Thanks a bunch

I would like to thank the lady in the black Versa who paid for our lunch at Wendy's on Friday, June 25.

We were in a black van. Thanks. Bless you.

In response to: 'Open the bank lobby'

To the person who wants a bank with a lobby that is open, try Regions Bank at 607 Dunlawton Ave. in Port Orange.

This is a small, well-managed and friendly bank where we've been customers for three years.

If you want to avoid Dunlawton, there is a back entrance off Herbert Street. The driveway is marked with a small green sign.

We prefer to use neighborhood banks and avoid the big ones. It's almost like being in Cheers where everybody knows your name.

A lucky kitty

I was leaving Publix at the Sunshine Mall June 29 when I saw a small kitten on U.S. 1 dodging fast-coming cars.

No one would stop or slow down. It had finally made it to the side of the road and ran up behind a sign. I had stopped my car so I could help it! As I was going toward it, a car was coming through the driveway, I motioned to them to slow down so that I can grab the kitten.

They came to a stop because they saw what I was doing. Then the kitten ran underneath their SUV and got underneath the frame of the vehicle. This wonderful family stopped what they were doing to help get the kitten from underneath their vehicle. They couldn’t drive away because the kitten was underneath and was not coming out!

After more than an hour of trying to get this little kitten out, we went to Mr. Petman in the mall and asked for their help. Three wonderful employees came running over and all three of them went underneath this vehicle to rescue this little kitten. With everyone working together, they were able to pull the kitten out. I did not get their names but they were the real heroes to this rescue!

The kitten was taken home by this wonderful family that owned the SUV. It turned out to be a little girl and they said they will keep it and give it a wonderful home. Lucky kitty!

Too much fireworks

Well Edgewater on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, you have fully fulfilled something I never wanted.

I now understand how terrifying it is to live in a war zone. With all the loud illegal fireworks going off, windows shaking, animals freaking out and jumping every time another loud boom went off.

I am done with fireworks for life and the ignorant people who just enjoy terrorizing people with the illegal ones.

Adapting to change

The groovy OM music scene becoming who yet knows exactly what, the many versions of Stella's Skyline airport lounge, a Freaky Tiki remodel and Peanut's refresh, Beacon burning, always for sale SeaHorse Motel finally sold, loss of the pottery shop, florist shop into flip flops, one putt-putt golf course replaced by fire station and another by beach trinkets, laundromat into Cafe Verde behind bookstore into Clancy's, SeaFox on-site sewn women's apparel closed, though not yet quite gone, old homes transformed into shops gradually yielding to courtyard establishments, salons, reality, restaurants, and women's boutiques galore, foreign import furniture store into latest rage electric bike shop, free boardwalk parking metered, and convenient Coronado beachside hardware store done in by big box mainland competition

Just a few examples of too many changes in New Smyrna Beach due to recent aftereffects of pandemic and/or so called progress. I wish one of my all-time favorite once undiscovered small seaside towns well as it continues evolving from quaint charm to ongoing commercial expansion.

Although disillusioned enough about some recent local choices and changes to think about getting as much for my home as possible in a seller's market and moving on, beyond money that would include almost 50 years of some of my all-time happiest memories.

From the many For Sale/Sold signs on front lawns, there are many in agreement with me.

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