The nice police

I would like to submit a “Rave” for the Daytona Beach Police Department.

They have responded to calls at my property on South Ridgewood Avenue, and each time have been thorough and courteous.

As I do not live in Daytona Beach, they have been nice enough to call me at home and tell me what is going on, plus saving me the trip south. Thank you to all involved.

Needed help

Before being made to leave, there was a paralyzed man in an electric wheelchair who briefly begged for funds on the street at the Port Orange Walmart.

Does anyone know who he is or especially if he accessed any help/services? He appeared to be in dire need.

No need for Walmart

On the plus side of the Pandemic, we have changed our shopping habits.

It started with being told that Walmart plans on going to full self-service check outs. Then the pandemic. We started shopping on Amazon. Other than fresh items, everything we need was there, some prices lower, some the same, free delivery. Not only did the delivery driver's wear masks, they were very nice.

We haven't been to Walmart in a year and we do not miss it. We go to our local grocery story for the food we need. We stayed safe, we stayed healthy and we saved money.

The free delivery works out when you consider the gas you waste driving to Walmart. It truly reduced the stress. Oh, and all of our animal supplies we got from Chewy, which also is free delivery. So there was a bright side to this horrible year. So glad that it is now returning to normal. The time we wasted at Walmart we will go kayaking instead.

Daytona needs SunRail

Every time a deal gets down with SunRail or even a high speed train from Palm Beach to Orlando, I ask myself where is Daytona Beach included.

With so many tourists coming to Daytona Beach, nowhere is there a sign of bringing even SunRail to here. If you want to go to Winter Park, Orlando Airport, nothing. Either you drive and park or have Uber take you.

Why, can anybody answer, is Daytona Beach not able to get a decent transportation to the East Coast? The last stop is before DeLand. With all the people it would be a wise decision to invest and maybe even get workers (who have no car) and tourists to Orlando and beyond without using a car.

Another thing, when it rains, where do tourists go? Daytona Beach mall or outlet mall, that’s it, nothing big. Daytona. International Speedway, big deal once you saw it, that's it.

I truly believe that Volusia is a dull place with no big attractions except the beach. Wake up councils and congressman of Volusia and invest in a bold decision. Now is the best time with interest as low as it can get. Maybe to get a grant from Washington to invest in infrastructure. You will regret not making the decision in the future.

In response to: 'No more crazies'

In response to the “No More Crazies” rant, yes when it’s time to vote, I’ll remember all the good things Gov. Ron DeSantis has done for the State of Florida and will happily vote for him again.

I’m proud to have him as our governor and cannot imagine the turmoil Florida would have had if the other candidate had been elected.

My guess is Florida would have had similar Covid-19 issues like New York and would have been locked down like Michigan, New York and New Jersey. I’m also proud to say I live in Florida. The majority of people I talk to are jealous and can’t wait to visit or move here.

Yes, there are crazies in Florida as there are in every state, but Gov. DeSantis is not one of them. By the way, Florida has been referred to as “Floriduh” long before Mr. DeSantis became governor.

In response to: 'No more crazies'

I am shocked to read the rant criticizing our state and fabulous governor.

They state other states laughing at us yet they failed to mention even one point of fact, only opinion. I would contend those other states are liberal, democrat, locked down states who in fact come to wonderful Florida for vacation while their own cities were shut down.

They’re jealous of our great leadership. I’ve personally spoken to visitors from blue states and they were grateful to have a Florida to come to and get away from their elected insanity.

In response to: 'No more crazies'

Thank goodness we have Gov. Ron DeSantis in the State of Florida. Without a doubt he has been the best governor in the past 50 years.

He is a no nonsense guy who sees right from wrong and doesn't listen to the far left crazies. He opened up Florida for business before most of the governors and understands the importance of a balanced economy.

Can you imagine the status of Florida had the candidate Andrew Gillum been elected. We would be in real trouble.

I hope he runs for president in the next few years as he will have a great opportunity to win.

Thank you. Gov. DeSantis.

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