Fast-food dilemma

I realize fast-food companies are struggling to hire workers, but they need to consider the negative aspects of allowing untrained individuals to represent their brands and locations.

A couple of examples I experienced this week at two different national fast-food chains. Two people working a drive-up window did not have enough training to take my order until the car ahead of me pulled away from the pickup window. When I picked up my order, I received no acknowledgments – “thank you, etc.” The quality of food did not meet expectations.

At another fast-food restaurant, once we were home, we found one sandwich smelled and was not edible, which made the entire order suspect. As a consumer and someone with many years of food service experience, I am saddened by the rush to put people on the fast-food front lines with little experience or training (customer service, food safety, sanitation, etc.).

If this continues, I believe, consumer confidence and spending in the fast-food industry will hit a new low that will be hard to come back from.

Feed, and neuter or spay

To all the kind people who feed DeLand stray and feral cats: the City of DeLand has a spay/neuter reimbursement

Watch the hawks

A hawk's nest is at the (New Smyrna Beach Regional Shopping Center on State Road 44 in New Smyrna Beach) in front of the Dollar Tree on top of the first set of lights in the parking lot.

The birds are quite protective and loudly voice their opinion of intruders. A beautiful addition to our plaza.

Stay in your vehicle if you want to stop awhile and watch them, but protect your head if you stand out there too long. I just love our town.

A great place for pets

Topknots and Tails at 1401 S. Ridgewood Ave., No. 9, Edgewater, is the most clean and pleasant place to bring your four-legged friends to be pampered by Joie and her mother Judy.

They love their work and it shows. Let’s give them a try and know that our pets are well taken care of.

Tired of anti-vaxxers

I have grown tired of the anti-vaxxers, who appear to be mostly Republicans.

By not getting a safe vaccine that can save your life and the lives of those around you, shows how little you care or bother to get the truth about the vaccines.

So my attitude now, is if you don't want to listen to the doctors, then don't get vaccinated. I figure by the time 2022 comes around, it will be easy to turn Florida blue because you will either be too sick to vote or you already buried your choice. We have asked you over and over to get the vaccines.

In response to: 'Bicycle eating pothole'

I live on Wisteria Drive in Ormond-by-the-Sea and go bicycling in the morning several days a week.

If you are brave enough to take your bicycle on John Anderson Drive, potholes are the least of your concern. Texting drivers will take you out in a heartbeat, and bend up a bit more than just your bicycle.

Stick to the side roads and the sidewalk on the west side of A1A.

Scary situation

I'm very disappointed in the "care" I received at CVS beachside in New Smyrna Beach.

I had my second vaccine. I am an adult with severe anxiety. I was fine for about two minutes, then suddenly got shooting hot pain throughout the injected arm, along with my neck cramping up, red flush to my face and dripping sweat.

I had to take my mask off because I couldn't get any oxygen and was very scared. I fully felt like I was about to pass out or die and the first nurse asked the head of the pharmacy to come "look at me" and brought me a water to drink, which was thoughtful.

I instinctively splashed it on my face, which caused me to cool down and regain some mental function. The pharmacy lady "watching me" then asked if I wanted a towel, but I couldn't answer properly. I told her the bright lights, music and sounds of the phone yelling "pharmacy call" were making it worse, and she chuckled and told me "welcome to MY world," and said that we could leave if my husband thought I was OK. He thinks it was "just" a panic attack.

Luckily I turned out OK because of the water splash, but the second nurse did nothing and instead seemed to mock my condition. Throughout this ordeal nobody checked my heart rate or breathing or anything they just "watched" me. Luckily they didn't have to watch me die, but it certainly felt like it.

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