Caring employees

Last week at the Dollar Tree store on Ridgewood Avenue in Daytona Beach I placed my purchases in my car and was unaware my keys had fallen in the trunk.

Not having my cell phone with me, I went inside the store and an accommodating woman called AAA Locksmith for me.

While waiting for him, two helpful cashiers, maintaining their jobs, gave me a chair to sit on, brought me a water and wanted to know if they could get me anything to eat. I'm so grateful to Dollar Tree for hiring such devoted employees both to their job and concern for a customer.

One of the women was Angel and the other was Danuta. Angel ever so often would run outside to see if the locksmith arrived, so I didn't have to.

I want to thank these ladies for their dedication to their job and concern for the customers.

Thank you Dollar Tree for hiring such helpful employees.

You're welcome

I want to give a big thank you to Hometown News.

I wrote about not getting my paper on the same day that I used to, and having to go out and get one and they contacted me to resolve the issue. Love when a paper cares about he people who follow their news.

In response to: 'Fear the Vulture'

Concerning the so called "Controversial Riverfront Development" proposed for Edgewater and in response to "Fear the Vulture," I am disappointed in the one-sided reporting Hometown News is doing.

The naysayers you are reporting on are the homeowners in the immediate vicinity and their extended families. Has Hometown News tried to interview the developers? Have you attended the City Council meetings and heard for yourself all sides to the story? I have.

This project will help the environment by improving, yes improving, storm water treatment. The lot used to be a marina. I used to go there. It is zoned commercial just like the property to the north of it.

Let's face it. The town of Edgewater finally has an opportunity to have a riverfront marina and restaurant. The people fighting the project are the few who already have their slice of riverfront paradise and they want to keep the rest of us locked out.

I am a fisherman. I will use this marina. I will eat at the restaurant. I will travel there by boat. Most residents support this project.

Edgewater finally has the opportunity to have a restaurant and marina on the water, like the name of the city implies, and a few residents are fighting to keep us out.

Too much rockets red glare

The Fourth of July fireworks are getting out of hand.

They have become powerful, loud and dangerous. The police and cities do nothing about it. You call and you can't get anything done.

I don't know why they allow this. The beaches are full of trash afterwards. There are laws against them, but none of the city fathers let the laws be carried out. The fireworks upset people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, seniors and animals.

People should call their mayors and police chiefs and ask that something be done.

In response to: 'Can we get a witness'

Someone asks, “Why is it that Jehovah Witnesses are located at the entrance of Volusia County public libraries?”

Well, I’m not sure, but hope it’s to cheer me up and brighten my day with calmness, politeness and courtesy. I’m not a church goer or even religious, but the Witnesses offer a greeting and let me pass with no further comment.

But they will answer questions if asked and are nice people. They make this little part of the world a little better in my humble opinion, so I’m pleased they are there.

Way too soon

Well here we go again, Friday, June 28, and its 11:45 p.m. and all the lug nuts who are drunk and just can't wait to show people just how stupid and irresponsible they are, are already shooting off fireworks.

They don't care how hot it's been or how long we have gone without rain, they only want to be jerks. Forget about the animals, forget about the military that suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or have been a victim of a shooting, they only care about doing something so stupid someone gets it on video so that everyone will say thank God I don't live near those idiots.

I guess I was wrong about it being against the law to shoot off those fireworks before the 4th, it's far more important to be a self-appointed jerk. Edgewater you win the trophy again.

Beach the balls

My girlfriend and I enjoy the concerts at the Bandshell on Saturdays, except for one thing – beach balls.

It is most annoying to be bonked in the head unexpectedly by huge beach balls. To those that love beach balls, go out on the beach. Many of us just want to watch the band play without the distraction of these balls flying everywhere and trying to deflect them every minute.

They should be banned from these concerts. It is inconsiderate of the many others that just want to enjoy the show.

To pay $10 for a chair to watch the band play, and then have to fight off a bombardment of beach balls is just plain wrong. The biggest, most annoying beach balls have Joe's Crab Shack printed on them.

Joe, give us a break, please.

Where have all the animals gone?

I would like to know where is all the wildlife in the areas that are being developed now?

These acres and acres of land that have been bulldozed and the trees eaten up by big machinery. Where are the animals going to go? There has been an increase of animals wandering in peoples' back yard because we destroyed their habitat.

We live in a very, very environmentally sensitive place. Yes, you can buy land and develop it, but you must follow the rules. We must protect the environment.

Still lame

The rants and raves section is very interesting. However, the titles you give to each comment are really lame.

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