You'll have to wait for flounder

About Dan Smith's column on catching flounder.

Flounder season is closed right now. It is illegal to take them from Oct. 15 to Nov. 30. If the marine patrol catches you, the fines are pretty heavy.

Church sponsored gala

St. James Episcopal Church is pleased to announce the Silver Sponsorship of the Pregnancy Crisis Center's inaugural Love First Gala which was Oct. 29 at Oceanside County Club in Ormond Beach.

The gala was a celebration of life and love and supports the mission of the PCC to love and support women in need of resources to assist them in the birth and care of their babies. The PCC is a nonprofit, nonsectarian, non-political community service. It is not supported by any local, state or federal funding, and relies solely on donation from individuals, churches, organizations and businesses.

The PCC helps women to choose life for their babies. It helps them to see the importance of finishing their education, acquiring job skills and ultimately, achieving self-sufficiency. St. James Church is pleased to support the Pregnancy Crisis Center through its Outreach Committee.

Confucius say . . .

With the recent Rants & Raves about looking words up in the dictionary, I happened upon a quote of Confucius, that seemed fitting, “If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success.”

For “In regards to : The vaccine mandates,” something President John F. Kennedy said might be suitable, “A true democracy . . . will not condemn those whose devotion to principle leads them to unpopular courses, but will reward courage, respect, honor and ultimately recognize right.”

Water conservation district is broken but fixable

At the next meeting, the Volusia Soil & Water Conservation District will discuss placing a countywide referendum on the November 2022 ballot to discontinue the district.

While the citizens of Volusia County may not know what the district is or who runs it, the fact is the district was created with an important goal in mind, protecting the natural resources of Volusia County.

The district has great potential and under the leadership of Chair Wendy Anderson and Supervisor William Bliss, this potential has come to be utilized more and more. No, the District should not be discontinued, it should continue to grow and utilize its power for the betterment of the county. We need an advocate for sustainable development, smart growth, and water quality in this county, and I know the Soil & Water Conservation District is trending in that direction under these leaders.

I encourage all citizens of Volusia to speak out against this dissolution, and all supervisors to vote against it as well.

Lastly, to un-elected Supervisor Tom Burbank, the voters have already spoken out against dissolution in the form of Wesley Wilson's drastic loss in the last election. It is not wise to push for the dissolution of a tremendously important advocate in the community, and I would encourage you to backtrack in your proposition for discontinuance.

Not exactly gated

Well, I guess the news is finally out. There will be no fence between U.S. 1 and the homes in Hacienda Del Rio in Edgewater.

Even though Sun Properties is advertising the park as a “gated community,” the park really is not secure if anyone can either walk or drive from U.S. 1 onto the property at any point along the front of the park.

The Hacienda Board of Directors apparently has been after Sun management for some time to provide a fence or some other barrier between U.S. 1 and the park, but Sun has just confirmed they have no intention of doing so. The original-discussion was Sun would erect a five-foot high wrought iron fence along the front, but now has decided not to. Even though that type of fence would not ensure security, it would have provided a physical barrier.

The management indicates that gated implies a gate for entrance to the park and does not imply or guarantee security.

I don’t think we have a “gated community” any more and I’m not sure how they can advertise it as such. Who wants to own a home that anyone can walk into your backyard and help themselves to your property? Good Luck with that.

The two housing developments, one on 30th Street and one on Indian River at least have a fence to separate the road from the back of the homes and they aren’t even gated communities.

Investing in knowledge pays the best interest

Good it was to have Hometown News acknowledgment of quality public school teaching in Volusia County.

Especially considering teachers work so hard earning an average of 500 times less than top athletes and movie stars. What a disparity between education and entertainment. Goes to show the lopsided value system in our country.

Grow up or go home

I would like to know when we are bringing the adults back into the room.

These anti-vax stunts are getting old. Now New York Fire Department calling in sick to avoid getting a vaccine. What will be next if they get away with this? I am not going to that fire, I don't like the neighborhood?

If your job requires you to get the vaccine you have two choices. No. 1. Be an adult and get the vaccine. No. 2. Be an overgrown child and throw a tantrum. Overgrown children don't need to work. Give them their pink slip and a pacifier and send them home to their mommies.

It is well past time to stop the "look at me" stunts and put what is best for all first. Time to grow up or go home.

Be careful little eyes what you see

Recently, I was driving on U.S. 1 and saw many flags with offensive words about a political leader, @#$% Biden.

I believe in freedom of speech and everyone is entitled to their own views, however, I must pose these questions: What about the children who see these flags, should they be exposed to this language? What about the person that may be offended by vulgar language? What about their rights?

Can we as a civil nation do our best to protect our children from offensive words? Our children watch what we say and do. They should be exposed to the best ways possible as they are the future.

So, have your protest, stand for what you believe in, but please remember, little eyes are watching.

Just a thought.

Need better egress and ingress

In a recent article in Hometown News by Diane Carey on public input on Volusia roads, County Engineer Tadd Kasbeer listed all road projects Volusia County will be implementing over the next several years.

Not listed is a problem in Port Orange from Dunlawton Avenue at Taylor Road to Yorktown Boulevard. This one block stretch supports the BJ’s shopping center. This high volume shopping center also supports a WaWa, Culvers, Dominos, Papa John, Golden Corral, CVS, a gym, a car wash and a host of other businesses.

When leaving the shopping center or coming off of Taylor Branch, you can only turn east on Dunlawton and must make a U-turn to go west. You can go out on Yorktown Boulevard and turn left at the light, but the backup is so long at times you may wait two to three lights before going through the intersection.

It would be more convenient if there were a light at Taylor Branch so we could go east or west and a light at the entrance of the shopping center to turn east or west.

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