Is that a real hoot or a fake hoot?

Dan Smith’s article on outdated words and phrases was a real hoot.

But is there a fake hoot? And what’s a hoot?

Great newspaper article, but I am reading it online. But is it an online article or a newspaper article if no newspaper paper is involved? Guess I’ll have to go to Facebook to answer the mysteries of life.

Once upon a time we used to have our face in books. Instagram used to be a Polaroid. Twitter used to be an uncomfortable laugh. And the Sears catalogue was the most advanced form of shopping.

Time flies. Mine is grounded.

In response to: 'Enough with Spectrum'

My bill has gone up 65 bucks since Spectrum took over.

They nickel and dime people until they can no longer afford it – poorer service,rude people. A greed driven, only-for-profit company, who does not care if you leave or not. I doubt if there is even a customer retention department. Other non-cable companies in the area are no better. Cable competition is needed.

There's service, then there are yappers

To clarify a commonly held misunderstanding, there are differences between emotional support animals and animals assisting with physical challenges.

As the EMS type (most often small dogs or cats) instinctual sense anxiety, depression, phobia, and PTSD symptoms in humans, they tend to respond comfortingly.

In an altogether different manner, service animals (most often larger dogs) are rigorously trained to assist humans in handling tasks related to deficiencies in sight, hearing,and mobility.

Within the U.S., for almost a century, guide, or "seeing eye," dogs have long since become a readily acceptable part of everyday life. A well-disciplined Lab, waiting to lead a blind person across a traffic-congested highway during rush hour is admired.

The newer use of animals for less readily apparent human needs is less taken for granted, especially if seeming needless. A frisky chihuahua yapping up 'n down the isles of Publix alongside an out-of-sorts shopper is detested.

In response to: 'Enough with Spectrum'

I, too, was upset with the constant rising fees from Spectrum with little service, so I cut the cable, cable TV that is. We got Internet and then YouTube TV, which is $45.18 a month. You will still get all your local channels, including the Golf channel, which my husband loves.

Netflix and Amazon both offer hundreds of movies and TV shows, also. That will put your total bill back to less than $100. We couldn’t be happier.

In response to: 'Enough with Spectrum'

Enough with Spectrum. I feel the same way. Something needs to be done. Whoever wrote the rant, you have my whole-hearted support.

In response to: 'Enough with Spectrum'

We are feed up with Spectrum, they have to do something for us. Thank you so much to the person who wrote the rant in the paper.

In response to: 'Enough with Spectrum'

I have been having problems with my phone services from Spectrum: losing calls, noise on line, busy signals when I am not on the phone, dial tone delay.

Spectrum claims it is because of the digital network. Digital is suppose to be better. Spectrum supplies the digital, charges us plenty, but can't fix the problem. Is anyone else having problems with Spectrum phone service? Please call them. Let them know there is a problem.

In response to: 'No dogs but no manners'

I think you are the rude person by bringing your dog into the Publix grocery store.

Dogs do not belong in a grocery store. I am very happy with the employees who escorted you out. Next time. use some common sense.

Enjoying Dan

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I really enjoy the paper.

But most of all I enjoy the columns from Dan Smith's Land Lines and Fishing with Dan. I hope he continues with your paper.

Too much annoyance

Once again we have New Years Eve and once again every single person with half an ounce of brain matter has spent hundreds of dollars on fireworks.

Then these people choose to start firing off fireworks at 5 in the afternoon, They continue until 2 in the morning. Dogs are freaking out, I have a busted out window in my Florida room from a panicked dog that got away from his owners and in fear leaped through my Florida room looking for safety.

Then there are the bonfires in backyards that are so large the fire department was called because one house was believed to be on fire.

All of this stupidity for what? To annoy every other person in the neighborhood. Why must the fireworks start at 5 p.m.? Why do they have to continue until they run out of fireworks and shoot off their guns? Why do some people so inconsiderate that they believe their right to irritate others is far more important than the amount of animals that freak out and get run over or cut up? Why do those same people feel that those who suffer from PTSD should be subjected to this terror every holiday?

I hate these stupid fireworks done by neighbors who don't care if someone has to go to work, who don't care that other people are in fear or that animals are terrified. It needs to end.

Can't stop stupidity

I never fell into a rhinoceros pit when I was two years old.

My parents never took me out in public without one or the other of them having a firm grip on my hand, or at least keeping me at no more than an arms-length and paying strict attention to my every move.

Take a walk down to the beach on any given day and take note of the small children playing at the waters edge totally unsupervised. What do we need to do? Fence in the lakes, and oceans like we are now required to do for swimming pools?

People, face it. We can't rule, regulate or legislate stupidity out of existence.

Don't steal the coupons

I love Hometown News and this week, Jan 4, there were exceptionally good coupon fliers that came with it.

I would like to thank the person who decided to go around "my neighborhood" in New Smyrna Beach and steal everyone's paper, or worse, take all the fliers out and leave only the paper.

I myself love a good coupon. They help my family to make ends meet. I have spoken to and made arrangements with "my neighbors" to barter for their weekly coupons and papers. I guess that you decided no one else "but you" was entitled to this week's paper and coupon savings.

I don't know where you live, but how about you try being a good neighbor and stay in your own neighborhood. Try talking to "your neighbors" instead of being a thief and going around "everywhere else" and taking other peoples property without asking. We are all trying to live and make ends meet.

Some wonderful, some not

Beautiful Canal Street. Merry Christmas to New Smyrna Beach. Wonderful, wonderful job.

My rant is shame on Flagler Avenue. Was that a welcome to the pubs?

Not a happy puppy

Not a happy new year for a little pup in DeLand.

Solid waste is over paid and under worked. For six days, a little doberman pup has been laying on Interstate 92. Just laying there, no one has claimed him.

Solid waste was called. They said they knew about it. The pup had an orange collar, but it is now missing the orange collar. The dog reminds me of Jesus because people stole Jesus' robe and now the orange collar is missing. Dog spelled backward is God.

Shame on Solid Waste in DeLand. Shame on humanity that would leave a dog for six days. I covered this dog with a blanket and touched his head. I don't know who he belonged to, but he was someone's baby. It was not a happy new year for this pup. Please keep your fur babies close. I wish everyone a happy new year.

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