Consider others

While most people take the opportunity to celebrate, I am truly beginning to wonder just how many understand how we came upon Memorial Day.

I also wonder if those in Edgewater who chose to shoot off their guns into the air ever served for this country. Many soldiers suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and hearing guns going off, even loud fireworks going off, is horrible. Isn't it time to stop being so selfish and consider others before doing stupid stunts?

Ruined car wash

Am I alone? After getting my vehicle washed Friday for the weekend, thank you City of Ormond Beach for running the sprinklers in the median from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Granada Boulevard and water going across all four lanes both directions, both east and west of Clyde Morris Boulevard.

As far as I know this is also a violation of the Volusia County watering sprinkling regulations. The city can't give the excuse they were working on them, because they were not. Where do I get my credit slip from the city for another car wash?

A nice reminder

Last Friday morning, I ordered breakfast at the McDonald's drive-through on Taylor Road in Port Orange.

When I pulled up to the window to pay, I was told the gentleman in the white pick-up in front of me had paid for my order with the message, "Have a nice day!"

As I drove home, I started thinking about this act of kindness. It seems like we are constantly being bombarded with negativity in today's world. It was refreshing to be reminded of the goodness in our world and the kindness of strangers. Thanks for the reminder.

Bird-saving heroes

Three heroes from the New Smyrna Beach Fire Department saved a baby Sandhill Crane from a storm drain in our Sugar Mill neighborhood June 4.

One firefighter climbed into the storm drain to retrieve the chick from a pipeline. The baby was safely reunited with its parents pacing nearby. Our neighborhood was most grateful for their expedient and loving and loving work.

In response to Dan Smith's 'Getting workers return to jobs'

I had to snicker when I read the “holier than thou” rant on Dan Smith’s piece about getting workers to return to work.

Sadly the “ranter” has not lifted their head out of their books and touched reality. I remember a time when kids delivered newspapers, bagged groceries or pumped gas after school. Worked tables at the local diner on weekends, just to get a little spending money. It was a path to learn solid skills to carry you into a career. No one expected to “earn a living” while flipping burgers as an example.

When I grew up, I knew I needed skills and hard work to achieve the American dream, not slide by in an unskilled job expecting higher pay. Dan’s article was spot on and to suggest the employers who provide those low-skill jobs are greedy is simply absurd.

In response to Dan Smith's 'Getting workers return to jobs'

The rant about Dan Smith's opinion that people should actually work for pay rather than sit home highlights the problems we are facing as a nation.

For generation upon generation this country was built by hard-working people. Proud people. It was not always easy and they did not always receive all the benefits they wanted. But they worked and provided for their own family. They did not ask others to pay for their childcare.

I have four children. I never once asked my neighbors to contribute to their care. I had the children I could afford. My parents did it. My grandparents did it. When necessary both parents worked.

Of course, it takes two incomes to live a middle class life. That is a given. I donate plenty to the needy. I know there will always be the less fortunate we need to help. They are not the people Dan was mentioning in his article. The number of help wanted signs is overwhelming.

Covid-19 was tough enough. Don't use it as an excuse to promote living off others. Keep America proud.

In response to Dan Smith's 'Getting workers return to jobs'

I appreciated Cecil Brumley’s thoughtful piece “It’s not just the extended benefits” in the latest Hometown News.

It was a realistic look at the current employment situation. This was much more sensible than last week's Republican talking points screed from Dan Smith.

Wants a Red state

Welcome to New Smyrna Beach new residents from Michigan, Illinois, Washington D.C., New Jersey, New York, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, California and other blue states.

Please remember the general reason you move to Florida is no state tax, great weather year-round, sound and reasonable government, lower cost of living, gun rights, and we respect and support our police departments.

We ask that you keep this in mind when voting so we can keep it this way. Thank you

In response to: 'No Need for Walmart'

I guess the writer of the ' No Need for Walmart' rant has never heard of Walmart+ (Walmart Plus).

Walmart+ blows away Amazon on prices and delivery. You only pay one price for the year and anything you order usually arrives within a day with completely free shipping, No minimum. It also includes free delivery for your grocery order, no extra fees for their shopping and no delivery fee whatsoever. You can schedule your delivery for the same day, you pick the time and again, free delivery.

If you compare most items between and, almost every time Walmart+ comes out the lower cost. No, Walmart does not have videos or movies included, they just save you time and money. Yes, I have ordered one item and it has been delivered within two hours.

By the way Chewy has a minimum order of $49 for free delivery, Walmart has the same items, cheaper and free delivery with no minimum.

It's a red herring

The issue of the county accepting taxes from those properties that are rented illegally (less than 30 days) in unincorporated Volusia County is a red herring.

Richard Feller of the Vacation Rental Homeowner's Alliance of Volusia complains the county tells them only what to do on the tax side, but not the code enforcement side so they have continued to illegally rent properties for less than 30 days. He then complains "now we're found to be in violation."

Most of those renting their properties for less than 30-days know they are violating the ordinance. If they don't know, it is their fault for not doing their due diligence before renting the property for less than 30 days. Because so many have been breaking the law is not a reason to change it.

If all those who rent their properties in unincorporated Volusia County complied with the 30-day rental rule, then the issue that the county is collecting tax dollars from illegal short-term rentals would go away.

Will there be slots?

Since Florida passed gambling, is the dog track going to get slot machines? We all would like to know.

Let ambulances through

I almost lost my husband to respiratory failure a few months ago.

If the ambulance had been five minutes later, he wouldn't be here.

At least once a week, I see drivers blocking an ambulance. They hear the siren and yet they refuse to pull over.

It won't kill you if you miss the next light, but it might kill somebody else if that ambulance has to wait through your light.

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