Search for best candidates

Kudos to New Smyrna Beach Commissioners Jake Sachs and Michael Kolody for putting the breaks on the hurried "shoe-in" attempt by fellow commissioners to permanently place interim personnel in key and critical positions (city manager and city clerk) at the special Oct. 8 commission meeting,two months ahead of the previous, recorded unanimous commission approval to wait until December.

How does a city of this size, budget and in an unprecedented massive development phase not immediately initiate a search for the best candidates -- not just one closest at hand after releasing their predecessors and coincidentally the supervisors of the interim appointments? Or, permit anyone (five elected officials) to create their own version of a performance review to "suit their needs?”

This is still October, right? Don't we have a fully qualified and functioning human resource department?

Why wouldn't the commissioners tap the highly qualified New Smyrna Beach Human Resources staff to create a legitimately uniform and, frankly, credible performance review per the contract terms for each interim position while they commence the candidate searches?

Filling these key positions is critical to our city function, outside of the recorded unanimously approved timeline out of convenience rather than through a search for competitively qualified candidates and documented credible performance reviews, is highly questionable and, in my opinion, an abuse of the tax dollars and trust the New Smyrna Beach voters put into the hands of our commissioners and mayor

Abide by the law

I think since they passed the new law about cell phones being used while driving I have noticed even more people doing this.

What is wrong with people? You are not above the law.

In response to: 'Long-Suffering Patient'

I used to have the same issue years ago when my doctor was in Ormond Beach.

What last week's ranter mentioned was right on target. If my appointment was at 3 p.m., I was lucky to be called in the room at 3:45 p.m. for preliminaries, etc. Then I switched doctors to Lee Metchick Endocrinology. I have been going there probably 10 years, usually three times a year. I have never waited more than 5 minutes (if that) to be called in.

If my appointment is at, say 10 a.m., you can bet I am being called back in the room at 10 a.m. They are excellent at getting you called back into the room on time. Yay.

In response to: 'Turn on your lights'

I agree the police should ticket for driving with no lights, but I feel unfortunately nothing will ever be done.

I see this happen with about every three vehicles you pass during rain. I have flashed my lights at numerous cars to either no response or getting flipped off. It's ridiculous at how many people can't seem to understand that during rain it is very hard to see them without their lights on.

I ride a motorcycle also and have had some close calls. Come on people, it's not that hard to do.

Strains of a Star-Spangled Show

If not at the Peabody Auditorium in Daytona Beach on Wednesday, Oct. 16, at 7 p.m., you missed a rousing free public concert.

The U.S. Air Force Concert Band (57 musicians) accompanied by the Singing Sergeants (17 vocalists) opened their 12-day community relations tour in Central Florida. Based in D.C., they come from 26 states, D.C., Belarus, Puerto Rico and even Turkey. Traveling throughout the U.S. as well as the world, they have deservedly earned an impressive array of awards.

As the Commander of the Band, Col. Don Schofield conducted the dark blue uniformed group through a wide range of classical, patriotic, pop and original music. Among the creative Disney Fly Medley, Patriotic Salute, and Hail to the Chiefs – Presidential Medley, individual songs ranged from Leonard Cohen, Dimitri Shostakovich, John Phillips Sousa and others. Even a quartet of young future singing flyboys from local Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University joyfully participated.

Grateful to have been born in the U.S., I've felt less proud of my American citizenship during the political foolishness occurring in the past few years. Not a gung-ho warmonger, I enjoyed the airmen and women sharing their amazing talents in a harmonious rather than combative way. At least for the couple of hours duration of the concert, I was happy to have my pride restored in my country.

In response to: 'Hard on the ears'

Oh yes, I absolutely agree with the writer about the Toyota of Orlando/Clermont TV ads!

First of all, it seems they are on every other minute, or maybe it's just the voice that makes it seem that way.

I also mute them when I can, but if I can't reach the remote in time, I find myself yelling "lalalalalalala" until they are over.

There used to be two nice spokespeople, a man and a woman, and the dog who sat on the hood of a car, who did commercials for many years. Maybe they thought they needed something new.

Obviously, the new ads are "driving" people away.

Another road hazard

Another road safety hazard that the police do not stop is when pickup trucks have a load that extends past the bed of the truck.

Sometimes it is fishing poles and sometimes its ladders. Many times they do not have orange flags. That is a real safety hazard. The police never stop them.

Mute the lawyers, too

The commercials that are more annoying than the Toyota of Orlando are all the lawyer commercials!

We likewise mute these commercials since they are played over and over how are they are “for the people,” “justice,” etc., and how happy their clients were that they got paid $125,000 or $250,000 or $500,000 . . . “Thank you DN!”

These commercials are just reflections of how litigious our society has become. Come on lawyers, show a little good taste and humility. All that money spent on advertising could go to benefit your clients. If you are any good, word of mouth will work just fine.

In response to: 'Too Many Dogs in All the Wrong Places'

A gigantic thank you to person who wrong the rant.

To say I wholeheartedly agree is an understatement. Dogs in public places is not just a matter of not liking dogs, it can also be a health issue. (A lot of people, myself included, are allergic to dogs and cats.) and they especially should not be allowed in establishments where food is prepared and/or consumed.

I decided long ago that any store or restaurant where I see a customer with their non-service dog in tow, in hand or in the shopping cart, will no longer have the privilege of my patronage.

Disagreeing this time

More than any other columnist I have a agree-disagree relationship with Dan Smith.

I always agree with his thoughts on good stewardship of our environment and natural resources, but Dan seems stuck in the 1960s when it comes to fishing regulations.

More than once he's written about the glory days of catching enough fish to fill a freezer and in the same column, without any sense of irony, he complains there aren't as many fish as there used to be.

Florida's population has risen from 5 million in the '60s to more than 20 million now. Dan's complaints notwithstanding, the allowable take must be reduced to prevent a species wipe out.

For what it's worth, one spotted sea trout in the proposed slot size can easily feed my wife and me. The proposed should satisfy even the more voracious of appetites.

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