Votran is beautiful

I would like to thank the Lord for living here in Volusia County, especially in the Daytona Beach area where we have beautiful beaches and parks and very accessible to the public through the public transportation Votran.

Votran is very efficient in their service. Their drivers are very courteous, helpful and friendly.

More power to Votran. Thank you for letting me go around with your buses.

Dark side of road paving

While it is good that U.S. 1 in Ormond Beach is being repaved, one has to wonder why?

The road was not in bad shape to begin with. Worse, it is being repaved with coal black paving. Originally it was paved with some gray or white pebbles mixed in which made the roadway a bit cooler, but, more importantly, helped to make the road brighter at night. Now it is very, very dark at night and the coal black roadway does not reflect any light from vehicles.

This is especially dangerous for bicyclists and pedestrians. Also, isn’t global warming a consideration? Shouldn’t our roadways be paved with a much lighter material to help reflect heat and light? A coal black roadway gets hotter and softer and is more susceptible to grooving and potholes.

Is it less expensive to pave it this way? And again, why was it repaved in the first place? Do our local politicians have interests in the paving company?

Living shouldn't be at the minimum

Responding to both rants about minimum wage last week.

First, no one has ever defined living wage. Secondly a living wage should never be a minimum wage. There are many jobs that are never intended or worthy of providing for the household of an individual. That is a good thing as it provides job opportunities to people that want some spending money but do not need a living wage.

Finally if you have two people in a household earning a living wage, which one returns their pay? The living wage is in no way a part of a minimum wage discussion. We are not trying to be sure people can buy cars in high school so that ends the Henry Ford discussion. Last I knew, a Henry was not in the business of owning McDonald's franchises.

So, let us get back to reality. Wages are paid based on work performed, not what you need. Two different concepts.

How you play the game

Too often those of one political persuasion or party policy set out to win no matter what.

Having lived through presidential assassination, resignation, impeachment and concession, I've seen circumstances handled for better or worse. So much so to believe the dignity and decorum of the passage of power as important as the power itself.

For the common good of the United States of America and all its citizens, may candidates and constituents put aside their differences to behave as gracious winners rather than sore losers. If to sustain itself, our Democracy deserves no less.

It makes no sense at all

It seems as though people want everything opposite of what they are given on today's plate.

I am not going political. I am referring to a number of subjects. When the weather is hot out, they complain and want cold. When it's cold, they complain and want hot. Are we not happy with anything in this world? Can we not accept anything the way it comes down the pipeline. We have political racism going against each other. We have politicians going against each other.

The current president, who I will not take sides for or against, is blamed for entire Covid-19 outbreak. Yet, governors, mayors, universities and schools are making their own decisions under law to re-open and spread the infection even further.

We have people violating the mask rules and I don't know why. It makes no sense. If you are told to wear a life jacket when you go out in the ocean deep sea fishing, and you don't wear it, you might drown, but no one protests that. No one gets upset that two fishermen drown because they didn't have their life vests on. Am I the only person who thinks this makes no sense.

People love flowers, but they hate allergies. It is completely senseless. Pick a direction. Find something to do. Pick a goal and just think about you.

Who protects the United States?

It has been my general belief, over the course of my lifetime, that the Unites States military protects the United States, both at home and aboard.

Yet, I do question and I do not understand why Veterans Day is only one day long and is primarily recognized by some sorry parades and five gun salutes at a cemetery and a $7 off a mattress sale at a mattress store. It doesn't make sense to me that we have complete and total month long celebrations of very respected and very honored cultures. We have Black History Month and I think that's wonderful. We have Spanish American Month. I think that's wonderful.

Why can't veterans of the United States military who were out there fighting for us and giving us those freedoms and privileges to speak our voices, to have our celebrations, honor our culturals and they get no recognition.

One day, Veterans Day. You can save a lot of money on a mattress. I am so glad our soldiers are out their putting their lives on the line so we can get discounted bedding. Think about it.

(Editor's Note: While not official, many observe May as Military Appreciation Month.”

Reading is fundamental

Doorknockers are a sad commentary on our schools.

I have a no soliciting sign right above the doorbell. So, when my doorbell rang this morning, I answered the door to someone who wants to put a new roof on my home.

I guess they don't realize that we are in a pandemic, which is on the upswing again. It is very thoughtless to knock on someone's door not knowing for sure who is going to open it.

When he started to tell me how badly I need a roof, I was nice for once. I asked him if he could read, he said, “yes,” so I pointed to the sign. He took his unmasked face off my property.

So, now tell me why would I want to do business with someone who cannot read a no soliciting sign? It makes me wonder if he can't read something that simple, how well does he read his contracts?

In response to: 'Casinos needed'

To the person who thinks Volusia County needs casinos, I lived for several years on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

If you think that casino security will protect you, then think again. Any time there is a lot of money involved, criminals lay in wait.

Control mental health problem

As a mental health patient myself, who has been through 30 years of PTSD counseling, ex-military, bi-polar, anxiety; I could go on with my big sad story.

I only care, and I should be the only one who cares. If taken care of, it can be treated, dealt with and handled. If I was to use that I have a mental health issue for everything wrong thing I have done in this world, every misbehavior that I have conducted while out in public, I would be amazed to be dismissed under those terms that I have a mental health issue.

You need to own up to the responsibility of what you did, what you're doing and what you plan to do. The news is very disturbing to me, myself as a mental health patient, as a former military member that I can claim that my behaviors, as poor as they were, are justified because of a mental health issue. I think it is ridiculousness. I hope someone agrees with this.

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