Quick fire service

I would like to the thank the fire department in Port Orange.

During the early morning our electronic smoke detector went off. It was deafening. They came within minutes and took care of the problem. It is wonderful to see that we have such great services in our area.

Thankfully, there was no fire. Just an old unit that needed to be replaced and we did.

A beginning

Let it begin with me. That's how we can help heal our lives.

Tell people you are sorry for what they have experienced and hope for better times ahead for them. Let it begin with me. With those kinds words to another human being reach out. Let it begin with me that is first step in healing.

Keep the mask on

I don’t know whether to be angry with, or grateful for all you residents, visitors, tourists, business owners and patrons who refuse to wear masks and maintain social distancing as the number of Covid-19 cases soar.

I want to “thank you” for expediting the number of Covid-19 cases required to build “herd immunity” in our communities.

At the same time, however, as the number of cases in the state climbs past 4000 in one day, please respect my decision to wear a mask, maintain distance, avoid your shop or clinic, or decline an invitation to an event, because I know what it is like to be gasping for air due to bronchial disease.

But who wants to wait around for unpredictable vaccines, or drag this thing out to next year? Let’s just get it over with! The sooner we let this virus run its course, the better for all of us. That must be what you are thinking.

According to Wikipedia, herd immunity is “a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that occurs when a large percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, whether through vaccination or previous infections, thereby providing a measure of protection for individuals who are not immune”.

So, by all means, get your group together and head out to the bars, restaurants, upcoming concerts, parties, and political rallies so that we can get to herd immunity quickly. I’ll continue to live my virtual life, and wear my mask until it's safe.

Not so convenient

My bank, SunTrust in Port Orange, has been closed since early March.

I cannot access recently opened online account. Phone help is nonexistent (40 minutes on phone). I can't get checking statement to balance check book. Again,phone no help.

They tell me to go to ATMs for everything that was available at my local bank (for my convenience).Now I cant even discontinue my online account (again,phone no help). Old people like me are vulnerable at ATMs and sometimes confused.

Merger with BBT is a farce to lay off many of their workers to lay the burden on us. What's going on? I don't think they are opening again (for our convenience).

In response to: 'Not so easy living'

This is in response to the June 19 Rants and Raves. To the person that wrote about La Costa Village, I say a big amen.

We feel that Sun Communities personnel have been very slack in making sure properties are maintained. Someone needs to take charge.

Great movie experience

There is no secret the New Smyrna Beach “community” recognizes the importance of family.

We know it when we see it. This past Friday a story of endurance and marine life became the center of discovery for many families and drew us nearer to each other.

A feature film, “Dolphin Tale,” the story of Winter the dolphin who lost her real tail and gained a prosthetic one came to life on the “big screen” at 520 Barracuda Blvd. in New Smyrna Beach, home of the Marine Discovery Center.

At the center, preceding the “Cinema Under The Stars In Your Cars” and in the social distance of our own trucks and cars, all radios were tuned to a special presentation by Teresa Jablonski of Hubbs-Seaworld Research Institute. Teresa was one of Winter’s rescuers and discussed with a packed “house” her first-hand experience in the rescue and recovery of this young dolphin. Her captivating presentation rekindled everyone’s interest in this well known story.

Huge thanks to the MDC’s Capt. Guy Flick for his vision and connections with Fat Head Events and Visimax, their dual sided mobile jumbotron vehicle. Their video screens made the evening a unique and very enjoyable event. Thanks of course to the leadership of Chad Truxall, MDC Executive Director, whose team once again helped contribute to the overall importance of our “community”. Your staff and volunteers are to be commended for another successful event.

Protect the aquifer

Volusia County's Environmental Management Division is encouraging residents to "Watch the weather, wait to water."

Yet development goes unchecked in the county. Latitude Margaritaville, Mosaic, Woodhaven, Coastal Woods and more are building thousands of homes and apartments that will clearly overtax the Floridan Aquifer.

Water management districts, the keepers of the aquifer do little or nothing to stem this growth. Oh, and let's not forget that we allow Nestle, a foreign company, to draw millions of gallons for bottled water. Ironically then we buy our own water. Will this rant mean anything to the developers? I think not.

In response to: 'Sandbags for seniors'

Also a thought, keep the sandbags in your garage for next year.

I agree the guests of the Volusia County Jail should be made to work instead of sitting in the AC watching TV, getting fed and working out. No wonder they don't mind going back. Why not put them to work building new jails that reduces over crowding and early releases.

Also they could build homeless shelters.

Thanks for the music

I would like to thank the lady in the Port Orange park who is in charge of the music.

We asked her to put the music back on because we missed it and she did. She is a very nice lady. My husband and I thank her.

Losing park's charm

My parents live in Laurelwood, once one of the better upscale mobile parks, where you own your own land.

But through the years it has become easier and easier for younger family members and their friends to take over the residence of the home once the owners are deceased or moved somewhere else. Or some just buy them up and then rent to whomever.

Just entering gives you proof. What once was a beautiful neighborhood is now slowly filling up with under 55, some even with young kids. What was once a safe , quiet haven for our older folks is slowly losing its charm.

I’m sorry for the writer who moved into her home in La Costa Village and is now overwhelmed with unkept promises from “management.” You are in a beautiful park as well and I hope you find answers.

Thoughtful poetry

I would like to send a big thank you to J.K. from Dollar Tree.

I stopped into the Dollar Tree on my way home from work this evening and I was in my AdventHealth uniform. J.K. was my cashier and asked me if I would like a copy of the poem she wrote honoring healthcare workers. Of course I wanted it and she put a copy in my bag. What I received was a beautiful, well-written poem. Thank you, J.K. for your thoughtfulness.

Warning about power of attorney documents

When you hire an attorney to draw up a document like a will or trust, the attorney will usually include a "power of attorney" document.

Be very cautious when signing this document and very, very cautious about who you name to be your personal representative that receives power of attorney for you.

I have recently seen a POA, prepared by a local attorney, that did not require a physician declare that the individual (granter) was unable to handle their own affairs before the POA became effective. In that case the person named as personal representative acquired immediate control over the individual, financial and otherwise. It has not had a good outcome for the granter.

In my opinion a POA should require several independent (unaffiliated) physicians, trained and qualified to make such assessments, to concur and attest that an individual is no longer capable of making competent decisions and managing their own affairs.

While no one wants the court system to appoint them a personal representative (and we heard horror stories of such situations in the news not long ago). we also need to ensure that when we have taken the step to appoint our own representative that such authorization becomes effective only when truly needed.

Dogs responsible to support TNR program?

Our dog is 14½ years old. Every April she gets her annual physical and any needed shots.

We then go to City Center in Port Orange (with the rabies certificate) and get her license. This was always $3. They raised it to $10, OK, no problem. But then charged me a $20 late fee since it is June. Well, we could not go during April/May since the facility was not open (due to Covid-19). They said the late fee covers the TNR program.

Why are responsible dog owners penalized? This will make owners think twice about registering their pets.

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