People are so weak nowadays, don't you think?

They blame everything on the pandemic.

I can't watch my children. I can't stand my children. Where is daycare? It should be free. I should be able to go to school for two years at no cost. I am so stressed about the pandemic I overdosed on Fentanyl. Now, I need a public funded drug to get off the Fentanyl.

None of this makes any sense.

People are soft as Jell-O. This is a ridiculous state that this country has ended up in.

Looking for a deduction

At the end of the year, why are we bombarded with requests for donations?

Where were all these organizations earlier in the year? I can tell you. We are hearing from them now because they are looking for people who need to make a big tax deduction in the last few days of the year.

Watch the spending

New Smyrna Beach Commission, please plan before you spend.

From a dog park that opened and closed in a couple of weeks to a million dollar building with no apparent purpose to selling city offices when we have already outgrown the new ones, we are throwing taxpayer dollars to the winds.

In response to: 'Don't Repair Now'

In response to the Snowbird complaining about the closing of the 27th Avenue ramp, you might consider the work is being done in the winter months in order for local taxpayers, who are paying for the construction, can use the ramp when they get their summer vacation to take their kids to the beach.

In August, school has not started and Labor day weekend in September is a major beach day for the families of this area.

Also, an accident is just waiting to happen on Saxon Avenue beachside, New Smyrna Beach. The number of golf carts using Saxon traveling at 18 mph continues to obstruct traffic. At times as many as 10 to 12 cars will be following one golf cart and the driver of the cart does not have the common courtesy to pull over to let them pass. New Smyrna Beach is not the Villages.

In addition, they have started using Third Avenue to go to Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. One of these days when a wreck occurs, the golf cart will not win.

Still questioning

As city staff tries to prep Ormond Beach citizens for a mega-development looming on our western boundary, we continue to seek answers to our most important questions.

Why is Ormond Beach enabling this development by providing water and sewer to future Daytona Beach residents? Why do our elected officials continue to advocate a $50 million Hand Avenue extension over Interstate 95 to Avalon Park? Why did city commissioners annex the controversial Plantation Oaks, another mega-development on the Loop where Ormond Beach will be providing water, sewer, police, fire and all other services for the current and future residents of manufactured homes when the residents who live here currently have no say about density, roads and other planning issues?

The residents of Ormond Beach can say good-bye to the Ormond Beach we love unless we vote good-bye to the city commissioners who are in favor of these and other developments that are strangling our city, the environment, and our way of life. Hopefully it won't be too late.

Still irrationally celebrating

Well another year has passed, and once again it shows that people in Edgewater have not learned anything.

Lighting fireworks that sparkle with colors at 4 p.m. takes the joy out of them on New Year's Eve. Yet, here we are with fools lighting off fireworks starting at 4 p.m.

It becomes clear that this is done so that by midnight the only thing you have left are your guns, thank you.

I grew up in an area that understood that New Year's Day actually starts at 12:01 a.m. not 4 p.m. We would shoot off some fireworks at that hour and bang some pots and then out of respect for the animals and people with Post Traumatic Stess Disorder, we stopped and took our celebration indoors.

Too bad people here just can't figure that out.

One man's trash; another man's treasure

Recently concurring with the rant entitled “What a dump!” (a complaint about neighborhoods overrun with unsightly garbage), it occurred to me that historically true for those living in the southernmost part of New Smyrna Beach, adjacent to Canaveral National Seashore.

Inside that federally protected area, Turtle Mound is the prehistoric archaeological site of the largest dump of domestic waste ever in the U.S. Oyster shells and other waste neatly mounded there by Timucuan Native Americans served as a sighting of land from way out at sea by sailors of long ago.

And, since modern days, an eye catching tourist attraction.

In response to: 'Looking for the Christ child'

This person has no clue what Christians actually do.

This country was founded under Yahweh God. Founded to be a city on a hill and a light to the nation.

I agree we have come far away of that because of people who have not observed the word on God.

The writer does not know how many Christian Churches have food banks in the county and has not heard about Catholic Charities that also helps the poor. The Catholic church has hospitals. The Jewish faith has hospitals. AdventHealth hospitals are all over Volusia County, which were founded by the Seventh Day Adventists.

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