Practice fitness center etiquette

If you go to a fitness center to work out, that's what you should be doing.

Instead, way too many of you spend more time sitting while bent over your phones instead of actually exercising. You are occupying equipment others could be using to work out. If you are so addicted to your phone, please stay home and play with it so those of us who want to work out will have access to the equipment.

By the way, these usually are the same people who don't bother to sanitize any equipment they eventually use. Wiping down equipment with the sweaty towel you've had around your neck does not constitute sanitizing it.

One more rant, reserving one piece of equipment by leaving your gym bag next to it while you and your water bottle occupy another piece of equipment nearby isn't playing fair either.

Brink of extinction

For as long as I can remember, various organizations have solicited contributions to help save animals that are supposedly on the brink of extinction.

I can’t help but wonder if we are maybe doing a great disservice to nature itself by trying to save them as they are actually supposed to go extinct to make room for other species.

Or maybe some people have just figured out a way to pad their pockets by pulling at our heartstrings.

An American in Dallas

Great news regarding American Airlines stepping up service to Daytona Beach.

Any news on when American may have nonstop flights to and from Dallas, Texas?

Cluster mess

Who, and how do we contact post offices to report community cluster mail boxes in need of repainting, replacing weathered decals and general maintenance.

Emails and phone calls often go unanswered. If these are property of the U.S. Postal System, maybe maintenance schedules can be implemented, like they used to be.

Going to the dogs, beach

Could you please do an article about no dogs on the Volusia beaches.

I was on the beach in New Smyrna Beach on Monday Oct. 28, parked in the Sapphire Street beach lot, when I was verbally attacked by a elderly man who had blatantly walked his dog down the boardwalk and to the water.

No service animal vest, so I alerted Beach Patrol. They told him "dogs are not allowed," and told him he had to remove the dog. He left the beach and was sitting in his car in the parking lot.

When I went to my car, he got out and cussed at me for telling. He had his wife and two young granddaughters with him. He said they just wanted to spend an hour on the beach! I told him, then go to the dog beach like the rest of us responsible and law abiding citizens.

I am a tax-paying resident of New Smyrna Beach for 32 years and I love my beach. I am tired of the non-locals and the elderly that think they can get away with anything because they are old, not following the rules and thinking they are special enough to break them, and we shouldn't care.

I care. If we all followed the rules and did the right thing all the time, this world would be a much better place to live. And it is way more relaxing at the dog beach because there are no cars to worry about.

A disgusting job someone had to do

I would like to give the Edgewater Animal Shelter, Edgewater Police and the Edgewater Animal Control big kudos for their hard work with the hoarding house in Edgewater.

The job was disgusting, and a disgrace to people. No child or animal should be treated in that way, and I praise you for all your hard work. Keep up the great work.

Don't fake it

I don't believe anyone is against real service animals.

What we disagree with is people getting a fake service animal certificate online and using it to take their dogs everywhere. They are easy to pick out

No. 1. They are on extension leashes.

No. 2. The dog is not paying attention to the person they are there for.

No. 3. They are peeing on the aisles in the market and are aggressive to other people.

Anyone who needs a service animal and gets a trained certified service animal, you have every right to take your service animal with you. Those that use the fake service animals, make it harder for those who have real service animals.

Get your act together

I love Walgreens! I have shopped there forever, find everything I need, and my children love the selection of toys and candy.

The Walgreens in Edgewater has gone down hill so fast, I don't even want to shop in there. The staff used to look happy and having fun at work. Now, they look so unhappy, not friendly or kind to customers. Customers are the reason they have a job.

They are always short staffed, many of the shelves are empty, bathrooms are filthy, without paper towels on many occasions, pharmacy is always lined up with customers waiting.

Why does the corporate level and management in that store not care? I never see the store manager or assistant store manager on the floor working. What happened?

Please, get it together. I don't want this store closing because of poor management.

No improvement here

Back from up north and hoping to see some changes at the Senior Center on Live Oak Street in New Smyrna beach, but no.

The noise level is still crazy and there is still no central sound system. Seniors are not attending functions at the center for these reasons. Attendance is way down for senior activities.

There is also a problem with the roof runoff as it lands on the walkway outside the doors and seeps into the room under the doors. Pretty bells, but not functional.

And we have never addressed the fireplace that was constructed, at what cost, yet I have never seen it in operation. The cost of that would have paid for additional electrical outlets and corrected the deficiencies mentioned above.

No changes to this building. We’re told, “they are working on it.”

I understand the commission has approved some money for a feasibility study for the Women’s Center with additional funds for rehab. Wouldn’t it make more sense to do one project correctly before they start another project. Hopefully they have chosen a different architectural firm to do the Women’s Center and not the ones that designed the senior center.

Are the commissioners trying to drive the COA out of the building, so it can sit idle like the Brannon Center? Almost appears that way, well, you elected them.

Seems funny there have been no stories in the newspapers pertaining to these problems, maybe if more light was shined on them, they would get corrected.

Less service, lower charge?

It seems to me Port Orange is recycling less and less and yet we pay for recycling. What are we paying for?

Direct approach

For the people who call the Hometown News to complain about the commercials, why don't you call the business and complain to them?

Hometown News can't do anything about the commercials.

Happy with church family

Thanks to my First Baptist Church of Edgewater family.

It is what we do for Christ here and now that makes a difference. I want to thank them for providing things for me. They know who they are. Thank you all very much. You are truly my family.

I love my pastor and church family. First Corinthians always thanks God for you and I think God for all his glory, too. Have a blessed and wonderful day.

Not happy about prices

Reading in the paper this week that Mayor Michael Thomas says the people of Edgewater are quite happy for paying outrageous prices to get their garbage emptied and/or water.

If it is cheaper to use an outside contractor, would any city in their right mind not use an outside contractor?

Secondly, in rental properties, one bedroom apartments cause the same minimum water and garbage and water coming off the roof as a six bedroom house. How can that be fair? But Mayor Thomas thinks this is fair

Maybe Mayor Thomas should be gone again.

Get out of parking space

I want to know why the beach in New Smyrna Beach is allowing people to put tents and blankets in parking places?

I went to the beach recently and all the spaces were taken, including some with beach equipment. It this legal? Before tents and blankets had to be down by the water.

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