Quick political sign removal

I have a rave for Ormond Beach residents and the city for picking up the election signs so quickly.

I was amazed when I drove in from six miles west of the city to the bridge and saw only a few of the very large signs left. Good job. Just wish we could get them recycled like some other counties, but someday that will come.

Put down that cellphone

I was riding Votran the other day and many passengers were glued to their cellphones.

A young, rugged man caught my attention. He had such beautiful eyes and nose. He reminded me of some friend from Israel. I asked if he is a foreigner. He said no, but did have European ancestry.

We exchanged pleasantries.

He said you are the first person that I talked to in person. Why? I asked. He said, “because I am always looking at my computer.” He enjoyed talking to me so much he missed his bus stop.

The lesson for this: There is more to life than cellphones and computers.

Start being human, converse with other people and live.

No longer like a good neighbor

I have lived behind the Port Orange Sewer Treatment Plant for more than a decade.

They have always been good neighbors.

However, in the last five months, they have changed the way they operate. The odor is much worse now, but worse then that is the noise at night. There are motors that sound like jet engines, back up alarms from trucks and additional bright lighting that was never on before.

Why suddenly has their operation changed? Not good neighbors anymore.

No mask, no sandwich

To whomever is in charge of Subway sandwiches on beachside in New Smyrna Beach: Are you aware that your employees are not big on mask wearing?

I have walked out twice in one week because of this. I am done. Publix deli here I come.

Wants them slots

The dog track doesn't have dogs running, but they still have poker.

Why don't they have slot machines? The other dog tracks in the state have slots. I would like to know the answer. Let's get them slots.

To disagree, you need not be disagreeable

If Dan Smith's recent headline "Time for some much needed healing" is to be taken sincerely, why then did his article that followed make such thinly veiled charges to which I, and surely other readers, strongly object.

To cope with the divisiveness our country has suffered, we must learn to lose as well as win, forgive as much as we are forgiven and, no matter what, live with authentic integrity. Rather than discrediting one another for the purpose of self-serving benefit, serve the common good by maintaining a peaceful open-minded give and take with one another. All the while adhering to trust and truth in place of chaos and conflict so as to enable much needed remedies for painful problems too long denied. And in the midst of all the noisy confusion, defend from devious distortions and downright lies.

Though Trump flags have replaced Confederate flags flying from pickups and golf carts, it should be kept in mind and close at heart that our Stars and Stripes represent a true democracy by and for all the people. Mr. Smith and his ilk seem better suited to folksy fish tales than ill-informed political rhetoric disingenuously avowed as heartfelt "healing."


In regards to Dan Smith's column, it's rhetoric thrown around like this that actually creates the divide he's talking about.

I haven't heard anyone blame Trump for the coronavirus. It's his handling of it. A wicked battle for replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court never should have happened. And the “rise of socialism?” Where is your evidence of this? What are you talking about?

I'm sick of hearing this word being tossed around. Technically, socialism means: the means of making, moving and trading wealth should be owned or controlled by the workers. At this point, with all the corporate greed in this country, that sounds pretty good to me. And not extreme.

I do agree with you that we must stop the nonsense. But putting aside our differences when they are so extreme will not happen. There is a way back to compromise, though. Remember compromise? It's not a bad thing.

But let's start by watching what we say and write with no fact or evidence to back up our claims. I also agree we shouldn't have a hand in helping our “enemies” see our form of democracy topple. But those are the exact people that our current president has befriended.

And one more thing I agree with you about: Now is the time for all good women (and men) to come to the aid of our country.

More movie musts

Agreeing with last month's suggestion to pass this time of coronavirus/Covid-19 with at home movie watching, I add four foreign language film titles to that raver's list.

Even if unable to understand the foreign languages in which they were produced, the sub-titles are not only easy enough with which to cope, but also well worth the extra effort. Despite their years or origins, I feel myself a better person for having come across them and as such consider each a proudly shared favorite.

Ditto the English-speaking American documentary, which is an added fifth at the end.

“Amelie” (2001)-France, “Bicycle Thief “(1948)-Italy, “Central Station” (1998)-Brazil, “Parasite” (2019)-South Korea and “I Am Another You” (2017).

Black Lives Matters

Black Lives Matter was in a sky message flying high recently in New Smyrna Beach.

Many gracious thank yous to the determined and courageous racial justice protesters that have been coming out every Sunday since the death of George Floyd in May. Thanks to all sign-makers and sign-wavers, the leadership team, the police and police chaplains. We have made a difference.

Wishing peace and joy to all in the coming holiday season.

Great election work

My wife and I spent a fair amount of time as poll watchers and handing out “voter information” for early voting and as volunteers at three different Ormond Beach polling places on Election Day.

Activity varied from 140 standing in line for the first Monday of Early Voting at 11 a.m. to quiet walk-ins late in the afternoon of Election Day at the three polling places in which we spent time.

In all the hours we spent at polling places, we were impressed with the quiet, professional smoothness with which the personnel handled all the voters. The only reason for any lines was a ballot with a lot of choices. We all owe a debt of gratitude to everyone connected with the Florida Election of 2020; they did a superb job.

Remove the bio-hazard

I am a senior citizen living in a senior complex on Ridgewood Avenue in Daytona Beach.

We have a Votran sheltered bus stop. Today, I went to wait for the bus. As I got to the shelter, there was a large bio- hazard of vomit and urine inside. I contacted Votran, explained the issue and was informed they (Votran) are not responsible.

I get the run around from city, county and state. People this is a very serious bio hazard. Somebody take responsibility and do your job.

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