In response to Dan Smith's 'Getting workers return to jobs'

To assure due diligence of workers, they must have as much in their jobs as bosses have in their businesses.

Instead of smug assumptions about those with little, compassionate attention must come from those with much.

Arbitration between haves and have-nots should result in such humanistic specifics as paid vacations; time off for jury duty and voting; provisions for family leave and hazard pay; wages commensurate with cost of living despite gender or race; health care benefits; prosecution for harassment; health care benefits; quality affordable child care; dependable mass transit within user's means; clean, safe labor sites; unthreatened opportunity to appeal grievances. All promptly and consistently accommodated in order to avoid the necessity of two or even more jobs for a working class family to barely subsist.

Supercilious Mr. Smith and like-minded others are wrong persisting to propose such hardened hooey as trickle down economics to continue protecting the greed of the wealthy, no more so than commonplace deceit, disorder and death during the past handful of tough years. Under such circumstances beyond their own making, staying home is smart rather than lazy. Without care and concern from those with the wherewithal to assist those left in the lurch through such bleak times, hope for lasting growth in the workforce is realistically impossible.

Lots of sirens

Based on the amount of sirens I hear daily in Edgewater, I think it is time for them to add a second station on the western end of State Road 442.

Daily we hear anywhere from one time to four or five times a day.

Thanks for the cardiac care

I would like to give a big Rave and a thank you to all the Halifax Health Medical Center outpatient cardiac second floor nurses, doctors and staff in Daytona Beach for being so kind, caring, professional and upbeat as I was very nervous.

Also, thanks to Daytona Heart Group for everything. Everyone was great and I could tell they really like their jobs. Thank you for working there.

In response to: 'No more crazies'

I want to give a rave to our great Gov. Ron DeSantis.

I strongly disagree with the letter that says people laugh when they find out this letter writer is from Florida.

If so, why are so many moving to our wonderful state. Gov. DeSantis has done a great job with everything since he took office. Our state is run much better than up north or the west coast of U.S.A., and he cares about the people.

I pray he is re-elected next year, and I will certainly be voting for him. I found that letter very disrespectful to our governor.

In response to: 'No more crazies'

I am proud of our wonder Governor Ron DeSantis. He has and is always putting Floridians first. I have never heard any negative comment regarding Gov. DeSantis from anyone in Florida or outside of Florida.

In fact, many folks in other states are wishing they had a Gov DeSantis in their state. If you are so ashamed of living in Florida and are so embarrassed then maybe you should move to a state that is to your liking. However, I do agree that everyone should vote, but we should all vote for the politician that will put our people first and not their own political ambitions. I am proud to be living in a state that has such a wonderful governor, and I am not the least bit embarrassed to sing Gov. DeSantis' praises.

How easily we forget, shame, shame

I question the purpose of celebrations on Memorial Day.

For example, if you should lose a loved one, a grandparent or parent on May 31, will you celebrate with a barbecue, flying a kite, throwing your garbage all over the park and over drinking or perhaps a weekend of camping in remembrance of everything your grandparents did for you and for mankind?

Why do we not have a remembrance moment for the veterans, which is the purpose of Memorial Day? It should not be a celebration. There should be a moment of silence or moment of prayer.

Hundreds of thousands of veterans have died on our behalf as U.S. citizens. They die all over the world every day. And, we celebrate by over drinking, barbecuing hot dogs, fishing, camping. I don't understand the connection. It shouldn't be a party. It should actual be a day of mourning that we have to have veterans to protect the nation and send them to war with a coupon for death.

Please try to remember the purpose between holidays, Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day. Don't let the reason we have these days off from work a reason to party and over drink.

In response to: 'Needed help'

The "paralyzed man in the electric wheelchair" has medical assistants coming in daily at his well-maintained home in a lovely area of Port Orange.

In response to: 'Daytona needs Sunrail'

I agree with last week's Ranter who said that Daytona Beach is boring.

After going to the beach there is nowhere to go with the family.

The west end of town where I live, even though it is Margaritaville, has no park areas. All trees are being cut down and there are no shady areas to walk. Who wants to walk in shopping centers? Not me.

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