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While all lives do matter, right now until Black Lives Matter no lives matter.

I find it very sad that when the news shows how many times the black community is treated differently and the BLM movement comes out, the first thing people jump up and down and say “oh, no, all lives matter.” When we say, “save the whales,” do you think we don't care about the other fish in the ocean? Of course we do, but at that moment we are concerned about the lack of attention for the whales.

It is the same with Black Lives Matter. That is why when you say all lives matter, people look at you shake their heads and say you just don't get it. It is so sad so many white people just don't get it.

Go to the polls

Why in the world would anyone want to vote by mail except, of course, those unable to due to health problems or those away from home?

We have been hearing for months now about the possibility of your vote not counting. The news media talks daily about instances where ballots were found to be discarded at various places as well as people harvesting ballots and not turning them in. These are accurate facts people and I find it shameful that some are too lazy to vote in person and do their civic duty.

Polls are open for hours that anyone employed could find time to vote. Even people wary of getting Covid- 19 still go shopping, etc., so get off your behind and go to the polls.

Improve the view

Here is a thought. What makes A1A scenic in designation?

Obviously it is the beautiful ocean view on one side as one travels along. But have you ever stopped to count just how many telephone and now concrete poles for wire lines, etc., are lining this scenic stretch? Well we have. It is far from scenic, as a matter of fact, it is downright ugly.

It is understood the necessary poles are there due to the expense of putting them underground. Here is our “but:” Could someone let us know why there are doubles and half chopped poles lining this scenic Ormond-by-the-Sea stretch when they are serving no purpose and have big Xs on them? When are they being removed or have they been long forgotten?

No time better than now for movies

As a lover of movies, I've especially enjoyed watching more of them during the pandemic quarantine.

If not on the large screens of closed theaters, then by way of more affordable at home streaming. Or borrowed for free with convenient curbside pick-up at local public libraries.

After researching them on-line in advance, you might find a few of my all-time favorites appealing.

In alphabetical order along with years, I recommend the following generally available titles ranging from just after the introduction of sound into the early 21st century:

“All Quiet on the Western Front”(1930), “Annie Hall” (1977), “Babe” (1995), “Creature from the Black Lagoon” (1954), “Diary of Anne Frank” (1959), “Group” (1966), “Heiress” (1949), “Incredible Shrinking Man” (1957), “Longtime Companion” (1989), “Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” (1962), “My Man Godfrey” (1936), “Night of the Hunter” (1955), “Nurse Betty” (2000), “Psycho” (1960), “Royal Tennenbaums” (2001), “Seconds” (1966), “Splendor in the Grass” (1961), “To Kill a Mockingbird” (1962), “Treasure of the Sierra Madre” (1948), “Truman Show” (1998) and “Wall-E” (2008).

Who wants to play trivia?

It has occurred to myself, as well as my wife and some friends, that we should be asking people who think they know mostly everything about everything, what is bacteria verses what is a virus?

Have you done any research regarding the two subjects? They are two very different categories. Yet, we are told consistently at grocery stores and pharmacies, use hand sanitizer.

Next time you are in one of these situations, take a look at the ingredients. First of all, if it does not contain 70% alcohol, it is completely ineffective to bacteria. Secondly, most of the items on the shelf today do not mention a virus. Now the big trivia question: is Covid-19 a bacteria or a virus? Which sanitizer will kill a virus? You may feel protected wiping down door handles and groceries. Do your research? Ask your physician?

Casino needed

I think Daytona Beach would be perfect for a casino.

It would bring a lot of visitors and business. It would be a perfect place.

A great service

I’d like to thank the good folks at the Tractor Supply store at the corner of State Road 44 and Corbin Park Road om New Smyrna Beach.

It’s a wonderful store and my wife and I just used their dog washing station in the back of the sales floor for the first time. If you hate washing your dog in the tub on your hands and knees. you will love this dog washing station.

They had a ramp for our extra-large dog to walk up and into the washing tub. It was wonderful. They have shampoo and conditioner ready for you. There were towels to help dry your dog off before you move to the drying table. The dog drying station had multi speed blower with different tips and combs and more. It was a wonderful experience.

The price for using it was good, and made washing our shedding Border Collie/Bernese so much easier. Thank you, everyone at the store for your help and cleanup. We are sure glad to find our new dog washing home.

ECHO and Forever needed

Volusia County voters 20 years ago overwhelmingly approved ECHO and Volusia Forever.

Funds generated from those programs have been well spent to the benefit of local residents. Since inception, 38,000-plus acres of sensitive lands were acquired and protected, and a few hundred community-oriented projects were funded. These projects enhance our quality of life and contribute to making Volusia a special place to live and visit.

Economically county residents benefit as well. These programs attract thousands of visitors who bring much needed income to our local businesses and increase our sales tax revenue. Companies considering a move to Volusia factor in the availability of quality community amenities when making their decision to relocate. We are able to expand available dollars by securing additional funds that require a matching local effort.

There is still work to be done. Continuation of the programs will allow continuation of our conservation work. Increased population will increase demand for high quality, recreational and cultural outlets.

Unless the Volusia County voters decide to renew these programs in November, the funds dedicated for these purposes will not be available. It is unlikely that funds already committed to other purposes will be reallocated to continue the mission of the ECHO or Volusia Forever programs. That would be a loss for our communities.

The minimal cost is a small price to pay for the tremendous benefits for all residents. For these reasons, the League of Women Voters of Volusia County Board of Directors has endorsed these ballot initiatives.

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