Take down the signs

I may be wrong, but I do believe I had read all political signs were to be removed after an election.

So shouldn't that same law apply to the huge flags, and yard signs? I took my signs down after the election. Yet, I can drive down any street in Edgewater and see huge flags and political signs in several yards for both parties.

I would say at this point your candidate either won or lost. Let's slow down the anger by removing the signs until at least the next election.


Not easy is it contemplating the inhospitable demands of people pushing for unlike minded others to go back from wherever they came.

Especially since one part or another of my family has resided on the New Smyrna Beach-side for nearly 50 years. Calling this my "feet-first home," I'm no longer certain about it as the place where I will live for the rest of my life.

Inept or self-serving city officials turn their backs on that which is incumbent upon them to protect the quaintly unique charm, along with providing a solution for the unrelenting increase in traffic. Just as the overabundance of contractors and Realtors make quick bucks, without care about huge residences on tiny lots and "eat, drink, and be merry" short-term rentals pop up despite disservice to the community's common good.

Worst of all, “open-minded, live and let live liberalism” has lost equal say-so with narrow-minded "my way or the highway" conservatism” to the point of my husband and I researching the possibility of getting away "while the getting is (still) good."

Without, I add, ever wishing anything but namaste for the people and place we would thereby leave behind.

In response to: 'Just move'

People move to Florida because they like it here, or at least they claim that.

Once they move here, they want to make Florida just like the state they escaped from. So please excuse us when you get upset that we don't want to "improve" things as you see it.

We don't leave Florida because we like how it is. We don't want our beaches overcrowded with "Yankees" who think they are smarter.

What does it say about you when you act like you know better when you move to Florida? We like things as they are we like the small town atmosphere. May I suggest Palm Beach or Miami for you to live?

In response to: 'Little Trees or big flags'

Last time we checked it's called "freedom of speech."

I believe they have not taken that right away. Black Lives Matters stickers on cars offend me. The reason being a lot of the tragedy as you say they have caused, but I don't go tracking that vehicle down. I think the problem is everything bothers everyone.

Paint the bridge

Seems to be a lot of upgrading and improvements for downtown Ormond Beach.

I would love to see the Granada Bridge get a nice paint job; don't care what color. Anything is better than what it looks like now! A dirty, gray and blah color (or whatever it is now). Make it stand out and be beautiful.

A misdirected nation

Why is the vaccine for Covid-19 so critically important?

Why is not remaining clothed, remaining restrained, staying away from each other, minimizing the party groups (Bike Week, race week, jeep week, spring break)? Why is the focus not of those events?

Are they so necessary that you can't find something else to do an maintain yourself. You have to socialize. You have to go out in big groups. You have to travel internationally. Take a check of yourself. There is not reason you can't make a kite, ride a bicycle, go fishing, build a rocket, try cooking at home. Wouldn't that be novel for many people? No more fast food or more restaurants.

I am so tired of hearing people say the vaccine is what we need to do to return to normal. Stay away for me and I will stay away from you. I will never, ever take my, mask off from this day on, nor will my wife. It protects from many other different varies of germs and diseases beside Covid-19. As a human being, I wish I was born with a mask on and I intend to die with a mask on.

Knock off the pathetic “we have to go to Disney World. We have to take our cruise. We have to go see grandma. We have to get together for Easter.” You're the problem. You are the spreader of the disease, not the mask, not the vaccine, which is very questionable at this time.

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