Good work on the boulevard

Thank you to the City of Daytona Beach employees who greatly improved the looks of Plaza Boulevard.

They did the wonderful job of improving the looks of all the shrubbery and trees. Once again, thanks again Daytona Beach employees.

Success story of TNR program in Pelican Cove West (not really)

Last week a queen (female cat) in care of a cat colony dropped a litter in a neighbor's yard. Yuck.

Supposedly spayed and in control of caregivers (failure of system). In six to eight weeks she can go into heat, emit pheromones, inviting male suitors from as far as two miles away, while nursing a litter.

Tomcats will descend on our neighborhood en masse, mark their territory and try to mate again. If unsuccessful she can repeat this process of being in heat every two to three weeks and lasting two to14 days. Once impregnated, about 63 days later, another litter of critters. Kittens can breed after six months. Oh boy.

Something needs to be done in densely populated communities. Dogs are being trained to detect Covid-19 virus. Cats roam free with diseases like rabies, cat scratch fever, scabies, feline leukemia virus, feline immunodeficiency virus and toxoplasma gondii. Don't forget fleas/ticks.

Legal action needs to be taken soon before this invasive, non-native species wreaks havoc on the threatened and endangered native birds and small mammals in this state. Take note of what is happening in the Everglades due to the non-native Burmese Python reproducing so dramatically and the damage it is causing to our ecological balance.

Look up on Google how many species the felines have already adversely affected. And please stop feeding the stray cats. Take them into your house.

'Permission' for my rights please

If an organization can suspend our rights, restrain us at anytime it deems something is a crisis; we don't have rights, we have permissions.

Liberty is the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior or political views.

Freedom is the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance of restraint.

In response to: 'Provide the Amenities'

Is it even legal to charge you full price rent for contracted services (amenities) and not provide any?

I agree with greedy and very disappointed. Shame on Hacienda Del Rio.

In response to: 'Provide the Amenities'

Hacienda Del Rio is not the only greedy mobile park in town.

Briarwood Estates on Nova Road in Port Orange is not much better.

Too much interference

I live in a 55+ mobile home community, Brairwood Estates.

Everything has been closed down. I am note sure when it is opening.

However, I think it is unethical that they say you can't come to the clubhouse or pool without mask and gloves and you have to have a questionnaire filled out and temperature taken by office workers.

Don't be selfish

Recently, a person wrote in complaining that they couldn't cross state lines to "enjoy" their second property.

It angers me when people can be so self-absorbed- so into their wants that they just don't care about others. So you don't like a little two month lock down.

Let me give you a little history, which might bring you down a peg or two. When the Holocaust happened, the Frank family along with about four friends, including three children, spent two years in a very small place hiding from the Nazis.

They lost everything once a selfish person turned them in they were taken to the camps where most of them died. They would have loved to just be able to walk on the ground and smell the fresh air.

You’re whining about not being able to use your second home, you're whining about paying taxes on two homes. You chose to purchase property in a second state, you knew then you would have to pay taxes on that second home.

I have no sympathy for you when people are dying. My daughter is an EMT in Vegas. She has children and what she goes through just to be close to her children is horrible. She does it though, because selfish people refuse to realize that this pandemic is real.

Good Job Chick-fil-A

I don't go to Chick-fil-A much.

I went the other day at about 11:30 a.m. Drive thru was "wrapped." I decided to wait it out. They had two employees rotating between cars taking their orders another employee handling the "paying for the orders."

So, by the time I got to the window, my order was given to me within like one minute. I was quite impressed.

Inconsiderate neighbors

I live in Hidden Pines. They closed the pool because some inconsiderate neighbors could not control themselves, and insisted on having gatherings with family and friends.

Tonight, there were several elderly people playing pickleball at the tennis courts. They played, sweated, talked, took breaks together and had an overall good time for over an hour.

Do certain people think they are immune to Covid-19? What is their secret? Ingesting cleaning fluid?

Too much risk

I just returned from the Walmart in New Smyrna Beach and I was disgusted.

Not by the store, the employees are doing all they can to follow safe distancing and one-way aisles. What disgusted me is the amount of selfish people in the area, families and couples walking through the store, no masks on of any kind, no gloves on. Picking up stuff and setting it down, walking wherever they want without consideration of the elderly shopping.

Maybe you believe this virus is a hoax and that is your right, but what right do you have to risk the lives of others when you go out in public?

I will do all my shopping online. I will repeat: not one problem with the store or the employees, but I felt for every employee and customer that so many people were putting at risk.

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