Get rid of the dish Ron!

I've lived in Ormond-by-the-Sea for almost 40 years now and for about 30 of those years, Ron Rice has had a big ol', obsolete satellite dish lying on the ground in the side yard of his oceanfront home on A1A.

It's an eyesore and I see it every time I go by his house. What's up with that? Wouldn't it be considered blight?

I mean, if he doesn't have the money to get rid of it, maybe we can start a Go Fund Me page to help him out! Get rid of it Ron.

Pioneer Trail ramp?

My wife and I chose to go up the interstate from New Smyrna Beach to Port Orange Oct. 25 and what did we see?

We were approaching Pioneer overpass and saw surveyors were laying wood marker sticks. When you looked at them, they looked just like they were marking where an on ramp to Pioneer Trail would start and the markers were placed long distance enough that you could clearly see a layout for what could be an on ramp to Pioneer Trail.

After passing under the bridge, you could clearly see the same thing going on if a ramp was to come from Pioneer Trail to the interstate. On our way back, the south bound side was the same, surveyor sticks all nicely laid out looking like potential on and off ramps could be put at Pioneer Trail.

I personally don't want on and off ramps on Pioneer Trail. Is there something going on here getting snuck under the radar that you and I should know about?

I'm not 110 percent sure what their intentions are in surveying that area. You decide what you think. Better yet drive north from New Smyrna on ramp north and have a look see, and decide.

In response to: 'Hard on the ears'

I, too, am tired of the speed talker for Toyota Orlando.

It's on every channel over and over. Now when it comes on 2, we go to 6. When it comes on 6 we go to 9, then back and forth. We would not buy because of it.

In response to: 'Hard on the ears'

Yes, I wholeheartedly agree and mute the lawyers, too.

We are so tired of hearing about Dan Newlin and Morgan and Morgan. This is why insurance has gone sky high from frivolous lawsuits.

In response to: 'Hard on the ears'

Yes, I agree. I mute them, too.

Every time I hear those commercials the more I think my car insurance will go up. I agree completely.

Protect well being

Restaurants workers need to wear hairnets and gloves when they prepare food.

It used to me a law. Bring this back. Our well being is more important.

Search for best candidates

Kudos to New Smyrna Beach Commissioners Jake Sachs and Michael Kolody for putting the breaks on the hurried “shoo-in” attempt by fellow commissioners to permanently place interim personnel in key and critical positions (city manager and city clerk) at the special Oct. 8 commission meeting,two months ahead of the previous, recorded unanimous commission approval to wait until December.

How does a city of this size, budget and in an unprecedented massive development phase not immediately initiate a search for the best candidates -- not just one closest at hand after releasing their predecessors and coincidentally the supervisors of the interim appointments? Or permit anyone (five elected officials) to create their own version of a performance review to “suit their needs?”

This is still October, right? Don’t we have a fully qualified and functioning human resource department?

Why wouldn’t the commissioners tap the highly qualified New Smyrna Beach Human Resources staff to create a legitimately uniform and, frankly, credible performance review per the contract terms for each interim position while they commence the candidate searches?

Filling these key positions is critical to our city function, outside of the recorded unanimously approved timeline out of convenience rather than through a search for competitively qualified candidates and documented credible performance reviews, is highly questionable and, in my opinion, an abuse of the tax dollars and trust the New Smyrna Beach voters put into the hands of our commissioners and mayor

In response to: 'Too Many Dogs in All the Wrong Places'

Service dogs need to be with the people they serve at all times.

If we need to buy furniture, a new car or groceries or go out to eat, our service dogs will be with us. These trained dogs perform numerous functions for their owners. Established, reputable places of business know about the American Disabilities Act and do ask for “paperwork,” which we carry with us at all items.

You are fortunate to not need a service animal and whatever make you so angry about “fake” paperwork is a very sad situation. Bless all of our veterans, including their service dogs, and good health to you.

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