An honest day's wages

While minors, the aged, and disabled living in poverty through no fault of their own legitimately deserve one form or another of public assistance, the able American adults should and do work to the best of their abilities in support of themselves and their families.

Though employment has risen briskly, that mostly involves minimum wage work. Making only $8.46 an hour, it's difficult to make a decent living. A take home salary of about $225 per week (amounting to less than $11,000 per year) necessitates multiple jobs and/or government subsidies.

With almost one in four American children living in poverty, there's little hope for a better future. Growing up poor comes with the irreparable damage to health, intellect and socialization of youngsters, thereby perpetuating generations of hardworking poor.

Complaints about the lazy good for nothing non-workers among us should consider the demoralizing affect of such a system. To assure a thriving working class, employers must pay wages on which to live. Such monetary impetus will assure jobs not just filled but filled with those taking pride in their work.

Just say no

I have just received my second mailer marketing on the half-penny tax.

I am appalled at the blatant attempt to sway public opinion. If the wealthy businessmen in Volusia County are so concerned, then let them pay an extra tax. Leave the hardworking people alone. A tourist who spends one week in our area is not going to make a difference and nor is the day tripper who brings all their supplies and leaves their litter behind.

The county has proven time and time again they are not responsible stewards of our tax dollars. This special ballot by mail election is costing us close to $400,000. They gave upwards of $20 million in the past for their pet projects, like Tanger mall and Speedway projects. They should have used that $20 million for water and roads instead of feathering their insiders nest. This resident and everyone she know is going to just say no.

Scary road thought

Does anybody else think it is scary there are cars on the road that override the driver, and apply brakes when it thinks there is an obstacle in its path.

Takes over steering when it thinks the car is not properly centered in the lane? Sounds to me like the land lubbers version of the Boeing 737 MAX 8.

Too much road debris

Along with the trash left in the road on trash pick up day, what about the people who think the public road is where they have to blow their trees' leaves and any other trash from their yards, thus ending up as their neighbors problem.

They think the cars going by will disperse their trash down the road. This as well as the trash strewn by those picking it up eventually finds its way into the stormwater drains thus costing the city money to pump this refuse out of it.

Why can't all people take responsibility for their own trash and simply rake it up. Be sure to put it in bags with a draw string. If you put it in cans, chances are it'll just end up in the road.

Drummers come in different octaves

Looks like “Drum this into your Head” has a drummer problem.

Maybe it’s a real drummer or maybe it’s Bongo Boom Box Bob in his 1,000 watt speaker-equipped truck. Or maybe it’s Whacky Woofer Wally with the expensive sub-woofers. Whatever the case, a gray truck prowls the Waters Edge neighborhood announcing its arrival from blocks away.

Bob or Wally or whatever the name isn’t a problem since the audio extravaganza is mostly in daylight. But if he moves to a 3 a.m. schedule, he might want to team up with the garage drummer.

City wasting tax money

Thank you, City of Ormond Beach for spending tax dollars to mail out information regarding the upcoming referendum election.

While the information may be helpful, the pieces, like the “special” election, are a waste of our taxes. The county/city council have yet to prove why the election cannot wait until the next general/primary election. Why the urgency?

I will be voting a big fat no on the tax increase. The powers in charge have run amok, granting concessions and special incentives to developers. Our peaceful, quaint lifestyle has been destroyed. Development is moving west. In its wake, strip malls are left vacant and office buildings sit empty for months at a time.

The commission has been sitting at the table too long. Also on the ballot are questions regarding term limits and staggered terms. I will be voting no on four-year terms. If a commissioner is doing what is in the best interest of Ormond, then they can sit for another three terms (8 years total).

Question two, yes terms should be staggered for the obvious reasons. Yes on question three as it will save money if a second election is not needed. Yes on question four to help assure citizens their mayor/commission stay in check.

This election is important. No matter how you vote, be sure to vote.

Not fond of dog beach

There is absolutely no supervision at doggie beach.

Beach goers with no pets are being forced to stay away from that area because of loose dogs off their leashes. What used to be a pleasant walk around the water’s edge to the cove is just about impossible to do without a dog running up to you.

If it’s mentioned to owner about the leash regulation, the reply is usually … he’s harmless or he doesn’t bite. None of that has anything to do with the big loads that are left when owners aren’t looking, though.

Rules for using leashes or picking up after a pet should include a fine if caught. Maybe then owners would be compliant. Manatees and dolphins were frequently seen in the cove, but now with all the balls being thrown in the water for dogs to jump in and retrieve, I doubt if they’ll be seen anymore.

In response to: 'Get a job'

I am able to work and I do, but I read your post and thought, “wow judge people much?”

First of all you claimed is you see help wanted signs all over. Because of this, you assumed that people just aren't applying.

So I ask you some simple questions: Do you know for sure people are not applying? Do you know the pay rate? Do you know the hours? Do you know what the qualifications are for that job? Did it ever cross your mind that the reason those signs are there are because of the above?

Most people need to work a second or third job to just get by. They need to have jobs that will work with the hours of their other job. They also need to be able to be sure their children will be looked after and not getting into trouble. Maybe just maybe you could get off your high horse for a minute and think about how poorly many people are paid in this area?

Look at what it costs to rent, buy a used car, pay utilities and food and then find out what the hourly rates are and then figure out why people are in trouble. It is so sad that this country is quick to judge now without knowing all the facts.

Mistreated COA? Bingo!

I recently attended the Council on Aging “bingo” in the new Senior Community Center on Live Oak Street in New Smyrna Beach. What a beautiful building, But!

The noise level is ridiculous, echoes like crazy.

The room layout does not provide for separate spaces for other activities taking place at the same time, not even a curtain wall to pull to separate different activities in the main room.

It almost seems as though the way the COA is being treated is an attempt to remove the organization from city properties all together, first being moved out of the Brennan Center with the promise the organization would be back there once the facility was completed, oops, sorry folks, but not so much. Then putting the organization on North Street in a building that did not meet fire safety codes, now into a facility to be shared by numerous other functions and a smaller foot print than was available in the past.

I also understand that in order to host a “bingo marathon” fund-raiser for the “Meals on Wheels” program at the Brannon Center, it has to be on a Sunday or the COA has to pay the city rent for use of the building. How has the rent program worked for the Brannon Center, do the fees collected even cover the maintenance costs?

The Meals on Wheels program and the other activities of the COA benefit many seniors in New Smyrna Beach, maybe they should be supported by the city.

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