In response to: 'With mask, no worries?'

Facts are stubborn things. The facts: Covid medical authorities did not initially recommend them to the public due to concern that it would diminish the supply for hospital workers.

At the beginning of the pandemic masks were known to prevent the spread of the virus. When I wear a mask, I’m working to protect you. Common respect and decency is that you reciprocate.

Further study now suggests a mask may also protect the wearer.

Lastly many spreading the disease are asymptomatic and so, without a mask, you or I could be unknowingly infecting others.

Supermarkets, restaurants and other businesses have long said, “No shoes, no shirt, no service.” In the current pandemic, the unavoidable addition of masks is obvious. We need a statewide enforced mask ordinance.

Improve the drive

I do not live on Patricia Drive in New Smyrna Beach, but I drive it often to avoid the building going on on State Road 44.

I feel sure the residents on Patricia pay taxes like we do. It is a disgrace to see the condition of that street; it is barely a thinly, cracked paved driveway. Ridiculous.

Happy birthday

I wanted to send a Happy Birthday wish to Dottie Pealer.

Wow, 104. That is so awesome. I can only imagine the history you have seen and lived. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Thanks for the masks

The Church of Christ in South Daytona would like to thank Volusia County's Covid-19 Business Assistance Program for the PPE supply kit distributed by the Port Orange/South Daytona Chamber of Commerce Monday, July 6.

We are happy to be part of such a caring and welcoming community.

In response to: 'Hire some cashiers'

In response to the rant in the July 10 issue regarding Walmart and self checkout, I am a big fan of the process.

I will wait for an open self check out location before going to a non-busy cashier. Why? I am able to bag my groceries, keeping dry, frozen and cooler products separate, which makes things easier when I get home. It's quicker plus it gives me a second opportunity to review the products for damage or short dates.

It’s very possible that jobs have not been lost because of self checkout due to the new order online process as there seems to be many Walmart team members picking orders on a daily basis.

I suspect the same people that do not like self check out, didn’t like self serve gas pumps either. For your information, I am not affiliated with Walmart, but have lived in communities where they were very generous and giving.

Hazard pay needed

As a Volusia County teacher, I was happy to hear that new teachers would be getting an annual starting salary of $47,500.

After hearing that all Florida teachers must return to the classroom in the fall, it became crystal clear why the sudden push to entice new teachers. If all of the older and more experienced teachers are forced to return in the fall, then there will be a great demand for new teachers in 2021.

Covid-19 will ensure there will be vacancies. Hazard pay comes too late for the veteran teachers. RIP.

Improve the safety and sanitation

The staff in a coffee/doughnut shop in Edgewater needs to be informed the wearing of the masks (face coverings) includes the covering of the nose.

Several of the employees do not cover their noses, including the individual whose nose has the piercing with the barbell. If the type of mask is hot, then get the three or four paper layer mask.

Also, they might want to clean the hanging glass/plastic protection shield on a daily basis. Quite often there are flies on it. That is really disgusting. Management should review health policies from the CDC, local health department, etc.

Remove beach debris

In front of Sunrise condo there is a big log on the beach.

It has been there for months. It looks terrible and needs to be taking care of, thank you.

Thank the blue

What sorry state of affairs when Briarwood mobile home park will allow a flag from a foreign country to fly under our country's flag, but denies a former police officer the right to fly the police flag.

If you support our hard working officers, put a blue light bulb in your lamp post to thank the many that put theirs on the line to keep us safe.

Do research on 55-plus

A word of advice for anyone thinking of locating into a 55 and older active community.

Really do your research, particularly in the mobile home parks. They raise the rent and you get nothing for it. There is way too much control and you don't own anything. Models on the websites are just that, models. Nobody looks like that nor are they that active. Just saying.

It's mandatory

We went to the Walmart on State Road 44 in New Smyrna Beach.

The city is under a mandatory face mask right now. The store has rearranged the entrances and exit and put a big sign stating they were following the mandate of you must wear a mask.

Unfortunately the employees cannot say anything. We saw so many people walking through the store without masks, the saddest was a family with five children, not one wearing a mask.

As long as people choose to be this way, this virus is not going to go away. Wearing a mask inside a store is no different than wearing a seat belt, or wearing shoes and a shirt in a restaurant. Apparently there are a lot of disrespectful people in the New Smyrna Beach area. What a sad statement for this state.

Who would know?

I am a retired veteran.

I recently had a routine visit with the VA doctor. I found out good news. I am O negative blood type. The doctor explained to me that recent studies throughout the U.S. and England have reveled that persons with O negative blood, O positive blood RH factors, are less likely to contract Covid-19. They have a very strong immune system.

I am not a doctor, but she is. I found it amazing there is a difference through the studies of probability or possibility of contracting your Covid-19 regarding your blood type. It makes sense. I hope it is medically true, but I have chosen with my wife, who is not O negative or positive, to do my shopping alone while she waits in the parking lot.

I hope its true. You can research on the Internet. It seems to be true. If you have a universal blood type you are the least likely to contract Covid. Now, it's not a can of Lysol or a disinfectant. It's just a little bit better chance.

If you not interested in this. Watch the Smithsonian Channel of Outbreak of 1918 Spanish flu. It is really a problem and you need to look into a little history. This is not the first time, the last time. It is a repetitive situation. I hope you have the best of luck. Do a little research. Wear your mask and stay with your loved one.

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