The Trails shopping center, he made a sudden lane change right in front of me.

It was a good thing I was paying attention. If I had been a texting teenager or a senior citizen who can barely see over the steering wheel, he surely could've become one with the pavement.

While his behavior became more unacceptable for someone without a helmet on, he gave no indication he was aware that what he had done could've cost him his life.

To all you motorcycle drivers getting ready to enjoy the coming of fall, this driver can only suggest you mind your P's & Q's. Drive that bike like there is nothing surrounding you to protect you from the pavement. Wear a helmet. Don't bolt away from traffic lights with lightning speed. Use your blinkers and, for crying out loud, be just as mindful of people in cars who are being mindful of you.

Coyote caution

With coyotes increasingly spotted in various sections of New Smyrna Beach, people should become familiar with them.

Averaging 30 pounds, yips, yelps, whines, barks, growls, and, most of all, howls are heard when in their vicinity. They can carry distemper, encephalitis, hepatitis, mites, rabies, tapeworm, ticks and worms.

Feeding on young water birds, crustaceans, fish, insects, rodents, snakes, turtles and sometimes vegetables, coyotes usually shy away from pets and children.

Do not feed them or leave garbage accessible. If confronted by one or a pack, do not run but rather make noise. And immediately contact the appropriate city agency upon sighting

They're the best

Last Wednesday, my wife and I were at New Smyrna Beach.

We forgot to turn the headlights off and subsequently suffered a dead battery. Four strangers were willing to help me jump start my vehicle, but as it turned out, my new jumper cables were not working. I had AAA on the phone when my cell phone went dead, too.

Finally a beach patrol ranger was able to put his cables on and it fired right up. Many thanks to the good Samaritans that day, You guys are the best.

Casinos not coming

When can we see anything about casinos we voted for?

Is this another scam to put on ballots and not act on it? Volusia get off your butt and do something, maybe it will help to get you more money you so badly in need off. You complain not enough revenue constantly, but do nothing about it.

The poker rooms should not be allowed in Volusia because this is gambling, too, but only for those privileged people who love poker. What about the people who love to play slots? This is discrimination at its highest. We have rights, too.

Volusia be aware, we are watching. It is one year after we voted and nothing is done. It’s time you wake up and listen to the voters. The next one is coming up for sure.

(Editor's note: The ballot initiative approved in November requires that any extension in casino gambling must be approved by voters. So, anyone who wants to build a casino – outside of existing ones and the Seminole Indian Tribe, must get the required signatures for a ballot initiative, which currently is 753,590.)

Not a shiny gold star

Finally have my "new" Driver's license after 51/2 months of record hunting and a grand total of $632 for two extensions.

Why? Because I have been married two times previously. So any woman has to have their certified birth certificate, proof of divorce and new marriage licenses and they all have to line up then you stand in line to get all this approved, which, because each person was telling me different things and after paying for all of these records and paying an addition $48, I have my gold star on my license.

I was angry after all this time. I asked why all these hoops. I was told to be sure I am not a terrorist. Yes, that is a What? Moment. So, as I left I shouted, “Yeah, I am not a terrorist and I have my Gold Star, so when does the selections start.” How that stupid star clears me of wrongdoing is beyond me. How will that stop a terrorist?

Because men don't change their names, they don't have to jump through all these hoops. The complete stupidity of this is amazing. My advice to women is if you get married, never change your last name.

A blessed man

Thank you to the wonderful man who found by red bag in the Publix parking lot on Saturday, Sept. 14.

This bag contained everything, including a brand new phone, credit cards, cash, ID and my whole life. I cannot thank you enough. You will be blessed.

Straw rave

I would like to rave about Hull's Seafood Restaurant in Ormond Beach.

They have switched over to paper straws, and I really appreciate the difference they are making.

Sam's still needed

Sam's Club made a terrible mistake and injustice to the residents of South Daytona and Port Orange by closing the store on Beville Road.

The store was always busy and convenient for shoppers. The area has three Walmarts, and the area is large enough to support two Sam's Clubs.

Maintain Midway

Midway runs alongside the North Causeway.

The beautiful trees that were planted are being neglected. Some leaning, some falling. The grass is so long we can’t walk the dogs.

The city has forgotten us. They spent a lot of money to beautify and it’s a shame it’s not being maintained.

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