In response to: “Nascar Driver Winnings”

I had to read this one a couple times, but thanks for the laugh.

So, you feel you have a right to know what the driver's make on the winnings. So should we also demand to know how much a lottery winner gets after taxes? Should we also know how much every city employee makes after taxes? Also, should we know the salaries of every single person who lives in Florida?

You sound a little offended about what they make. I wonder, have you ever driven in NASCAR? Do you realize what they do? Do you understand the skill you need to be able to drive in those races? Um, probably not.

So, my suggestion is simple, if you don't agree with what they make and how it is divided, I suggest you no longer buy any more tickets to the races, don't buy their jackets, shirts and other memorabilia. Instead take that money and do something positive, like donate to a reputable charity. Some people work so hard to complain about something.

A few problems and questions on Jeep Beach

We drove from Dunlawton Avenue to as far north as we could on the beach.

We have never seen such a mess of people and Jeeps on the beach. The Jeeps were parked three deep in parking spaces. Jeeps were digging up the sand bad. One kid almost got run over, and Jeeps speeding on beach.

We did not see a Beach patrol truck at all? Big holes left in sand. It is turtle season. RV Campers with canopies out, dogs, beer. Jeeps parked in driving lane. Down by Main Street, it clearly says no U-turns, but every jeep did a U-turn, which messed up the traffic trying to get out.

It was not safe and the tide was coming in. I see this as any thing goes for Jeeps, but not for others? Lets do better next year. Jeeps and children and high tide do not get along.

Why no Ponce?

Recently, I read about a few animal abuse incidents.

No mention of Ponce’s Law being applied. I wonder why?

Clean up eyesore

So the City of Port Orange has finally committed to taking a hard stance against the vacant and abandoned church property on the corner of Williamson Boulevard and Madeline Avenue.

After well over a decade in this deplorable and blighted condition, let's hope they really will hold the property owner accountable and clean this up completely.

One-eyed cop car

For two nights now I have seen something that I haven't seen before, a New Smyrna Beach police car go by that had one headlight (on the driver's side) not working.

Wouldn't someone take note of the broken light and repair it right away? Are there not any employees who see to it the police vehicles are properly maintained?

Years ago, I was stopped by a New Smyrna Beach police officer and given a written notice for having a non-working headlight. Why don't the police seem to take it seriously when it involves their vehicles?

What does it mean?

I read in your business section when Suntrust and BB&T merger their new name will be Truist.

At the moment neither Noah Webster or I are familiar with that word. Could someone tell us how it came to be and what it means? I know new words are constantly being added.

A kindness to pay forward

On Saturday, June 22, my brother and I had moved a large piece of furniture in the back of my pick up truck, then loaded some empty plastic storage tubs in my pick up to take to storage.

When I turned right out of the Lamplighter mobile home community on Nova Road, apparently we had not shut the tailgate on my truck tight. When I accelerated, there went the plastic tubs in the middle of Nova Road.

Fortunately, I had waited to pull out so that there was a little "stopping room" for the cars going south on Nova Road. I got the red light on Madeline Avenue, so it took me a few minutes to make a U-turn to go back and pick them up.

Someone (or possibly more than one kind person) had picked up the tubs and stacked them neatly on the side of the road. I pray that anyone who had to avoid those tubs or stop quickly did so without incident. I felt so terrible.

My heartfelt thanks to the person (or persons) who was so kind and compassionate to remove them from the road so no one got hurt, and then stack them on the side of the road so I could remove them. God bless the Good Samaritans. I will pay that kindness forward.

Out of sight/out of mind

Signposts and charities are disgracefully inadequate response to panhandling.

Instead of truly coping with the predicament of those pleading for money on the streets, it's easier to find fault with them and place blame. Ushering the needy out of one community into another avoids the desperately needed compassionate empathy and lasting solution.

The homeless will eventually find themselves in Key West continuing much the same hard scramble lives suffered up in Central Florida.

Rather than working toward passing legislature in favor of substantive programs for the alleviation of bullying, manic-depression, alcohol-drug addiction, PTSD, unemployment, prison recidivism, school dropout, it's easier to judgmentally condemn and sanctimoniously point fingers at such so-called deadbeats.

And, shamefully, move the stricken street people out of sight/out of mind in order to have them become perplexing less well-to-do good for nothing nuisances somewhere else.

We must do better than that.

Can we get a witness

Why is it that Jehovah Witnesses are located at the entrance of Volusia County public libraries?

Can any religious organization occupy space to promote their beliefs on public property? Is there a fee to rent space on public property for such purposes? For that matter, can a business market their products and services on public property?

It seems what is good for one should be good for all. It could get very crowded outside the public library if all religious organizations and business owners decided to show their wares in this same fashion. Albeit, the Jehovah Witnesses do display a respectful and courteous presence.

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