Knowledge advantage

This is rave about Cecil Brumley. He is the best thing Hometown News has going for it. When I open the newspaper, his column is the first article that I go to read. It is chocked full of information. Almost more information than the rest of the paper.

When I meet business associates out and I discuss what is going on in Volusia County, they are always shocked at my knowledge and act like I have some inside scoop. They ask how I know so much, I tell them I read Cecil Brumley in the Hometown News.

Definitely the best thing you have going for you. You could get rid of Dan Smith and I wouldn't shed a tear. Cecil Brumley is an absolute community asset.

Need a better vaccine plan

This is an open message to the "Leaders" in “Floriduh.”

My husband and I have not spent the past year in our home, social distancing, and not been able to see our grandchildren, hear about more than 57 people we know having either caught the virus or died from it, worry about my daughter and her husband, who are EMTs, to now stand in a super spreader line for the Covid vaccine.

Come up with an intelligent plan. I am also tired of being locked inside.

A better way needed

Daytona’s race tradition lives on.

Line 'em up for the pole position and 1,000 slots age 65 plus for a vaccination. Who will make the field, who won’t. There’s obviously better ways to accomplish this.

No soliciting, means no soliciting

During this pandemic I hate solicitors even more than normally.

I even purchased a new sign that spelled out exactly what would anger me if you knock on my door uninvited. I did this because far too many people in Florida do not understand what No Soliciting means.

Today a man pulled up in front of my home, walked to the door, read the sign and then knocked to say he thinks I don't like solicitors. He was not wearing a mask. He then wanted to know what I pay in power bill.

I said I wouldn't tell him and he could leave. I also informed him he has some nerve to be knocking on doors without wearing a mask, not knowing what is on the other side of this door. Stupidity and rudeness abounds in Volusia County.

Who has to pay for total ignorance?

I am wondering as a young, retired veteran, who had a very good service term, if, at this current time with the pandemic, a person, family or parties opt not to get the vaccine against this deadly disease.

They are a potential threat to the public and they end up in ICU and they have no insurance. Who is responsible for those payments? Is that not the same as yelling fire in a crowded movie house? Is that not the same as reckless driving or driving under the influence?

I feel anyone who I come in contact with who refuses to get an immunization, for whatever their reasons, I feel that is a chargeable offense against humanity.

I am skeptical about the vaccine. I am very hesitant for my wife and I against the vaccine. However, when my time comes to get the vaccine, I feel I have no choice after almost a year of isolation and staying away from activities that I used to enjoy. It is my social obligation, but is it my social obligation to pay for the healthcare of someone who said I will not? I am a little confused.

Clean the bridge

I am a long-time resident of New Smyrna Beach.

I am having a real problem with the South Causeway, which is in a dire need of a steam cleaning. It is not appealing to anyone who comes to town. The city needs to clean that bridge.

Greatest gift of all

I would like to say Kudos to the residents of Edgewater and Florida Shores.

This is the first year I have seen so many Christmas lights and so many decorations.

It is really nice, but the real reason of Christmas is Jesus and I hope you didn't forget to remember him on Christmas Day. He is the greatest gift of all.

Where is Christmas spirit?

Why is it every year, more and more people throw away their Christmas trees the day after Christmas?

Whatever happened to at least keeping the tree up until New Year's? Are people just going through the motions for families, for a front?

Bring in the slots

Now that they took away the dogs at the dog track, do you think they will bring in slots in the new year? Let's get it going.

In response to: 'Outside masking'

Workmen wearing masks is a safety issue, depending on the work they do.

If they're working with cement, there is silica in it that will poison lungs, especially if sanding it. These workers will eventually be utilizing the Worker's Compensation program because of safety claims that affect them for life.

Same holds true for lawn care workers. They should all be wearing masks so the fumes from their gas engines don't poison their lungs.

On the other hand, the writer shouldn't make plans to visit Maine in the near future. The governor up there has an outdoor mask mandate in place right now to mitigate the spread of Covid-19.

Athletes, workers and the good Maine citizens are all enjoying the outdoors, even climbing mountains, and willing to wear a mask in order to show they care about their fellow man. It's easy to breathe in a mask, you may want to try it some time.

Wants an appointment

Volusia County Health Department announced that the Moderna vaccine would be administered to Seniors over 65 for two days at the Daytona Stadium.

They said we were to line up in our cars, first come, first served. Every other county in Florida announced they will be using an appointment system, which is a much more orderly way to administer the program. I could be sitting in my car for hours awaiting the vaccine.

Respect has to be earned

In the Dec. 25 Hometown News, Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry laments about a bias free society.

He mentions unfair treatment of citizens. We all know what he's referring to. Well it works both ways. Government or whomever cannot make you like someone. That will never happen.

Special treatment will only make people turn away. That (respect ) has to be earned. If you want to be treated decently then you must be decent and respectful.

Wear a helmet

Your Christmas edition had a number of photos published promoting bike riding.

Please make sure the riders are wearing helmets. None of you bike riders had them on, it is especially important that seniors take that safety precaution.

A Christmas Eve blessing

Christmas Eve we drove from Port Orange to Camelot restaurant in Oak Hill for an early lunch.

Instead of lunch specials, they were featuring Christmas dinners since they would be closed Christmas Day. We enjoyed delicious turkey dinners and when we went to pay, we were told a couple that had just left had made arrangements to pay for meals for everyone that was in the restaurant.

We were so touched by their Christmas kindness so to the Christmas angel and his wife from the in-our-80s couple in the booth at the north end, thank you for your blessed kindness. We will pay it forward.

In response to: 'Annoying a pig?'

Based on your post, it appears that you feel that those who are not willing or smart enough to understand the importance of wearing masks are pigs.

I would like to believe that humans are smarter, maybe I am wrong. So I guess my mistake is I have been speaking English to non-mask wearers trying to explain their stupid excuses are just that, selfish and stupid. I will now try to oink at them and see if they understand that.

Thank you for clarifying that non-mask wearers are as dumb as pigs.

Thankful for electricity

A hearty thank you to the two FPL workers who came out on a cold Christmas morning to get our electricity back on, trucks, equipment and all.

One does not realize how much we rely on electricity until it is off for a period of time, especially in our waking hours. Many thanks and best blessings for the coming new year.

Smile, speeder, you're on camera

I live on Willow Oak in Edgewater.

Yes, a lot of people seem to think that this street is a freeway. While walking out to pick up the newspaper and check our mail, a small white SUV came down the street driving fast and swerved towards myself and my dog.

Fortunately it wasn't a child, but just want the person to know that, yes, we got you on camera.

Volusia County Schools must do better

Volusia Schools is at 651 reported COVID-19 cases of students and staff since September (before holiday break).

This total means that about one out of every 100 students and teachers have tested positive for Covid-19 in just four months. Right now we are seeing a spike in Covid-19 cases, yet our district continues marching on without respect to the health and safety of stakeholders.

What this crisis has really shown, however, is the district's inability to fulfill its duties. The district is in a tough place right now. We have an interim superintendent, a budget crisis, a new school board member, and Chairwoman Linda Cuthbert recently announced she has cancer. We have school-based administrators who have spat in the face of ethical behavior, who have lied to parents and students, who have discriminated, and we have district administrators who let those schools run wild and who will sometimes make similar poor decisions.

What we need is strong leadership to come into VCS to restore accountability and bring a firm hand to the table. I do not envy interim Superintendent Carmen Balgobin; she is in a tough spot. Interim leaders can often be seen as simply 'holding a seat' until someone returns.

But what VCS needs right now is not stagnancy. We desperately need an innovator, a listener, and most importantly, a thinker. I look forward to the day that Dr. Scott Fritz returns to his position and ask the school board members step out of their shell and bring luster back to VCS.

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