Rude people

This morning I spent what I consider a long time waiting for someone who went into the convenience store and took what seemed forever to do whatever while I sat behind their car waiting to use that pump to get gas.

I think it is extremely rude of people to leave their cars at the pump while they go into the store to do shopping or whatever, especially when there are parking spaces available so they can move their car away from the pump. Especially when they see that someone is behind them waiting to get gas.

This is bad enough at a large gas station like Wawa. But when the gas station is small with only one island, like the 7-Eleven at U.S. 1 and Wayne Avenue in New Smyrna Beach, this is just plain rude and inconsiderate.

In response to: 'The debate on global warming'

Lay off Dan Smith, he is smarter than you so-called scientists and politicians.

You can go back 5 billion years, when the earth was created every single year it was getting warmer or colder.

We can't ever admit there is climate change. Then the government will have to do something. It has been estimated it would cost $80 trillion dollars. It is called the PT Barnum rule, there is a sucker born every minute. It's all about people getting rich.

Instead of reading science magazines. Read the history book. Thomas Jefferson said don't trust the government. Now, I have said it.

In response to: 'The debate on global warming'

Dan Smith’s column was closer to reality than the writer who declared “there is virtually a complete consensus” global warming was caused by human beings.

There actually is no consensus on any of it and for the writer to tell us “it’s hard to go wrong” if you get your facts from “major city newspapers” who don’t “print nonsense” pardon me for hysterical laughter if we were to depend on “major city papers”! Which city? Which paper? What if I choose a different city for different facts?

As if we don’t have enough fake news spewing from television. Please can we return this Rants & Raves back to the local focus and things we can effect change in to improve our lives here (in Volusia County and Florida) and agree to disagree on world climate change?

In response to: 'The debate on global warming'

I was rather shocked to read the Land Lines column in the Jan.17 Ormond Beach Hometown News.

The column was long on errors and blather and short on substance. Frankly I expected more from Mr. Smith.

To imply a two-foot sea level rise isn't a huge problem and that "we will deal with it" is just plain silly. Any idea what the cost will be to "deal with it"? Miami already has water intrusion. Old Dixie Highway already floods periodically. Any concern about the impact to people here and in other nations? Apparently not.

Similarly, the implications that warming is "due to a natural cycle" and it's "arrogant for us to think we humans can have a major effect on weather" are both wrong -- flatly debunked. Indeed I'd say that it's far more arrogant for a layman to use his public newspaper forum to try to discredit what virtually all the experts worldwide have concluded.

It would have been far better to have an informed article on what the predicted impacts are and how best to deal with them. If that's not of interest, perhaps I can help put Mr. Smith in touch with the flat earth society.

In response to: 'Big dogs, big piles'

I just wanted to reply to the person who sent in big dogs and big piles.

We have the same problem here in DeLand on North Hill Avenue. Grown men with their dogs and let them deposit their waste anywhere they chose? It's on the side walks, grass or wherever? These men should know better?

They wouldn't think of bringing a pooper-scooper or a bag to clean up after their dogs. There are woods on North Hill and the next street there are woods there (Wisconsin Avenue).

Hey, you grown men with your dogs, get in the woods or start cleaning up your dog's piles.

Score the driving

Why when you go to get car insurance do they check your credit score?

They do this even when a person has never had any accidents. It's the person who drives the car, not the credit score.

Slap on the wrist too little

The vast majority is more than fed up.

I agree with the person who wrote in complaining with the justice system undermining the police a few months ago. I have since been following the police report. I have been considering about changing my career due to the fines that are being set. It is clear drug dealers are making more money and aren't paying taxes.

Judges need to be removed from the bench. Why is it a slap on the wrist to sell drugs? They are making more money that top white collar professionals. These slaps on the wrist are disgusting.

Let them live

I live in Edgewater. I have animals: a bird, a dog and cats.

I have bird feeders and squirrel feeders in my yard. I love sitting in my Florida Room and watch all of them come to my yard.

In the 16 years I have lived here not once, not one time, have I seen a cat feral or non feral, kill any of the birds that come to my yard. I have see hawks kill them, and one actually flew into my window and died, but no, not once, have I seen a cat kill any of them.

Something you should be aware of is a simple working idea. Those that do the TNR work on getting the strays fixed. I have a better idea for you instead of killing the cats that you think are killing your birds. Let's just put the people who dump their unfixed cats down. Of course that will not happen, so let's just remember that we all have a right to live, including cats that are feral or dumped.

You don't have some supreme right to decide which animals should be killed because you believe they are damaging your lifestyle. What I suggest to you is get in contact with a good TNR person. Yes, some are really bad. Have them put traps in your yard for these bird-killing cats and then let them be taken to be spayed or neutered. Let them live out their lives the same way you are living out yours

Thanks, Dwight

My wife died and we used Dale Woodward Funeral Home. Dwight was the best to work with.

Treat disabled with respect

On Jan. 3, my daughter went shopping at Port Orange Winn-Dixie to pick up a few items.

My daughter has CP disability and only has use of one arm. She usually brings her wagon with her to carry groceries home, but this time her wagon was broke.

She asked the store manager if she could use one of their carts to carry the groceries home. He knows her and she has had to ask a couple of times before. He said, yes. They are good people at Winn Dixie. She lives five blocks from the store and does not drive.

She was about three blocks from home on Spruce Creek Road when Port Orange Officer Andrew McKay stopped her and gave her a ticket for stealing the cart even when she told him she had permission to use it. He made her take the groceries out of the cart and put them on the sidewalk. He put the cart in his trunk and left her standing there. How rude.

He could have called the store for verification or helped her to get home. That did not happen. A Good Samaritan witnessed all and helped my daughter get home. Thank You whoever you are.

My son-in-law called the Port Orange Police Department to complain and was told they support the officer's decision. It's sad to hear about disabled persons being treated with such disrespect.

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