Vote for the half-cent

Frequently I find a penny or two, and sometimes more, that persons have thrown away as they think they are useless, or for some other reason which can’t be explained.

Someone takes the time to give their two cents about the half-cent sales tax increase is probably one of those persons.

The money collected from this half cent will stay in the county and be circulated among the cities.

We need construction upgrades on our roads/streets as the traffic is building larger and larger each year.

Those streets that at one time was seldom traveled are now being used as cut-throughs and will get worse each year.

Those same streets need traffic lights, widening and cross walks as the traffic builds.

Please help as all collections will be monitored by a representative of each area making sure each area gets their fare share.

Vote for the One Half..

In response to: 'Not fond of dog beach'

I’m not sure what dog beach the writer is referring to. The Smyrna Dunes park, which allows dogs on the beach, certainly does not fit the description posted by the writer.

As a frequent user of the park while walking our dog, I’ve rarely encountered dogs off leash and even more rarely find “loads that are left” as the writer has stated. It is a lovely beach and we, along with many other dog owners, dog lovers and families enjoy it by walking, relaxing, playing in the water or just taking in the breeze on a hot day.

What is that smell?

I received my mail -in ballot to cast my vote for the half cent sales tax.

I am going to hold my nose and vote yes. I do so with great reluctance. My life experience has shown me many lessons in how to move initiatives forward with success. This process has failed the “smell” test in the manner in which the County Council and the city administrations rolled out the sales tax initiative.

To ignore the inevitable growth and accompanying traffic and not act to increase impact fees for 15 years is derelict at best. The pros and cons have been well articulated. I will not waste the reader’s time or mine to repeat the good, bad and ugly aspects of this debacle.

What does disturb me is the manner in which our elected representatives present amendments and other voting opportunities on the ballot and then ignore the will of the voters.

The “bundling” of amendments was absurd last fall. When voters clearly voiced their will for issues like Florida Forever and the recent Amendment 4 voting rights, elected officials took their own course and did as they pleased in spite of clear voter preferences. One of these days the list of misdeeds will come back to haunt those elected officials and they will be voted out of office.

The arrogance of power doesn’t last very long when the abuses of that power stack up and the “smell” turns into a “stench.”

Time to rave!

The other day I found a voice message on my cell phone from the Utilities Commission of New Smyrna Beach alerting me to the fact the meter reader reported an unusually high amount of water usage this past month for our home and that we should check for a toilet running, a hose left on or, possibly, a broken water line necessitating a call to a plumber.

Not only did I receive a message, but a second call was left on my husband’s cell phone and a third to our home phone. It turns out that we just had a lot of company last month, which resulted in more showers, more laundry and more dish washing. However, I am impressed and appreciative that our utility company promptly took the time and effort to let us know that something might have been amiss.

Too much giveaway

When Volusia County stops giving away millions of dollars to projects, such as Tanger Outlet Mall, OneDaytona, big hotels, etc., I will consider voting for a sales tax increase. Until then, I vote no.

More space for the dogs

I read about some residents complaining about the New Smyrna dog beach and how the occasional dog is seen off leash.

Are you aware this is the only dog park beachside? There are miles of “people” beaches restricted to people only, but yet there are complaints about the one and only dog beach and no off leash areas. Surely you can walk elsewhere and quit complaining.

Also with only one overused off leash dog park in NSB way out on Glencoe Road (none beachside), residents are forced to use the ones in Edgewater. Why can’t another be built close in? So many people live in condos and need places to exercise and train their dogs.

Tear them down!

My rant is about the city of Daytona Beach condemning houses.

It seems like that it an easy feat to put a label on a house and its condemned, but the problem is they don't tear down those houses. So, we that live there have to live with houses that aren't livable.

The worse offense right now is the home at North Ridgewood Avenue and Taylor Avenue in Daytona Beach. The house is condemned, but the city needs to tear it down.

Needs a warm bath

I was hospitalized over Easter weekend and got only excellent care from my ER nurse, Ruth Ann, as well as my floor nurses, Ann Marie and Christy (at AdventHealth New Smyrna Beach).

What was so shocking after being stuck in bed for two days was the fact there was no hot water for patient bathing and hadn't been for months.

I notice Mr. Harrell, COO, and Dr. Hernandez, CEO, have given grants to ACA for arts and wellness. Maybe the ACA could help patients with a boiler grant. Bet Hernandez and Harrell have nice worm showers whenever they want.

Advent Health responds: AdventHealth New Smyrna Beach does have hot water and continues to produce hot water for the 109-bed facility. However, there are some patient rooms that are not receiving adequate hot water.

Our team has been working diligently to identify the impacted rooms and determine the root cause of the issue. We’ve taken several measures to resolve this concern and are currently awaiting the delivery of new plumbing valves, which is the next step in addressing this issue.

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