Paying it forward

What a nice surprise.

We three widows finished our dinner at Genovese's Italian Cafe in Daytona Beach Shores Saturday, Sept. 14, and we were told the couple in the next booth paid for our dinners.

Thank you whoever you are. We have paid it forward.

In response to: 'Some rotten apples'

Wake up call regarding some rotten apples.

How dare you! You spoke of one having a snotty attitude? Start with a self check of who you are and what they are.

You clearly judge others based on where they work, referring to them as service workers. You only assume you have more education and more net worth. I believe you are lacking self worth and you are penniless.

I am more than flabbergasted that you, without any doubt, look down on ones that only you would refer to as service workers. I retired from an upscale corporate career. I am sure that impresses you, but it does not impress me or others.

What does impress me is anyone working for a salary, wherever they choose to work. All have more net worth then yourself. Without having self respect so many more have more net worth than yourself. The ones referred to as service workers pass you so far in life.

Perhaps, you should use a self check out. I doubt highly you could do their hard jobs. The only snotty one is you. Thumbs up and respect to all working for a salary.

In response to: 'Some rotten apples'

I was amused and saddened at the same time when I read a rant Friday, Sept. 6, about a Publix employee attitude.

What I found really “snotty” was the rant itself. For this person to degrade someone because of the job and rank them in society is simply wrong.

I am certain I have more education and net worth than the author of this rant, but that does not make me a better person nor more entitled. I know how you are treated is often a reflection of how you treat others and perhaps the “service worker” was simply mirroring an attitude.

Too bad this ranter doesn’t see this and look inside to fix things. As Michael Jackson would say: “I’m talking about the person in the mirror.”

In response to: 'Some rotten apples'

I cannot believe that someone could write such a condescending article as this one was.

This person bragged about being more educated and wealthier than someone that she noted as a "service person with a corresponding pay rate."

I have shopped at Publix in Port Orange since it was built and never have I been given anything but outstanding courteous service.

If you are unhappy, tell the manager but for goodness sake don't use your so called better status to demean others. Some of us maybe better off than you but have better manners. What you wrote is a form of bullying.

Too much drama

On Dorian coverage, local news did a good job tracking her, but reporters in the field try for too much drama when there isn’t any.

For example, acting like they are blowing away when there wasn’t any wind.

A new kind of intruder

Some may be aware of a relatively new type of illegal home intruder.

These are individuals who access entrance into homes through any means possible, even cutting into roofs and getting into attics. Once in the attic, they can move around freely without the homeowners knowledge and virtually take over a person's home, and their security systems.

Small amounts of household and monetary items are stolen at first, so the homeowner doesn't notice there are things missing. They steal everything from your privacy to the air you breathe -- these criminals even pull air conditioning duct work up to keep cool in your attic.

So, if you smell cigarette smoke or other kind of smoke in your home, or very strange odors, please be careful, because these are drug addicts who seem to have this type of crime mastered.

This article is attempting to bring an awareness to this particular type of crime, so the perpetrators will be arrested and forces to stop victimizing their prime targets – the disabled, senior citizens, and any other people they think can be easily victimized.

Umbrellas needed

Please spread the word.

Besides water, could you include donating umbrellas in your stories about Bahamas. There will be desperate need for them, no trees / no shade.

In response to: 'Fair Warning -- Please'

I must respond to the “up-tight” ranter, who complained about columnist Dan Smith's review of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” in your Aug. 30 edition.

The ranter's main complaint, as printed, was Mr. Smith's “irresponsible lack of warning to those who might be concerned about the movie's macabre mix of brutality and humor.”

First of all, Mr. Smith is not a movie reviewer. This column is an aside from his fishing one, and is mainly just his spins and recollections on various things. So, he does not have to follow any rules. Get that? OK.

Secondly, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” is a Quentin Tarantino movie. Most people who know anything about Quentin Tarantino know all his movies are pretty bloody. A quick Google search, in fact, reveals “his films are characterized by an . . . esthetization of violence.” (Which means they are pretty bloody.)

So, I would say to the ranter: Please, just don't go blindly to the matinee because it's only $4.99. Do a little research and discover if you really want to see the movie.

I saw it, possibly at the same matinee. The crowd was mostly older people. I heard a few complaining as they exited.

I thought to myself: “Didn't you know it was a Quentin Tarantino movie?”


By the way, I loved it.

In response to: 'Walkers beware'

I don't know why there are cars on John Anderson to start with.

It is very dangerous. It is two lanes, very narrow. It is dangerous when pedestrians and bicyclists and skaters and strollers are trying to share

the same narrow road.

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