In response to: 'Go to the polls'

Why in the world would anyone want to vote by mail asks a reader.

I am a senior citizen who uses a cane when out of my home. While I am healthy for my age, it would still be difficult for me to stand in line for a long time waiting to vote.

A lot of voters are expected next month. Florida is jam packed with seniors like me. Also, many people are working many hours, sometimes with two or even three jobs due to losing jobs because of the coronavirus. They need to be able to vote by mail.

I feel very lucky because in this state we're even getting our chance to vote early, which I did two weeks ago already. And woe the person who believes the news media with their scare tactics.

Incidentally I've voted by mail for years. For more than 20 years, I've been active in an International Pen Friends Club, and write to people all over the world including Russia and Japan. The mail has never let me, or them, down.

In response to: 'Go to the polls'

In response to why vote by mail, I requested an absentee ballot and am I glad I did.

I am stuck at home in quarantine because I have been in contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19. I already filled it out and mailed it in. I've checked the website and it's been received and counted.

While I stay home and hope I don't test positive and I stay healthy, this is one thing I don't have to worry about. I did my civic duty and did not have to worry about infecting someone around me like a poll worker.

We don't always know if we'll be able to vote in person. We may get sick. A member of our family might get sick or any number of other things could happen. I'm happy Volusia County has a great Supervisor of Elections, an absentee system that is easy to manage, free postage to mail our ballots and a website that informs the voter of the status of their ballot.

I love to vote in person and always have, but what a wonderful backup system to have right now.

Two much building

I think our city officials need to be drug tested.

Why on Earth are they allowing more housing and building when we have a pandemic going on? So many people out of work, so many businesses have shut down. So the Einsteins decide this is a great time to destroy more of the reason people like living here by tearing up more land.

Our schools are overcrowded. Teachers are overworked. Where will the new schools be built? Who is paying for them? Are they going to be smart enough to include those fees into the deals with the people building? I know states that do that, but I haven't seen this state do that.

A lot of people moved here because they didn't want the crime that comes with big cities, didn't want all the traffic, so now the city officials are going to mess that up. This is stupidity at its finest. Also, they still won't have any decent place to eat out in this area.

Property flooding

What is up with Volusia County flooding?

Edgewater drainage water has stopped and properties are flooded all over the city.

When we contacted the city about trees, grass and plants growing heavily in storm drains and drainage systems they said, trees and plants don’t stop water. Then someone else said, they put the new reclaim water pipes in the drainage ditches so they are now afraid to clean them out.

How can this be possible? We pay taxes for this, and now our property is flooding.

God bless South Daytona

To the fine men and women of the South Daytona Police Department and the South Daytona Fire Department, the family of Jean Klune want to publicly express our gratitude for making that young lady's 90th birthday a special memory for her and our family.

Your generous time given to bring a smile to this lovely lady's face speaks volumes about your departments' respect and caring for your community and its residents. We sincerely thank you for your service, your dedication and your sacrifices every day protecting your city and its people. Thanks again. Stay safe and God bless you all.

Need some new paint

I am wondering why, after eight years of living in Fairgreen subdivision in New Smyrna Beach, have our fire hydrants not been painted.

The plugs are ugly and the street signs are so faded that most of them can't be read/seen. I know we pay a lot of taxes for services we are not seeing.

Don't understand today's world

I don't understand the world we live into today.

Actresses are now called actors. People buy ripped jeans. You have to shut down your lights when its turtle time, but it is OK to have an abortion.

Tattoos are all over the place. It is not a safe world. I have to the think about the election. I don't understand the world today.

Bring back drive-ins

With the recent news of theaters closing for good, why don't they bring back drive-ins or why didn't they keep them in the first place?

People are not following rules with masks or anything else. Drive-ins were pretty safe. You put your speaker in the window or you turn on the radio to an AM station, and people can still watch movies, instead of sitting in a crowded theatre where many people are sneezing and coughing and no ventilation.

Why don't they have drive-ins anymore? They should bring them back.

What's wrong with outside churches?

Churches are failing left and right.

Attendance is low, and Covid-19 is high. Why can't there be more outdoor churches? The church on A1A in Volusia County that uses a former drive-in theater to hold outdoor church services is very innovative, inventive and creative as well as very successful.

I do not want to, even during healthy times, go sit in a large crowd. It makes me uncomfortable. I do not want to catch other disorders outside of Covid-19.

Is there any reason the churches cannot be creative and offer their services on an AM radio station? Where you can sit in your own comfort and not wear a suit coat or long gown to impress others, but wear sweat pants or shorts and enjoy a religious service from the heart.

I wish more churches would continue their services outdoors, via automobile transmission. I miss going to church. Bring back outdoor church services just like in the time of Jesus.

A message from Ike

This is a quote from former President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

“There is nothing wrong with America that the faith, love of freedom, intelligence and energy of her citizens cannot cure.”

In response to: 'Casinos needed'

No, Daytona Beach does not need a casino.

I lived in Vegas. I know what happens with casinos. Number one, the crime rate climbs, homelessness climbs. Vegas is one of the few places that has casinos and gambling down to a science, but they have been doing it for years.

Every state that has tried to put casinos in, wind up worse off. So if you want to worry about having your purse or wallet stolen; you want to sit next to someone who will break your arm even if you just move over a little to protect their winnings; marriages break up and much more. But then this is Floriduh where the dumb survive.

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