Electric bikes out of control on the beach

Has anyone noticed the growing number of electric bikes on the beach?

They are generally going much too fast, weaving in and out of people who are trying to walk or play in the sand. It is only a matter of time until someone gets seriously hurt.

The posted speed limit for driving in the designated lanes on the beach is 10 mph. These bikes are often seen going 20 to 25 miles per hour down at the water line.

They are motorized vehicles and should be required to travel in the traffic lanes and obey the speed limit. This also means they should not be allowed on the no-drive sections of the beach at all.

Raw fish discomfort

I stopped in Ocean's Seafood in New Smyrna Beach attempting to buy some fish.

There were about six to seven employees working and not a single one wore a mask. I was immediately uncomfortable thinking those employees had no concern for me or my health. Those employees could interface with hundreds of customers throughout their day.

Additionally, they are in many cases handling raw fish. I turned around and walked out, vowing to never return. I left thinking if they are not concerned about being part of our pandemic problem, what concern do they have for the food they sell?

I can understand people taking issue with so much skepticism surrounding the mask issue, but please consider those of us that are uncomfortable around you. Especially, senior citizens, like myself with pre-existing conditions. Please . . . just wear a mask.

Wait 'til Labor Day

The reopening of schools should be after Labor Day.

It would be safer for the children. Do not open schools in any state in August.

Wear a mask everywhere

Every person in every state should be wearing a mask in public and maybe this epidemic will go away.

Doesn't like Dan's opinions

Well, It seem like the Hometown News has its own partisan news hack.

Dan Smith offers political commentary in both of his July 17 columns. I, for one, prefer not to receive political opinions from a small-town fishing columnist. In Fishing with Dan, Mr. Smith states that he was among an armada of boats flying Trump flags "making it seem almost a parade for the president. We never saw a Biden flag (Is there one?)." Yes there is, Dan, and, by the way, if you keep up with the news, Biden is the candidate leading in national pools by a 15% margin. You will probably see his name a lot more after November.

In Land Lines, Mr. Smith rants about "those among us who are working to destroy this great nation" by "taking down historical monuments and burning and looting." Yes, Mr. Smith, there have been nationwide peaceful protests involving millions of Americans, of which a extremely small minority have exploited the opportunity to engage in criminal behavior.

In terms you may understand, it is like there are thousands of fisherman, of which a very small minority choose not to follow the rules. All fisherman are not at fault, nor are all Americans who are exercising their right to protest "burning and looting." This type of bias does not belong in a community newspaper.

Be careful with that doughnut powder

The staff in the coffee/doughnut shop in Edgewater needs to be informed that the wearing of the masks (face coverings) includes the covering of the nose.

Several of the employees do not cover their noses, including the individual whose nose has the piercing with the barbell. If the type of mask is very hot, then get the three or four paper layer mask.

Also, they might want to clean the hanging glass/plastic protection shield on a daily basis. Quite often there are flies on it. That is really disgusting. Management should review health policies from the CDC, local health department, etc.

Using the First Amendment

Thank you, Dan Smith for using your First Amendment rights to make your views about the current state of affairs in America clear in your recent columns.

I am expressing my First Amendment right to inform you that I do not welcome your political stance, however thinly veiled. I will never read anything of yours again. Bless your heart.

Voting information

Many of us have been heartbroken to see the over development and increase in area traffic of the past few years.

As you prepare to vote, take the time to look into who is financing the campaigns of the candidates. Do an online search for "Volusia county campaign finance" and you will find a searchable database.

You will likely be shocked to see that certain candidates receive large contributions from businesses like land developers, home builders and real estate investment groups. Choose wisely.

Own the hoax

As for the mask or no mask debate, civil rights and hoax comments, I ask one favor.

If your civil rights are offended by wearing a mask, please have a tattoo with the word “hoax” put on your forehead. This way medical personnel will know you don’t believe in the virus.

My daughter-in-law, who has asthma, wears an N-95 mask for eight hours a day while treating cancer patients. By the end of her shift, she is exhausted. When a person is infectious without symptoms, they spread the virus. Ignorance is bliss until someone you love gets very sick.


I am tried of watching doctors, nurses and patients struggle to reach behind them to tie their own gowns.

I've been there. Wake up and use velcro.

Consider this

In the rants and raves column on June 19 suggestions were made to have guests at the Volusia County Jail help Daytona Beach seniors with sandbags.

Orange county has already started their sand bag distribution. We watched the TV as the seniors struggle with the bags. They each were allowed 10 free bags.

We senior citizens of Daytona Beach desperately need all the help the Daytona Beach government can initiate to help us with sandbags we must have to protect our homes. Please consider the recommendations that were published June 19.

Dixie Freeway at Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach

Wouldn’t it be better if they were to put two workers on the job and get the road construction finished instead of only the one worker who has been working there for the past year?

Seriously is there a completion date in the contract for the job? If not, why not?

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