Seniors beware

Once again seniors are being taken advantage of.

On Dec. 4 our ice maker stopped working. We called a Port Orange appliance repairman. He came and said an ice cube was stuck, and it should be fine, but if it was not, he would come back at no charge. We paid him $45.

The next morning my kitchen floor was flooded. We called and were told to shut off the water, and he would order a new ice maker for $48 and it would be a week. Ten days later we had not heard so we started to call and call and call. We left message after message on his answering machine, never a call back.

We looked into it and found out he has three numbers, one belonging to an appliance shop, which was disconnected. He finally called back and said stop calling him. Please check references and ask friends and neighbors for a reputable appliance man if you need one so you too do not get scammed.

In response to: 'Rave on, Dan'

I suppose I somewhat see the ranter's side.

I don't know the picture they were talking about. I will be on the lookout though.

If you know your photo is going to be in a paper where many people will see it, you should at least smile, half-smile, grin, etc. But perhaps the person is self conscious of their smile? Their teeth? Everyone doesn't have perfect teeth.

Thanks for the service

I would like to praise Votran Public Transportation for the good service they provide to Volusia County.

I am partially handicapped and use the shared ride. The drivers go beyond their duty to help us. They are wonderful people.

They should be acknowledged and thanked for their work, for without that service, I would be homebound.

Beach Street vision

I support the improvements to the Beach Street area (of Daytona Beach).

My family and I live in Ormond Beach and are frequent visitors there. I envision the area as a mini South Beach someday. The anticipated changes are the shot in the arm it needs. I personally envision water taxis, music minstrels, year-round festivals and diverse food eateries.

I understand the concerns of many of the residents that live near the area, but with proper city ordinances and enforcement, those concerns can be minimized. Hopefully a neo-traditional design can be implemented for the area.

Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, in the mid-'80s reminds me of Beach Street, quaint shops, antique mall, jewelers, lunch and coffee shops, and good restaurants; all along a pretty waterfront. But it was a dying retail desert.

Business owners blamed the shopping malls and big box stores of stealing their revenue. The majority of retailers on that lovely street opened at 11 a.m. and closed at 5 p.m. Never open on Sunday.

I've often thought of Beach Street merchants as having the same mindset. The street does not need $4.5 million in paving costs. It needs merchants that truly want our business.

Fence in food and beverages

Lately, it has come to my attention that whatever store I go into, from Dillards to Walmart, there is a disgusting amount of unfinished beverages randomly placed on store shelves, in clothing departments and outside in ashtray containers or shopping carts.

This is a disgraceful display of blatant disregard of respect for others who frequent these establishments. In my opinion, since there are trash cans outside the store, people should leave their unfinished beverages in those trash receptacles.

If these unfinished beverages were to spill, which they often do, store items could be damaged or people could be injured if they slipped on spilled beverages. Not only is this dangerous, it is also unsanitary.

Having places to buy food and beverages in stores or malls is not always a good idea. There use to be signs that said no food or beverages in stores. Perhaps there should be signs that say no food or beverage beyond the food court area of the store or mall.

In response to: 'New Smyrna Beach getting a garden district'

Big money? Wow, how was this conclusion made?

This is a group of neighbors, some long-time citizens of the area and some quite new, who are willing to spend their time and effort to beautify our area and to build cohesive, long lasting friendships.

Size those linens

When donating sheets, blankets, comforters, tablecloths and other linens to thrift shops and other charitable organizations, people donating should mark each item with its measurements or its size (twin, full, queen, king).

It is difficult, if not impossible, for volunteers to measure each one of the multitude of linens that Americans so generously give. Thank you.

In response to: 'New Smyrna Beach getting a garden district'

The 20-year resident who expressed concern about the branding of the “Riverside Garden District” stated that he/she lives in the historic district, which is south of Ronnoc, east of U.S. 1. and several blocks south of Canal Street in New Smyrna Beach.

Hence, this resident already lives in a branded neighborhood called the “Canal Street Historic District” and may be subject to historic rules living in this designation (as well as festivals, Christmas lights, etc.).

The RGD is limited to the area north of Ronnoc, west of Riverside Drive, south of Tanglewood and east of U.S. 1. This is not part of the historic district, although Ronnoc to Wayne is a historic overlay (not subject to historic guidelines).

Perhaps this resident did not attend RGD presentations to the city. If they had, we believe their view might be different. The goal of the RGD is to protect homeowners rights (versus rigid historic rules), encourage beautification (not an HOA -- strictly volunteer) and pull together as a community (neighbors supporting neighbors).

Not sure why the writer thought “big money” was involved here. This is a grassroots effort from a group of caring neighbors who want to preserve the legacy and character of our community.

How old is too old to have a dog?

Back in 1996 my first wife was very sick and Halifax Humane Society would not allow us to adopt a small pet.

Fast forward to 2019 and the same thing has happened again. My second wife and I lost our pet around Thanksgiving. We are senior citizens.

I went to Halifax Humane Society and saw a little dog that would fit us perfectly. They said we could have it. When they found out we are senior citizens, all we have been getting is the runaround. We are being discriminated against because we are senior citizens.

My wife does not do a lot of walking, but I do during the day and night. We have lots of love and patience for a little dog, but according to the humane society, we are too old. Too old to give a home to a little dog? Too old to give lots of love and patience to a little dog? Where do you draw the line on being too old to love a little dog? Where do you draw the line?

Can't get noise relief

On the flyover issue. I moved here in 2004, there were occasional flyovers, but not too many and not so annoying.

Now the flyovers over my home in Edgewater start at 7 a.m. Sunday through Saturday. They fly over my house every 30 minutes and I cannot enjoy my backyard or the home because of the irritating noise.

No, the Realtor was from Watson Realty, she said nothing, nothing at all about the flyovers. We moved from another state.

Now because of the noise, I want out. Problem there is I cannot get what the home is worth. I am stuck with these rude flyovers all day long every single day of the week. They need to curb them back. This is just extremely rude.

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