Great cleaning job

I want to compliment the people who cleaned up the beach after July 4th. They did an amazing job.

Be a responsible parent

Please stop having children that you cannot support. I beg of you … and ask all parents, grandparents and other influential relatives of young people to speak to them about the importance of not bringing children into this world until they are able to independently provide for those children.

I see it everywhere and I’m so tired of seeing this. No one should be having children until they have finished school, have acquired a marketable skill set with long-term earning potential and have worked steadily for a period of time (preferably several years) to establish themselves in the area of their skill set.

It’s not up to the taxpayers, your parents or other relatives to care and provide for the children you bring into this world. But that seems to be who is repeatedly bearing the burden of your choices. Don’t diminish the quality of your future and the quality of life for your future children by bringing them into a life that you are not equipped to independently manage.

The name fits

Good for Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood calling the unknown suspects in Crimestoppers scumbags.

Exactly what they are, stealing a donation jar for the Red Cross. Good pictures. I'll be watching for ya. Trying to help you get caught and I remember your car. We'll find it.

(Editor's note: Three of the suspects were arrested Monday.)

Just like clockwork

If you're like us every six months, you can count on a rate increase for your car insurance. Ours increased nearly $40.

I'd like to quote you part of the latest letter. "We understand that no one likes or wants to pay more for insurance. However these increases are necessary to keep our company financial (their spelling) stable and to be able to provide coverage when you need it. More accidents and higher claims cost. You've probably read in the news media that more drivers are on the road, which leads to an increase in accidents. Claim costs, including vehicle repair and replacement costs, are also on the rise.

As these trends continue, our overall rates must be adjusted to reflect current and future increased claim costs ...."

They fail to mention there is a significant number of drivers being taken off the roads due to age and other reasons. Also fail to mention they keep on getting an increase in customers, which results in an increase in revenue for them.

Everybody drive safe and if you can't afford auto insurance, please hitch a ride with a friend who can afford it.

You can get a road, too

On July 1, the City of Edgewater decided to give Boston Road East to ASKI for nothing but their own business advantage.

Taxpayers, don't you want a free road too? They'll probably be going really fast. Put in your application now. The folks who will help you are Mayor Mike Thomas, Megan O'Keefe and Christine Power. They'll let you know before anyone else that you can have your own road.

Then all you have to do is go through the circus called the City Council.

Not so great planning

In regards to New Smyrna Beach and their great planning, Edgewater should follow what they do, who is scratching someone else back?

Have you driven around New Smyrna Beach and seen the great planning. Have you seen the condos built right off the dune. Condo after condo. What happen to Saxon Drive?

Stop the overbuilding. Save the quaint little town already gone.

Time to clear out the swamp in Edgewater.

When the mayor and city officials are are willing to rezone and change the building code to suit the developers and not the residents, something smells fishy.

We were willing to compromise for a smaller development. No, money talks more than what is right.

Drivers must have more consideration

Within the past three weeks I have been nearly run off the road or hit head on by oncoming traffic.

Seems uninformed or inconsiderate drivers believe if their lane is blocked, they have the right of way to go into oncoming traffic to get by. If I didn’t contemplate their actions, I would have been hit. This was in the Publix parking lot as well as neighborhoods.

The Foxboro neighborhood in Port Orange has been used as a cut through for years. Speed limit signs are posted, yet ignored. Driving lanes are ignored. Coming off Nova Road or Taylor Road at 45 mph does not constitute that continued speed. Posted speed limit is 25 mph.

If you can’t stay in your own lane, chances are you’re traveling way too fast.

Short end of the stick

To gentrify is to renovate a poor place, often forcing up values so much that longtime, less prosperous residents are displaced.

While gentrification dates back to ancient Rome, it wasn't until the early 1950s that the term became part of the English language and the American way of life. No more obvious is this than during the past five years in waterfront towns, such as New Smyrna Beach.

The multitude of home-away-from-home tourists, snow birders and those from nearby Orlando have changed the once sleepy little town tucked away between Daytona Beach and the Cape into a thriving beach site of evermore popular choice.

The Pontiac pickups and Chevy clunkers seen parked haphazardly along sandy roads are now BMWs and Benzs carefully parked along paved streets. In place of few and far between bars, bait shops and dinky roadside stands, are common place breweries, marinas and huge Publix grocery stores. These and other examples prove the frugal times and sparse population of the past are presently lucrative and crowded.

And, as such, cultural, ecological, economical, political and social changes have become quite apparently troublesome. The soaring prices of home ownership, rental property, commercial spaces, hotel/motel rooms, and commercial sites eliminate the New Smyrna Beach locals who've through the years fallen on hard times. They find themselves unwitting victims of the very gentrification by which better off others have come to willfully prosper.

Don't poop on me

To the inconsiderate woman who walks her dog on Ridgewood Avenue, you're not fooling anyone.

She has the same bright orange bag every day with what she wants you to think is her diligence in picking up her dog's mess. Is she really walking out her front door with a “loaded” bag to give all the impression, “I pick up after my dog.”

Some argue the city owns the property where the dog owners allow their dogs to relieve themselves. Poor Fido, he doesn't know any better. Maybe his owner doesn't either. Maybe the owner's I.Q. is lower than Fido's. Seriously, use your own yard for your dog's toilet.

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