Collect the fees

Growth does not pay for itself unless full impact fees are collected from builders/developers.

During years when those fees were collected, they were used to pay for road repairs, new roads, schools, recreation, water and sewer etc. The fees were understandably waived during the recession to help improve the economy.

Why was it decided that impact fees should continue being waived or reduced during a healthy economy? Why would any town or county council member knowingly force higher taxes on Volusia County homeowners instead of requiring builders, making plenty of profit, to pay those fees?

Most recent land development involves stripping of all vegetation with callous disregard for environmental and wildlife impact. Much of the vegetation was burned while we had to breath the unhealthy smoke. Now we get to pay for the deficit caused by the selfish decisions of the few who did not care.

Just deliver the mail

What's with the U.S. Post Office?

Are you having problems with them? I certainly am. They keep losing my first class mail. Stuff arrives a month later if it shows up at all.

I pay 15 times extra for tracking and they lose that, too. (PS their tracking as compared to UPS is a joke.)

I see they now want to be bailed out with another injection of your taxpayer money to stay afloat. They have raised the postage to 58 cents. How about in exchange for that, they actually do their jobs.

Funny how they can rush those Amazon packages to you (even on a Sunday, and likely at a loss), but they can't deliver First Class Mail. Maybe they should stop subsidizing Amazon, get out of the package business and concentrate on what they were first charged to do, deliver the mail on an efficient and timely basis. If you feel as I do, a call to your Congressman may be in order.

Learning lessons – hard won but worthwhile

When "the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth" of such subjects as civics, economics, geography, history, psychology and sociology are consistently included in school curriculum, there is opportunity to take into account both national pride and shame.

And, thereafter, put into viable practice lessons learned to make – no matter how diverse – ALL lives matter.

Rather than the tendency of becoming their own self-righteous worst enemies, opinionated citizens are one-and-all better served when able to meet halfway with open mindsets free from biased rancor. Then, and only then, will they have the real opportunity to finally realize not only the full potential of their homeland as a whole, but also the socioeconomic betterment of others and themselves living together in genuine peace and harmony.

Lady on North Causeway

I drive on the North Causeway in New Smyrna Beach almost every morning.

There is a lady I have noticed walking almost every morning with a trash bag picking up trash. I would like to give a big shout-out to her and say thank you!

It's so nice in this world of inconsiderate people who just toss their trash out the car window to see a thoughtful person like this lady who actually cares what New Smyrna Beach looks like.

Satire is in the dictionary

Twice now, you have posted letters from one person who is devoted to their dictionary and I applaud them.

The love of using words most people don't know is impressive. I am not sure how long it takes for you to find all the right words to write your piece. It will take me time to go through them all, but I am impressed.

I get out my dictionary because I want to give you credit for the amount of time it takes to look up all the words and form them into a logical sentence. I do realize what you write can be cut in half by using the part of the English language that most people use, but I applaud your strong effort to get others to look things up. Keep up the interesting work, of course, you're assuming I really do need to look up the words.

In response to: 'Utilize this'

The Rants and Raves recollection by a reader on the topic "Utilize use" brought back memories of a day in the late 1960s when U.S. Air Force Major Gen. John E. Morrison Jr. was appointed assistant director of production at NSA.

Shortly thereafter, he sent a short memorandum out to all employees within the Directorate of Production simply stating: "Don't use utilize; utilize use." I kept that terse memo under a glass cover on my desk for the remainder of my career, ending in 2001.

Since the earlier writer indicated his order came from an Army colonel, perhaps there had been a Defense Department vendetta poised to retire the word "utilize" from the military's vocabulary?

Terrible TV advertisements

Is it just myself and my wife, who have noticed on TV the number of increasing commercials for various products being portrayed by children who have absolutely no manners.

They absolutely do not behave. They are foul mouthed to their parents as they run away from a bowl of green beans saying they won't eat it.

It is terrible for a parent to allow that to happen. You need to substitute macaroni and cheese for vegetables because your 5 year old told you to. You need to do a survey before dinner and ask three children what they want for dinner, and they all have a different opinion so you bust out the macaroni and cheese. That's is sad.

Why do they keep putting out there that this terrible behavior by adolescents is acceptable. You are opening the door for the child to become an unacceptable member of society.

Where are the jobs

I want some people to think about these numbers.

There are 5 million fewer jobs today then there was in February 2020. Just think about that. What is going on? Does anyone have a clue? Fill us in.

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