Honoring veterans and 'upcoming' events

Thank you for honoring the veterans in your Nov. 12 edition.

Dan Smith, you love America like we do. My husband is a Vietnam veteran. We would not have a free country if it were not for our military.

I also want to thank your news person for upcoming events this past edition. The front of the paper indicated the Art Festival at OneDaytona (which we enjoyed) and the upcoming food truck competition, which we have marked down. Love to hear the "upcoming" events. Sometimes I read these articles and they are in the past.

Keep writing anything you are thinking about. I never miss your articles.

Exposed on U.S. 1

I have read with amusement the comments on the Hacienda neighborhood site, concerning the letter about the lack of a fence or wall on the front border of Hacienda Del Rio along U.S. 1 in Edgewater.

Many of the posts are concerned the letter alerted the “druggies and bad guys” that there is no fence nor, according to Sun properties, will there be. I would guess any person with eyesight traveling along U.S. 1 would be able see that for themselves, whether or not that letter was in the paper. Wait until the new homes are built out there and the back yards of those homes are totally exposed to traffic along U.S. 1.

I would think that maybe all of you that have made a comment might be more concerned there will be no wall or fence and contact Sun to find out why that is the case and to stress for your safety and well being that there in fact needs to be one or the other.

There are a numerous petitions circulating in the park urging Sun to live up to the plan that was approved by the city, which included a fence along U.S. 1. If you want a wall or fence along that line, make your wishes known to Sun Properties, the more residents that make noise, the more likely there will be one or the other.

Needing a kidney

A local woman is on kidney transplant list for an "O" positive blood type match.

She is on dialysis for 10 hours each day. Her husband drives around everyday with a sign on the back of his truck looking for someone to help that is a match with "O" positive. It's a race to save her life.

He, the "loving" and "husband," is looking to donate his kidney to a stranger on the transplant list to possibly move his wife up on the priority list. This kidney retrieval program is called "paired exchange."

I did not know if this is a good love story during the holidays of being grateful with miracles to help save a woman's life? I hope you can help spread the word to save Stacie's life or others. Their names are Stacie and Kirk Plante, (386) 216-5558.

Really getting tried of it

I am so sick and tired of hearing the social media and the news broadcasters speak of drug overdoses that were directly a cause from frustration, loneliness and isolation during the pandemic.

We are still in a pandemic. How long and how many excuses do you need for your bad behavior and you choose to overdose and use drugs? And the American taxpayers and probably globally have to pay for your Narcan.

How many prisons have to be closed so they can open drug treatment facilities? It is going on all over the world. It's going on all over the nation. It is as bad as having children, then crying there is no free daycare.

Why do you need to do drugs? Do something else. Find something to do. Adjust your life. You blame Covid-19 for the death of your child or spouse because they were isolated. I think it was the way they were raised or, excuse me, the way they were not raised. It is just another excuse to abuse a chemical substance or alcohol that you can put on society and make the rest of us pay for it.

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