Matter of opinion

As a regular contributor to the Rants and Raves column and reader of local little Hometown News articles, I say win some/lose some and some iffy draws some place in between.

Some examples of winners – free meals to hungry children in Volusia Count; virtual conferencing about poverty and homelessness; support for small businesses; one man's cause keeping the Causeway clean; and new breakfast (My favorite meal of the day!) restaurants.

Loser examples – Volusia County annually heating up sooner and more than ever expected; debilitating or deadly Covid cases again rising in the area; pooches walked on other than readily available dog beaches.

In betweens – and tattoos and/or piercings.

Hip-hip-hooray, for the "good" seeming winning out over the "bad," at least as I see it.

Though there are some readers that would agree and others not, the important thing is Rants and Raves provides a truly useful community service by way of providing a safe venue to express opposing viewpoints and blow off steam.

That is, without in the process necessarily becoming obnoxious, hurtful or violent. Especially nowadays when so many people escalate into inappropriate behavior in response to such petty as well as significant disagreements. Better it is to vent in an intelligent, civilized way than with hostility and violence.

A significant tattoo

Tell Dan Smith he forgot one of the tattoos.

It is USMC. If you don't know what it stands for, it is United States Marine Corps. That is the only one that counts.

A happy reunion

On July 6 my family and I went to Boondocks Restaurant in Wilbur-by-the-Sea for lunch and struck up a conversation with a couple at the table next to us.

You see we have the best news and we are sharing it with just about everyone. We have not seen each other in more than 60 years. This past couple of days has been the best reunion and I am the one they found last.

This really nice couple left before we did and when they left we all said how nice it was to talk to each other. Now we know they read Hometown News because my husband and I do, too, and we talked about it.

As we went to get our bill for lunch, we were informed that it had been taken care of already. My husband Jeff said, "I know, why don't you sent a rave to Hometown News?" So if I may a huge thank you to this wonderful couple for a great lunch and conversation from Brenda, Monte, Jeff and Jennifer. Perhaps on the next trip you can meet Chuck, too.

Bicycle eating pothole

I am an observer to numerous bicycle accidents, and people losing personal items (phones, earbuds, etc.) due to a pothole left by an Ormond Beach water and sewer repair three years ago on the 3000 block of John Anderson Drive in Ormond-by-the-Sea.

It has gotten so bad that someone has now spray painted "BUMP" and an arrow on the street!

I finally called the water department. I was transferred from the city to the county, back to the city and then the county. This is now almost 5 weeks.. The county has agreed to repave it, but told me this morning that it might be next week or the following week to have it repaved. Same story two weeks ago!

Sherry at the Daytona Beach county office of roads and bridges has been great to keep me informed, but it appears her bosses don't think it's a priority! HELP!

(Editor's Note: As we were going to press Hometown News has learned the pothole has been repaired.)

A local business to support

Supporting local businesses is so important and how about a very big rave and applause for a local business owner who “looks forward to being a full time contributor to our beautiful community.”

That person is Chad Bennett, the new owner of Heath's Natural Foods. The store has been here in New Smyrna Beach for a long time, featuring natural and organic foods, supplements, gluten free products, grass fed and free range meats, environmentally safe cleaning products, plus a deli where you can order food and enjoy it on the pleasant porch or grab and go.

All of this continues at Heath's, but Chad has added many wonderful changes. First of all, the cheerful, friendly and helpful ambiance that radiates from staff and the environment the minute you enter the store to the graciousness and hospitable folks in the deli.

The produce is always looking so fresh and beautifully displayed, likewise the neatness on the shelves and in the refrigerators. Thank you to Chad and your staff for bringing about new, fresh changes and improvements to a local NSB business.

In the spirit of community, the store had a 4th of July prize drawing for customers. First prize was a beach ensemble of two beach chairs, an umbrella and two beach towels. Second prize was a large cooler. Again, fine reach-out to our community. If you haven't been to Heath's lately, please visit, you'll be pleased at the improvements going on there.

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