Once is too much

My wife and I had decided to see “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” and had mentioned that to our daughter, who pointed us to a review of the movie, at a website pluggedin.com.

There, we learned the dialog contained some 115 F-words, 40 S-words and a wide assortment of language that we would find objectionable, plus, for example, terms for body parts not fit to print.

We’re not prudes, but we’re glad we chose not to waste our gift movie tickets on Mr. Tarantino’s contribution to the “entertainment” industry. I think we’ll stick with Bogart and Bacall, in black and white, and reruns of Seinfeld, for much of our entertainment.

Can’t quite picture young dating couples being comfortable sitting through today’s gratuitous potty-mouthed dialog. Times have, indeed, changed.

Thanks, fire department

The Daytona Beach Fire Department deserves recognition and praise for the little-known service they offer to local residents.

I live in a downtown condominium and a few weeks ago I left my apartment for just a short trip down the hall, forgetting to take my key, and also leaving my oven on, for the end cooking of my dinner.

When I realized what I had done, I was concerned about the possibility of a fire before I would be able to get another key from the office because the front office is closed on weekends. A neighbor told me the fire department would come in such a case.

I called and the fire truck arrived within five minutes. All the firemen were smiling very courteous and helpful and there was no charge. I even offered them my salvaged dinner, but they said that wasn’t necessary.

I had the privilege of meeting a few civil servants who personified how safe we all are. Thanks to all the fine people at the Daytona Beach Fire Department.

What time is it?

I was on Mason Avenue in Daytona Beach today. I was near a church and the sign did not list services.

Then, I saw another church and no service or Mass times were listed. I don't understand why churches don't list the times of their services.

Fabulous musical

I saw a musical at Daytona Playhouse recently, “Meshuggah-Nuns.”

It was the funniest musical I have ever seen in my life. It is fabulous. It is about five nuns and a Jewish man. It is so great. I have seen musicals in New York and all over the country. This is fabulous.

Don't keep the change

This past week I went to eat at a nice restaurant.

I paid the bill in cash and the server kept the change. The server did not bring the change back. I left another tip, but next time a server does that, I am only going to leave a dollar.


Whatever happen to the gambling that was approved in November?

One right would make it right

There is "an accident waiting to happen" on LPGA Boulevard, just east of Interstate 95 in Daytona Beach.

The turn lane into the Tanger Outlet Mall needs to be marked "right turn only." Right now some cars and trucks go straight from the turn lane and I've seen some close calls when they go through the light and someone wants to turn right at the next light, LPGA and Williamson.

Seems like an easy fix if someone just uses common sense.

Paying to Park?

Just checking; how, can taxpayers pay to have Park Avenue moved to accommodate Massey Ranch Airpark, Edgewater?

I know we put in a new road, however, we moved that portion for the expectation of Massey's new European jet service? Just asking?

Emergency fail

Recently the New Smyrna Beach Middle school had a transformer blow up and caught part of the school on fire resulting in the loss of power.

Chaos ensued. Some parents got an automated call saying the hundreds of kids had walked from the middle school to the high school and we could pick them up there. IDs were checked on some parents, but mine was not verified against the system. The parent behind me said they didn't check hers at all and she was personally concerned someone else might collect her child.

When we signed a paper to check out our children someone would call on a walkie talkie, but they expected the kids to hear their own names called once over a loudspeaker with everyone talking loudly. I had to have my kids called four times and it took an hour to get them out of the building.

When kids were released nobody was checking the ID of the person the kid walked up to. My daughter said while still at the middle school they heard the fire bell go off and they proceeded with going outside as they have done in drills but then they went back inside for another class period before the officials decided everyone needed to evacuate.

What's the point of doing fire drills at school to practice protocol so that everything goes smoothly in the event of an emergency, but then when the actual thing happens … just throw it out the window. My kids were so scared, because it was obvious nobody knew what was going on.

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