Seeing all good people

There are really good people out there.

I was at lunch at Frida's Restaurant on Granada Boulevard in Ormond Beach and someone did a hit and run on a car in the parking lot. Several people witnessed it and they stayed until the person came and made sure everything was all right.

They waited for the police to come, and these witnesses were celebrating a birthday. They took the time out to help someone else. They are really good people.

I hope wonderful things happen to them. They deserve it. The Frida's staff and manager went above and beyond. All of you are just fantastic.

Daytona perfect for casino

We have the Daytona 500 and Bike Week.

If we had a casino, it would bring in so many people to the area. Main Street and Atlantic Avenue would be packed. Daytona Beach is the perfect place to have a casino.

Post a number already

I’m fairly new to New Smyrna Beach (from South Florida) and disappointed at the lack of numbers on residential homes and businesses.

Try driving down International Speedway Boulevard and trying to find the stores. The stores are set back and hard to find at 45 mph. If you slow down, you get run over.

Private homes aren’t any better. How much does it cost for a few numbers or paint your house number on the curb? There were times I’ve given up on trying to find stores and gone home.

Some cities have numbers on the street signs (i.e. minimum and maximum , 2500 to 3500 block etc.)

In response to: 'Bumper stickers'

I think I can address both viewpoints of the “bumper sticker debate.”

I spent a number of years as a snowbird and now I’m a full-time Floridian. When I first became a snowbird, I couldn’t understand why full-time residents were annoyed with us.

Then I observed some snowbirds having an attitude of, I’m here now, you need my money, get out of my way. They were often rude for no reason. It was very embarrassing to say the least. Many times they would go from the right lane of traffic to the far left turn lane instead of finding a safe place to turn around. My least favorite was the sudden and complete stops they’d make, in traffic, when they realized they were lost.

As a full-time resident, I am grateful for snowbirds who help our economy and enjoy meeting new people. I can deal with not finding a much needed handicapped parking space because they are already occupied. I’m understanding when people are lost and I help whenever possible.

What I can’t understand or deal with are those who have no driving skills, consideration for others or manners. Floridians, give them a break and visitors please help our communities stay safe. What if we come to your area in the summer? How would you like us to behave? Same goes for both sides.

Ride quiet, please

Bike Week is here, and I hope our visitors have a great time.

But, at the same time, I dread the constant, ear-splitting exhaust noise. Please respect those who live here, and at least in our residential neighborhoods, lay off of the super-loud pipes.

Plenty of New Smyrna Beach to go around

Do not include me in your group that thinks New Smyrna Beach somehow belongs to a few.

I live here year-around. Yes, it does get busy this time of year. But I find ways to adjust just like people do for you when you venture beyond the city limits.

I tend to think of New Smyrna Beach as full of kind and thoughtful people. Not selfish people that do not realize they are only borrowing the land until they leave this earth. Oh, the horror, if an out-of-state person buys your house when you meet your maker. By the way, I have a long time resident neighbor that I will trade for a snowbird any day.

In response: 'Leave dogs at home'

Wow, apparently you are not a dog lover in a dog lover area. There are several reasons that you find dogs at art and craft shows.

They are outdoor. The dogs have fun meeting people. Ninety-nine percent are well behaved. It is a great place to socialize your dog and last, but not least, people love their dogs enough they would rather take them to a craft show outside then leaving them at home all the time.

I have had large and small dogs and my only complaint is that people buy and wrongly use the extension leashes.

I do feel bad that you hate dogs so much, but most people do love them, the weather here in Florida is a nice and it makes it so much easier to take you dogs out. Now my question to you is why do people who hate dogs go to the beaches that allow dogs and then complain?

In response to: “Pruning good, dumping bad'

As a follow up to my recent letter about the City of Ormond Beach "clean up" at Thompson Creek.

I am in that area a couple of times per week. Over the last two weeks, I have spotted a couple of dead turtles in the creek each time. Same area as your clean-up. Their deaths may be natural, or from your clean-up debris or from the waste, trash and urine put in the creek from the several squatters who have set up living quartets there. Again shame on you.

Light it up

I would like to put my 2 cents in about the lighting on Summertrees Road in Port Orange.

Going east on Summertrees toward Williamson Boulevard the road turns a lot. It is very dark and hard to see street markings. We need some lights please.

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