They're odd, but nice

I would like to give kudos to the Odd Fellows of Edgewater.

While visiting my mom at Oceanview Nursing & Rehab Center in New Smyrna Beach the weekend before Christmas, I witnessed their visit to the nursing home. This merry band of fez-wearing elfs, with Santa himself, visited every patient, giving out Christmas presents. They even gave out Christmas gifts and candy to the staff.

It was a really nice gesture. I really appreciated it and I know the patients love it, too. Special thanks to the Odd Fellows.

Enough with Spectrum

Since I had to get Spectrum two years ago, my bill has gone from $98 to the present bill of $188.

Not only has the bill almost doubled, but the service is pathetic. Cable alone is $90 a month now and there is no more basic cable. The reason I have constant pixelation is due to sun spots or the radio station on South Nova Road in Ormond Beach, which is what I was told by Spectrum. Picture goes black or audio and video die out, plus a host of other issues.

Spectrum charges $5 to pay your bill by phone. They are charging $40 to $50 for a service call if they find there is nothing wrong. Enough is enough with this company that only knows how to gouge people with their rates and disgusting service.

I will contact the illustrious legislators in this state that waste their time on trivial things like daylight savings time. Will also file another complaint with and their chairman, Ajit Pai, who took away all restrictions for cable companies.

If more people would call or email the proper people the people of this state might actually see positive results.

Thanks for the cardio work

I wish to thank the entire staff assigned to the cardio unit at Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach.

The care extended to my husband was exceptional. You all are caring, compassionate and attentive. Thank you for what you do and you do it well. God bless.

Repair fishing pier

After the last two hurricanes the fishing pier was damaged to the point where it couldn't be used.

I asked one of the Oak Hill City Commissioners when repairs were going to be made and was told the walkway to the pier was not on Oak Hill property. I suggested turning the walkway to the south. I was told the city was going to need a survey to see where the walkway could go.

This damage was done over a year ago and the cost of a survey is reasonable especially since just the first 15 is not in compliance. The people of Oak Hill and Edgewater really enjoyed the pier.

So my question is, when will the pier be repaired?

Well-trained group

I had the pleasure the evening of Thursday, Dec. 20, to observe a group of 12-15 young members of the Ormond Beach/Daytona Police Athletic League gather at Manny's Pizza in Ormond Beach.

These young people could serve as an example for etiquette in public.

Not one of them took out a cell phone or iPad to capture the events, not one of them raised voices to call out to newcomers or friends, not one of them asked for platters of food to be passed without a "please" or "thank you." Under the direction of Avery Randolph, athletic specialist, this group of young men and women are a credit to the efforts of PAL and themselves.

They were respectful of the families and seniors who were customers at Manny's as well as to the servers and staff of the restaurant. Congratulations to PAL of Daytona Beach and Ormond Beach. Well done.

No dogs, but no manners

I live in Halifax Plantation. I have shopped at the Publix store since it opened in 2001.

I recently was shopping there with my small dog. I got a scooter and put my dog in the scooter on a mat, which I have always done. This time, I was stopped by a big guy who told me to get the dog out of the store. He said there is a sign that says no dogs. I asked where the sign was and he said it is on the exit. I moved away from him.

When I was checking out, I was escorted out of the store. The man was so rude. I have never been treated like that.

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