Thanks, Pine Trail

Hats off to Pine Trail Elementary for the heart-warming event honoring local veterans, spearheaded by first grade teacher Jennifer Shiver.

The many veterans were relatives and friends of the students. Special thanks to teachers, students and volunteers for this patriotic tribute.

Tired of timid turtles

I am so tired of all the turtles in Florida.

Turtles meaning sticking yourself underground and hiding. You get upset because the people who actually do care about keeping species that are going extinct alive. You complain about the new housing going in, which by the way is wiping out where they live.

As far as the contributions you "claim" are never used, did you ever think that before you start your baby-whining, you contact those and asked what they do with the contributions?

Every legitimate group will show you happily. Every animal that we lose harms the country, the world. I wish just one of these armchair critics actually looked into things before spouting off what you don't know.

Just a little means a lot

With Thanksgiving Day soon approaching and many will not be home, so I would like to give thanks to our many military men and women, who are risking their lives in protecting our nation.

I would wish the world at peace and for all to work together, but too many want too much for that to happen. Thank you for your service and for protecting us to the present and past military men and women. Bless all of you.

I also would like to thank our men and women who provide local services everyday by delivering mail, trash pick up and taking care of our communities. Your services are greatly appreciated, thank you.

I have a special Thanksgiving thanks to the men and women of my local South Daytona Police and Fire Departments for the daily well checks they do for me. With many issues and no family, I cannot express how much that means to me.

Their well checks have helped me make it through the day just knowing that someone does care. These people mean so much in just that little call each day or stopping by if I missed the calls. I cannot thank you enough, so a special Happy Thanksgiving day to all of you.

Smooth out those bumps

I wonder when they will fix the patches that have been done to U.S. 1 in Port Orange?

I notice they have ground down the repairs to the road in South Daytona. The repairs have turned out to be speed bumps and have made the road worse than it was to start.

I travel U.S. 1 daily and feel if they can smooth the repairs down in South Daytona, why not in Port Orange? Please finish the job. I'm sure I'm not the only one displeased with this rough ride down U.S. 1.

Enjoyed the article

I enjoyed Janet Shira's article about the New Smyrna Beach city manager's contract negotiations in the Nov. 8 “Hometown News.”

My favorite part was about severance pay, and Khalid Resheidat being quoted as saying, “I came in with dignity and I plan to leave with dignity.“ I found that to be beautiful.

Thanks, Mayor Burnette

I want to thank Port Orange Mayor Don Burnette for his honesty on the feral cat issue.

When there are more than 200 new colonies, it is not a successful program and we shouldn't be spending taxpayer dollars. They are revisited it to see what we can do, but for right now this is the right decision.

What's going on?

I just got done reading the Viewpoint page Nov. 15. I’m shocked to see so many rants regarding Port Orange.

First, the cancellation of the TNR program until January. Secondly, Port Orange not wanting a new marina. Thirdly, turning off the music at the City Center Park. Fourth, new regulations for recycling or should I say non-recycling.

There also was one regarding Volusia County (which includes Port Orange) judges being too lax. What’s going on in Port Orange? Are these issues the city council decides? By the way, I live in Port Orange.

Fed up with AT&T

I'm disgusted with AT&T/DirecTV.

After canceling DirecTV in March and trying Hulu (a mistake I will freely admit), I called AT&T yesterday to reinstate DirecTV, the lesser of two evils. I spent over an hour placing the order, because of AT&T's arcane and absurd business practice of having their agent tell me, in broken English, not only the supposed order details but also all of AT&T's "terms and conditions." This, in spite of my saying if they are included in the order confirmation I was advised would be transmitted by email to no avail as they were "required" to do this.

When the order confirmation arrived, it was incorrect; containing items not ordered and not acknowledging several ordered items. When I called trying to correct the order, it again took over an hour, and I was again charged $6.50 for the privilege (I guess) of placing the order.

The promised installation date and time were stated in the confirmation as Nov. 12 between noon and 4 p.m.

I received today one text message, two emails and one telephone call confirming that the installer would arrive by 4 p.m.

At 5 p.m., no installer and no call. I called and was told a) that I had canceled the installation yesterday, and b) the installer had called me to reschedule for tomorrow, both lies. How can such a large company be so inefficient and so uncaring about its customers?

A beautiful veterans celebration

Edgewater American Legion Post 285 hosting the 2019 Veterans Day Service at the beautiful Sea Pine Memorial Garden was extremely appreciated.

The very knowledgeable guest speaker presented valuable veteran information, which some was entirely new for me. The large turn out reflects strong community appreciation for the veterans sacrificed tours.

As a New Smyrna Beach resident, it's sad New Smyrna has not provided a Veterans Service program for a number of years.

Support vs. Service vs. Disservice Animals

I am sensitive to fellow mankind who are in need of service animals.

I’m in support of the policy when regulated. True, there are different requirements for service and support animals. That said, we all know the practice of having accompanying animals is being grossly abused and the appropriate agency needs to start correcting the abusers. You abusers know who you are and shame on you.

Three examples I have encountered recently: A dog on a leash with no vest or marking being led out of the treatment room at a local oncology center. The patients in that room have compromised immune systems and don’t need any kind of parasite, bacteria or plain old germs around them, so be sensitive to others.

A dog with no vest and no marking sitting on the chair at a local restaurant. The owner not only placed the dog on the furniture, but was also feeding the animal, whose little face was table-height, so be reasonable.

Six large labs lying under one booth at a local restaurant. Those dogs did appear to be legitimate, credentialed dogs in training with their trainers, well-behaved and obedient (though it was a bit awkward seeing all six parade by my table with their heads almost the same level as my plate of food), so be considerate.

Until all actual owners are held accountable, the proprietors and managers need to be using their authority and common sense. The leniency is now out of control.

Don't post while driving

Everyone please remove your handicapped placard while driving.

It clearly states remove while driving. It is very easy to put it on and off. Remove it while driving and use it only when reading.

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