Pick up the parking lot

I am calling in reference to the shopping plazas in New Smyrna Beach and the condition of the parking lots.

The parking lots in Publix and Winn Dixie and some of the other areas are pretty well kept up without a lot of trash lying around. The parking lot at Walmart off of State Road 44 is absolutely terrible. There is trash in the shrubbery. There is trash all around the parking lot.

I don't know when the last time it was cleaned, but it looks like something out of the Bronx in New York City.

In response to: 'Be careful little eyes what you see'

I completely agree with the person cautioning us to "be careful little eyes ..."

We supposedly are a civilized nation yet we have accepted the public use of the "F" word so freely. A property on South Nova Road in Port Orange has displayed one of those flags for most of 2021. I sent a respectful handwritten note to the owners asking them to consider the effect this flag could have on local young children. There was no response and the now tattered and worn looking flag still flies.

On Christiancy Avenue, also in Port Orange, there are many properties displaying equally offensive signs right next to one of those "little people" figures asking drivers to beware of children playing.

Yes, I am offended, but I am not intolerant. These types of actions are part of freedom of speech, I suppose, even if many of us think they are wrong. I pray that God will do a miracle in our land and bring us back to the point where we might choose to treat all persons, young and old, with love and respect. And to heal our wonderful country.

In response to: 'Not exactly gated'

Why would you print this editorial in last week’s paper, knowing that we are a 55-plus community.

And now you have informed the thieves in the area on how easy it is to come in to steal? This rant was irresponsible, and may cause future problems for our community.

In response to: ‘Signs in the Yard’

Yes, the signs are disgusting, childish, ignorant and many other words, but there is more to consider.

Selling your home. Many people are putting their homes up for sale. Now put yourself in the shoes of the prospective buyer's. You find a home you like and you drive around the neighborhood. What you see are old worn out pro-Trump flags and filthy worded anti-Biden signs.

When your raising children, most parents take into consideration the schools, the crime rate and the neighborhood. I have three friends who are Realtors who are frustrated with these signs and flags because the decent people who want to raise their families in quiet good neighborhoods won't buy there.

Yes, believe it or not there are a lot of people who are tired of the trash.

No signs without election

What happened to the law about political signs only being out during the election?

Shouldn't that include homeowners? The presidential election was in November 2020. Joe Biden, like him or not, was sworn in. It's time to remove the old flags and the old signs on both sides of the aisle and move forward.

I am so sick of the infantile actions of the so called adults who seem to not believe the truth but choose to believe the conspiracy's. Joe Biden is president, take down the signs.

Poor planning

Sometimes I wonder how much planning the Ormond Beach Planning Board does before issuing building and business permits.

Recently a new Starbucks opened on Granada Boulevard. During the morning hours mostly, the drive-through window gets backed up and cars are lined up into the Aldi parking area, backed up on Granada to turn in from both directions and causing a lot of confusion.

Why wasn’t a better plan made for their drive up window so it doesn’t affect traffic on a main State Road 40/Granada Boulevard? I think this will get worse before it gets better.

Another example, Rivergrille’s parking lot frequently fills up. Sometimes about 20 employees cars are parked in businesses south of the restaurant. Was that good planning that they can keep expanding, but not enough parking?

I’m curious to see how traffic will react to the new sandwich shop at Granada and Ridgewood Avenue will pan out. What’s next that we can “plan” for? Brainstorming backups.

Need a personal look at traffic bottlenecks

A tip for New Smyrna Beach Mayor Russ Owens saving taxpayer dollars to figure out gridlock.

Instead of using modern day drones to show traffic bottlenecks, why not do it himself the old-fashioned way? Just hop in his car during late morning/afternoon weekends/holidays between Memorial/Labor Day and see how long it takes him to drive from Interstate 95 and the ocean.

And, then, most importantly, wait no longer to actually do something about it. But, considering recently soaring gas prices, maybe drones are the less expensive way to go about handling that.

A properly laid foundation

Whether living, injured or dead, EMTs, firefighters, paramedics, police officers, sheriffs, military veterans and their families suffering, sacrifice for jobs well done have always been due recognition and praise on designated holidays and beyond.

But, they themselves do not – as is often erroneously claimed – make up the foundation of the U.S.

That distinction really goes way back 244 years to the Constitution. Plus, the Bill of Rights 14 years thereafter for reiterating and succinctly explaining basic freedoms of speech, press, religion, along with due process of law on which the U.S. was founded and continues to exist. And, thereby well-deserving the ascribed defense, protection and preservation.

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