They were rude

I have a rant about the Port Orange City Council meeting about TNR.

The council people were so rude. We were there to support TNR for the cats. They are discontinuing it until January. That's three months until they have a workshop Jan. 28.

The room was full of animal lovers. It is going to cost them more to catch the cats and put them down, then to fix them.

They were rude. They only gave us 15 minutes to talk. They had a buzzer. I was so upset. We had people from Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater and Oak Hill. It is a shame that they are cold and uncaring about animals. Thank you for letting me get this off my chest.

No marina here

In reference to Port Orange Marina ruffling some feathers.

Maybe they should find a nice place in Seminole County to build their marina, because nobody here wants one.

Got to keep on ranting

Just to keep the idea going, in response to the comment about letters regarding repetitive and annoying commercials, well, of course calling the business directly is one way to respond.

But the point of the entire section of the paper is the public expression of your "Viewpoint," so as to rant, rave, praise or otherwise share your ideas and learn other folks' opinions. And possibly learn from them as well.

Happy with church family

Thanks to my First Baptist Church of Edgewater family.

It is what we do for Christ here and now that makes a difference. I want to thank them for providing things for me. They know who they are. Thank you all very much. You are truly my family.

I love my pastor and church family. First Corinthians always thanks God for you and I think God for all his glory, too. Have a blessed and wonderful day.

Not happy about prices

Reading in the paper that Mayor Michael Thomas says the people of Edgewater are quite happy for paying outrageous prices to get their garbage emptied and/or water.

If it is cheaper to use an outside contractor, would any city in their right mind not use an outside contractor?

Secondly, in rental properties, one bedroom apartments cause the same minimum water and garbage and water coming off the roof as a six bedroom house. How can that be fair? But Mayor Thomas thinks this is fair

Maybe Mayor Thomas should be gone again.

Get out of parking space

I want to know why the beach in New Smyrna Beach is allowing people to put tents and blankets in parking places?

I went to the beach recently and all the spaces were taken, including some with beach equipment. It this legal? Before tents and blankets had to be down by the water.

Police departments not failing

The police departments aren't failing. It is the Volusia County judges who are failing.

After reading the crime report last week under the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, an individual was charged with child abuse Oct. 19. That should have been no bail. This individual was also charged with battery on a police officer and other charges. Judge only levied $500 bail.

Over and over when I read the paper, I am sickened by the candy-money bail these judges are handing out. Judges by title only have been undermining our crime enforcement. The only one who stands up is Volusia County Sheriff Micheal Chitwood. He should be the judge.

Kind of now, kind of wow

Every Sunday after church, my wife and I go to a performance. This week, we saw “Over the River and through the Woods,” at Daytona Playhouse. I had no idea what it was about.

It is absolutely one of the best plays I have seen in my life. I am 84 years old. It is about an Italian family. It is funny. Near the end it was kinda sad. It was absolutely fabulous.

No time left for you

I travel all over Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and Port Orange.

I cannot get over the number of churches who do not have service times on their signs. I notice it everywhere.

Need less intrusive repair

The post office on Mission Drive in New Smyrna Beach has been undergoing roof repair for about two months.

The problem I have is the repair crews trucks make it difficult to use the post office. It is very inconvenient. Maybe they could park in the back, especially if it is a private vehicle just to get to the job.

Make the music live

Is there anyway to turn the music back on at City Center Park in Port Orange.

I am one of the walkers and we enjoy it. Thank you.

Doesn't like hippies

I would like to reply to Dan Smith.

Who are you trying to fool? The hippies of '67-69 were the forerunners of the bad '70s or disrupting America and hurting Vietnam veterans by spitting at soldiers and causing some American soldiers to change out of their uniforms in airport bathrooms.

The forerunner of heavy drugs, hitchhiking, the hippie movement did this. It caused riots, disruption of college students. Everyone outside the hippie movement worked and took care of their families. Hippies did not leave America the best it could be.

Confusing interchange

The new Interstate 95-U.S. 92-Interstate 4 interchange in Daytona Beach is confusing.

I see people all the time cross the median or turn around at the next exit because they missed their exit. I hope the same people are not designing the planned I-95-LPGA Boulevard interchange.

Better idea needed

This week, a non-recyclable tag was placed on my bin stating that "when in doubt throw it out."

The full bin was left at curbside along with instructions on what was now considered unacceptable. After 23 years of living in Port Orange and dutifully making every effort support sustainable environmental practices, I now find the city has changed the rules on what can and can’t be recycled.

Everyone who enjoys living here might wish to take notice of one of our local landfills. Quite literally, growing mountains of smelly garbage cover vast tracts of land. The population of Port Orange has doubled and tripled in my 23 years here. And yet, instead of finding new and resourceful ways to lessen the burdens on our ever shrinking and despoiled environment, we will now contribute more to raising those garbage mountains even higher with fewer items being recycled.

Instead of “throwing out” our trash when in doubt, let’s find thoughtful new and resourceful ways to lesson the burden on our environment. The wealth of ad valorem taxes generated by, what seems like, unrestrained growth might instead be wisely invested in seeking intelligent answers to our environmental issues rather than blithely acquiescing to rhyming slogans.

Protect the Halifax

If Brian Albano and Colby Harkrader truly "love the water and are eager to share their love of boating with others," perhaps they should build a marina on the St. John's River, in their home county.

These 21st century carpetbaggers show disdain for all the hard work and energy local environmentalists expended to protect the rookery just yards from this disaster in the making.

Did we not learn how fragile this nesting site is when maintenance on the Dunlawton bridge was recently underway? The island was temporarily abandoned by the pelicans, egrets and American oyster catchers that nested there. Let's stop this assault on Halifax River.

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