Thanks for help

I wish to thank the young lady who helped me this morning at the New Smyrna Beach library when I tripped and fell on the sidewalk.

I would also like to thank the person who sat in his/her car and watched the mishap and never asked if I was hurt or needed help.

Prohibition revisited

To be fair to closed bars, why not mandate restaurants stop serving alcohol.

Don't leave home without it

If every governor in the country would have all citizens wear masks, we would not have this number of deaths.

The pandemic would go away sooner. Nobody should leave the house without a mask. It's very, very important.

Way to go, Publix

Kudos to Publix for mandating mask wearing.

To stand up and do the right thing in this crazy time deserves a thumbs up. I am leaving the "other" store for good. A non- mask wearer was coughing in the produce department. She was feeling the tomatoes, then walked away. That was enough for me.

Thanks Publix. I'll feel a lot safer shopping now.

Is there an emergency upgrade?

It’s good news the traffic signals are being upgraded.

Some time ago I posted an editorial regarding having all the lights turn red for approaching emergency vehicles. Someone from your office called me and mentioned that feature would be included in the aforementioned upgrade.

However. your article in the July 24 issue makes no mention of the emergency vehicle option. Is this option included?

If not the upgrade provides little safety for emergency vehicles since they have to come to full stops at every intersection risking the lives of where they are heading to.

Just wear a mask

Like the other people who still hold some intelligence, my husband and I have been self quarantining since February.

We would love to go out to the beach or just go out to eat, but we can't. The reason we can't is because of the bunch of whiner's who make such stupid claims about wearing a mask. Every state that made it mandatory for masks, and the people actually followed it are re-opening without a re-run of the virus. Those that just re-open too soon, the virus comes back.

This is a very sad comment on the education system. Not the teachers, not the principles, but to the lack of enough funding to teach people to use their brains that God gave them.

These fake "claims" about you cannot wear a mask, I am tired of that childish claim. When a doctor put on six masks at the same time, he proved you can breath in a mask. No wonder so many people call this state Floriduh. You seem to bend over backwards to prove it.

Everyone just wear the mask and let's get this cleaned up so people can re-open safely, schools can open safely, businesses can re-open safely and stop acting like a bunch a babies.

Appreciates Dan

Unlike some readers, I appreciate Dan Smith's political and social observations.

Keep up the good work, Dan. You give voice to what many of us believe but have no platform from which to speak.

A fellow traveler

I love reading Dan Smith. I even read Fishing with Dan and have never had any desire to fish.

We're both about the same age, so we remember when this country was great. I mean when the flag passed by everyone stood and gentlemen removed their head wear out of respect for the flag and everyone that fought to preserve it. Not nowadays.

After eight long years under the previous administration all one needs to do is turn on the news to see how this country degenerated. It appears there are more than a "very small minority" burning and looting per the ranter.

Thank you, Mr. Dan Smith

Thank you, Mr. Dan Smith for your Land Lines articles, and opinions.

We find them written in manner of witty humor and conversational, and thoughtful way. I suppose my husband and I belong to that silent majority and find it welcoming when someone in this area’s news printers dares to express a “thinly veiled political stance” without being shamelessly attacked.

Dog hazard

Since the beach has reopened, there have been a number of uncontrolled dogs on the beach in the early morning and late afternoon after Beach Patrol has ended their patrols in Daytona Beach Shores.

Unleashed and aggressive dogs are almost a daily occurrence. Owners not picking up after the dogs answer nature’s call is a common problem. Most of these dogs are not service animals due to their aggression.

It is becoming a hazard to try and walk the beach and stay socially distant and not step in stuff. Condos and hotels need to remind their owners/guests where the dog friendly beaches are located.

Everyone wear a mask

I realize we have a big problem with this Covid-19 virus, and everybody has an idea on how to fix it.

Well, they should make them wear mask. If they don't want to wear a mask, throw them in jail. I go to a lot of places, and everywhere I go about 40% are not wearing masks and 60% are. Tell everybody to wear masks.

Doesn't appreciate Dan

I don't think Dan Smith's column's on July 17 were appropriate as they were very partisan.

He assumes that everyone who reads the Hometown News is Republican. We aren't. It has nothing to do with fishing or his other column.

If he wants to do an op-ed that's where that belongs. It doesn't belong with fishing or his general interest column.

Likes Dan's columns

I would like to rave about Dan Smith's opinions and using the first amendment.

Dan tells it like it is, and he is spot on. He is my favorite columnist in the Hometown News. Keep up the good work, Dan.

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