Funeral theft

The other night at a funeral home, I witnessed a family member steal a votive butterfly light.

Stolen merchandise equals bad karma. The flames of hell are hot. I hope that that person's conscience burns in peace.

Service animal scamming

I am a senior citizen and frequently use Votran bus service.

I greatly appreciate all they do.

Many times people board the bus with an animal, claiming it is a service animal. I realize the staff is only allowed to ask if it is a service animal and, if so, what kind of service does it provide. Many scammers on the bus and in stores lie.

Checking regulations, federal law says the animal must be labeled as such. I take this to mean to have a service vest of some type on the animal identifying it. Also Volusia County requires all animals, including service animals, to have a current license of ownership and one for current shots. Both tags must be affixed to the dogs collar.

Maybe this can be enforced by the drivers as there are too many scammers and too many scroungy animals being passed off.

Masks protect you and you can protect others

I’d like to respond to the person who is not able to see his or her family in extended care, and wondered if masks even work.

First, my heart goes out to you and your family. Not being able to see loved ones in nursing homes is one of the worst by-products of the pandemic. I pray you and others are able to find the strength to get through this burden until this thing is over.

Second, overwhelming medical evidence indicates masks work, primarily by limiting the spread of infection by the wearer. As the saying goes, I wear a mask to protect you and you wear a mask to protect me. The problem is that many people don’t do this. If you go in a Publix or Walmart, you’ll see individuals, couples and even whole families strolling around with no masks.

Some say the mask makes it hard for them to breathe, but doctors say that very few people are unable to wear a mask because of a medical condition. These people are just selfish, and they do not care for you and do not care for me. The rest of us should keep wearing our masks. They do work.

In response to: 'Dark side of road paving'

In regards to the repaving of U.S. 1, are they going to add something to the mix to help with the light reflecting quality of the pavement?

Also, could they make the shoulder or the bike lane wider than the two feet it is on many stretches of this highway? This really should’ve been done while they were repaving it. This shoulder is very narrow in parts, especially with the recent influx of traffic.

These days vehicles more often than not are traveling two abreast and speeding on this road. This makes it hard for considerate drivers to move over and give bicyclists a safe clearance. I believe the law states motor vehicles need to give bicyclists three feet of clearance. That would be three feet from the solid line. That puts a car nearly into the next travel lane. That’s not very safe or comfortable for a motorist when traffic is moving at highway speeds, and so more often than not, the bicyclist gets a close call.

What is it going to take to change this? I hope it’s not a tragedy and a lawsuit against the city.

A couple of rays of sunshine

Thank you for letting me send you my sentiment on different issues.

This Covid-19 pandemic made a dent in our interaction with other people. Nevertheless, here are some that no matter what, make your day pleasant.

My doctor from Conviva clinic is one of such person. She is very caring and she sympathizes with me when I am hurting.

Another that comes to mind is this Votran operator, a pretty blonde lady who is like balm in a dreary day and like sunshine when she smiles and greets you good morning. She is so caring I think she will be a nice, good friend for an old woman who lives alone like me.

May we all behave like these ladies and make our world joyful in spite of physical pain.

Failure at the big store

Oh Walmart, you have failed again.

Now that you seem to be allowing dogs into your superstore, you must realize I won't be buying any of your food. You ignore people not wearing masks while the pandemic is spreading again. Now, you turn a blind eye to people putting their little dogs into your carts.

These people are not wearing masks, and take the attitude, well they don't say anything about wearing a mask, so we will bring our dog, too. The only time I have ever seen people allowed to bring their dogs into establishments that serve food was in my trips down to Tijuana years ago.

Your New Smyrna Beach store disgusts me.

No parking for riders

I can't understand, why the Orange City Park N Ride is always full and that includes huge trucks parking inside there.

One day there was a truck blocking about six parking spaces and they even have a camper parked in there. This is no storage unit. This is parking for people in carpools or SunRail and even the Volusia county buses.

I pass other Park N Rides in DeBary, Sanford and even Maitland, and they are always empty on weekends. Something is wrong in Orange City.

We are all paying our taxes on this wasteful spending. Those trucks and campers need to be removed. They should move the cars into the Enterprise and Saxon parking lot on weekends and holidays,where Ollie's and the poker room is located. There are plenty of parking spaces.

Wake up people, we need to do something about this messy problem.

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