With respect to diverse points of view

All the ranting and raving is the main reason I look forward each week to the Hometown News.

To me it is a convenient means by which to assess what's on the minds of people in nearby areas. I've even submitted some of my own thoughts. Rather than having taken personal umbrage about the few that haven't been printed, I assume them too late, lengthy or lame. Try again later as motivated to do so.

I suggest the person recently calling for the shut down of that supposedly biased column to do likewise. Whether in the minority about some topics or the majority about others, take the time and make the effort to express your opinion. More likely than not, it will appear in the HTN within a week or two following submission. Thus, better assuring the equal balance you complain missing. If not, stop whining like a playground brat not getting their way and then spitefully take their ball home to end the game.

As a couple of serious footnotes, I point out relevant occurrences – early on in America and then later in Germany. Two hundred-thirty years ago the Founding Fathers made certain the First Amendment guaranteed among other freedoms to American citizens the press as a means to express themselves, gain information and share their opinions. Almost 90 years ago in the early days of Hitler's rise to power, Nazis thugs destroyed printing presses and censored newspapers. Need I say more?

Take care of your boat

You would think if you own a boat, you would be smart enough to take care of it.

You would hope you would care about the environment as well. I see locals anchor boats near Chicken Island (New Smyrna Beach) where it is obviously too shallow. To their right, now the boat ends up in 45-degree tilts every low tide.

I watched somebody drag a 21-foot powerboat into the channel in the same area and cut the line sinking the boat. There has been a sunken sail boat there for the better part of a year. Would be nice to see the authorities go after these people and charge them for cleanup. There should be a law preventing the mooring of vessels that are falling apart.

Community concerned

I live in a relatively small community in New Smyrna Beach.

We all get along and bond over walking our dogs. Sadly politics and vaccinations have come between us. The pro-vaccination group continues to walk their dogs and get along. The anti-vaccination group continues to get sick, or even die.

A very nice man died. His wife said he told her he did not want the vaccine. He had early signs of dementia. A couple who were lucky enough to find love again, who had a wedding planned for December, got Covid. He was on a ventilator 17 days before being sent to hospice. He only lived after his removal from the ventilator because “his heart was so striping.” His fiancée is on her eighth day on a ventilator. I hope she makes it. But how sad to come home to an empty house, with a wedding dress hanging in the closet.

I no longer try to reason with people who do not want to get vaccinated. That is their decision. However, they need to realize their decision-making effects more people than themselves. They need to stay home, and if they get sick, stay home. Let the hospitals and health care workers care for people who care.

Don't run to the hospital

I would like to know why the anti-vaxxers, who fear the vaccine, who use all these crazy excuses for not getting the vaccine, immediately run to the hospital as soon as they get that dreaded wake up call that the virus is real.

I have read many articles about how these people are filling up hospitals so badly that patients who can be saved cannot get a hospital bed.

So, here is my suggestion. Put MASH tents in the hospital parking lots. Put the Covid-19 patients there and leave the hospitals sanitized and safe for those who need the hospital for life saving needs. I am tired of their cries of their rights are being taken away, I am tired of my rights being taken away. You made your choice stay home when you get sick.

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