In response to: “Homeless Highway”

English language is changing.

How do the trails in the woods cater to the homeless? Do these trails in woods bring the hors d'oeuvres and martinis. Oh, I understand. These woods provide the homeless with a place to sleep.

I would not be surprised if once upon a time the homes the homeless lived in were developed to provide the places the writer now dwells in. All to make developers and investors a fast buck.

Water quality?

What has happened to Holly Hill water?

Faucets and shower heads are clogged. Something is going on. Please respond.

Quiet, please

Whatever happened to quiet libraries?

The staff and patrons all talk so loud, it is impossible to read, study or concentrate using the computers. Please use and enforce you quiet sign so we may all enjoy your library.

A little consideration

Every time people move into the New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater area, we get the complaints about the small aircraft flying overhead.

I have always defended these pilots since the small airports were here first. I still support them, but suddenly we have a small white plane with blue trim flying over Edgewater as early as 8 a.m. and has been heard as late as 11 p.m. The big problem is that it is every single day.

People who work night shifts don't get a break, families don't get a break, no one gets a break. I understand they are probably teaching others to fly to be flying that much, but maybe it is time to implement some reasonable rules of times and days to let the homeowners enjoy a little at home time also.

Cut the cord

A lot of rants about cable.

Cut the cord. My cable bill jumped $100. I canceled it.

Royal Electronics in Port Orange has a free class explaining antennas, how to install yourself or they will. You get all the local channels, actually you get about 60 channels, high-quality digital channels.

If you have a smart TV and Internet, you can get sling TV for about $25 a month. It has the most common cable channels, such as TBS, TNT, A&E, etc. Hulu is about $6 a month. Lots of movies and TV shows. For Pluto TV, if it's not on your smart TV, you can download the app to most smart TVs. Lots of channels, all free.

I now only pay $80 for unlimited Internet. I refuse to pay $100 for 100 cable channels I never watch.

In response to the article on the sales tax vote

Dear County Council: Sorry for not voting in the half-cent sales tax.

We certainly do need to upgrade our roads. Yes, there are many projects that have been on hold a long time. We have one in Edgewater/New Smyrna Beach that has been adding to the blight on U.S. 1 for over a decade now right at the gateways to both cities.

We want to believe that if we pay a little more, things will improve. It's a hard pill to swallow, though, when you quote in this newspaper how we have no money to finish these projects and you're not receiving the property taxes you did in 2006.

Ironically, two days after this article ran, another well-established paper has on the front page how property values are about to break a record just shy of 2007 and a projection on how much of an increase you are already expecting. It actually predicts a record number by 2020.

This sounds great, but hopefully we don't price our younger residents right out of the market again. You see, we really don't know what to believe. Please don't be disappointed in us. We want to see our beautiful cities prosper. We're just a little gun shy and tax leary.

Good place for rehab

My girlfriend had to undergo surgery recently and is having a short-term stay at Coastal Health and Rehabilitation Facility in Daytona Beach.

I visit on an almost daily basis and I am very impressed. The facility is clean. The staff is extremely friendly, courteous and helpful. They take pride in knowing every person (including visitors) by name. Kudos to Coastal.

Don't tell people how to vote

I see the half-cent tax did not get approved.

I am happy, for one thing the people building the new homes should be paying for the schools and roads.

The other reason I voted against it is quite simple. My vote is my vote. No group or politician is going to tell me how to vote. Prior to even receiving my ballot in the mail, I was getting text messages and phone calls telling me it was important to vote for the tax. I would text back to not contact me, but I still kept getting the text messages and phone calls.

My solution was I did not answer my phone if I didn't recognize the number. If no message was left, the number got blocked. I never got one message or text telling me why I should vote no on the tax; just how important it was to vote yes.

So why should someone on Social Security be willing to pay the tax? Did some of the politicians get a little extra to push for this tax? I don't know, but I had already made my decision after the influx of texts to vote for it, so I voted no.

In response to: 'Wicked Violence'

I am so tired of the blame game.

Blame anyone but the parents, who did something wrong. People are quick to blame video games, music and movies when the kids are violent. The real problem is not those products. The real problem is the parents.

Parents need to put down their cell phones, get off their computers. Spend quality time with your children. On weekends, get the kids involved in sports and dance or anything that you are there to cheer them on.

Check their homework before they turn it in. If you see your child has a problem with a certain subject, contact the school and ask what you as a parent can do to help the child.

People have taken "it takes a village" way too seriously. If you choose to have children, then you choose to not only feed them and dress them, but to educate them, teach them manners, have them do chores at home, have bedtimes and routines, and be active in your child's life. It is no one else's fault your child turns to violence because you're too busy with your life. Stop blaming others.

Fly the flag

We live in the most wonderful country on Earth, with endless freedoms.

Is it really too much trouble to put out a flag, of any size, to honor those who have kept us free?

In response to: 'O, Floriduh'

The list of required documents to either renew or obtain a Florida Drivers License was put into affect Jan. 1, 2010.

Many other states now require the same documents. I personally checked several states' drivers license websites for verification. Do not complain if you have not done the research. All the information and document requirements are (and have been) listed on the Florida Drivers License Website. This would assist you with the list of required documentation thus saving you multiple trips to Daytona Beach.

For your information, men are required to produce several documents as well. Women bear the burden of marriage and divorce paperwork if they decided to change their name at that point in time. Floriduh is only keeping up with the times.

In response to: 'O, Floriduh'

If you are a female and divorced be completely prepared to jump through hoops just to renew your driver's license.

After second trip driving to Daytona Beach to get this done and spending $180 on forms, I have come to the realization that even though they claim they do this because of 9/11, it is far easier to get a gun permit than a renewal of your driver's license. Let that sink in.

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