Just put the mask on

I am so tired of the whiny Floridians who think they should be able to do whatever they want no matter what.

Wearing masks right now is important. It not only protects you, but it also protects those around you. So many are so selfish and believe it isn’t important, which makes we wonder how many of these people actually were taught compassion, empathy or concern for their fellow man, woman or child.

So, I say to every single person in Florida who refuses to wear a mask in public, especially in stores, if you would be fine with having to have major surgery and your doctor and all involved decided they don’t want to wear masks, because they are a pain while doing surgery on you, then I guess that would explain why you don’t think a small bit of hassle for you is not worth it.

So, please, all people who refuse to wear masks, put a card in your wallet telling doctors to not make it hard on themselves and don’t wear a mask during surgery, you clear them for all damages.

Please, help when you can

We know everyone is stressed these days, but human kind should help the elders or at least ask to help.

We were in the long line at our drive-through bank, finished our business and our full-size van stalled and would not start.

We are in our 70s. My husband pushed it out of the way by himself as I steered.

No one offered to help. But they did growl when I asked for help.

One young woman did stop to ask if we needed help after the fact. She helped us by asking if we were OK. Thank you, miss.

You’ve been warned

If your muffler is loud or non-existent, beware.

The Port Orange Police Department will be listening because of noise complains on Spruce Creek Road between Central Park Drive and Nova Road, so go around somehow. Either way be ready.

A really good person

I was in a store in New Smyrna Beach Friday, May 8, and I was having trouble with my debit card.

The man behind me in line said, “let me see,” and he tried his debit card, which worked. He paid for my order. I got tears in my eyes. There are some really good people in this world and that man is definitely one of the them.

Defending the cats

In response to the May 1 rant on homeless cats, I am an essential worker and volunteer in two East Volusia colonies.

We provide daily food, clean water, spay/neuter every cat in a colony, pay for medical treatment when necessary as well as flea medicines, etc.

Hundred of colony TNR volunteers absorb the care costs of homeless litters and adults cats, abandoned, dumped or allowed to roam outside by irresponsible owners who as required by law, do not spay or neuter. Frequently they are adopted into forever homes.

In another rant from May, from someone suffering from several cats in Pelican Cove West, ripping the hard fought for TNR program, refers to the cats, domesticated for thousand of years, as an invasive, non-native species, comparing them to the destruction of wildlife and the eco-system by the non-native Burmese pythons in the Everglades. Maybe this person spending too much time on Google research to support a seriously biased rant.

Thank you Hometown News for an opportunity to speak out for those who can't.

HOA doing good

I just want to give a shout out to the Cedar Dunes Home Owners Association Board of Directors.

Seeing your article, “Income-limited households keep growing,” in the May 8 edition, they voted to send the local food bank, Gifts of Love, a four-figure check.

Images of families in our community lined up to receive bags of food move us all to find ways to help. On behalf of our neighborhood, I commend our HOA Board and encourage other boards to follow their lead.

Owner must comply

In response to the person calling people jerks.

You have completely missed the point. It has nothing to do with the virus. Sun Properties advertises two pools, two clubhouses. We had the large pool closed for most of the winter for a repair that was supposed to be a month. We had the other pool closed Feb. 3 for a month. Now it’s May, and it still looks like a cyclone hit it. And most importantly Sun Properties is supposed to abide by the ADA standards for a handicap lift in the pools.

Yes, the Covid-19 virus is horrible, but has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Sun Properties doesn't comply with what they offer, because both things happened long before the virus came.

Property needs cleanup

I am writing this rant as a concerned citizen of Ormond Beach.

There is a house on a two-way street off of Fleming Avenue. It is on Woodcrest and Sunny Palm. This is so bad to see when you go by and I don't see why the other residents of these two streets do not complain about it.

There is garbage and bags of trash laying all around this house, windows taken out and then you have homeless people living in it. It was raided for drugs not long ago and the people who were arrested and turned loose have been coming into Holiday Village where I live.

We also have been seeing rats in our park.

Now these people are still living there again, and I am sure they are doing drugs again.

This does not look very good on the City of Ormond Beach, or the county, if they are responsible. I feel someone should take charge of this matter and fix it right away. It is a very bad health hazard. If something isn't done soon, maybe the health department should become involved.

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