Wouldn't you think?

In a day and age where we have issues that prevent children from going to school, which has occurred since the birth of man, why can we not have have books, papers, No. 2 pencils and your next door neighbor brings your homework home while you get over your ailment.

I had six broken arms while playing soccer for the school I attended. I never missed a day of school, although I had to stay at home.

Virtual learning -- in a time when not everyone can afford a computer and not everyone knows how to use a computer -- why is everything going in that direction. This is not fair to a senior citizen. A senior citizen who has not seen anything more than possibly a calculator, but yet the world wants to lean toward everything online.

If you can't do virtual learning, have someone bring home your child's book, notebook, paper and figure it out yourself, and send the papers back. That's how I got through many years of school. Someone always brought me my books, not my laptop.

Stunned at my own behavior

I cannot believe it.

I was taking an early evening nap, waiting for dinner when I woke up with my debit card in my hand and realized I had never changed the TV channel, but I had ordered 200 different prescriptions in 60 minutes. Can you believe that?

I will never have itchy elbows. My vision will be clear. I will never have to buy sunglasses again. I won't even have to wear a hat because I have no hair. It is unbelievable – the barrage.

It hurts inside. It hurts outside. It hurts down there. It hurts up there. How much can you take on one channel in 60 minutes? Gees, I hope I can cancel all these prescriptions. Oh, that is because I took another prescription, the one that made me go to sleep.

In response to: 'People are so weak nowadays don't you think?'

To the writer complaining about those who need childcare, who are frightened by the pandemic or who need public drug treatment. Those who are “soft.”

There was an historical religious figure who said blessed are the poor and the hungry and who strengthened those who were fearful. This person is followed by millions today, although his teachings have obviously not reached everyone.

Our strength and sustenance

As indicated by the Hometown News survey, the favorite 2021 Volusia County articles were about chowing down.

No more apparent than in the barrier island town of New Smyrna Beach, with people over and above voracious as infamous sharks.

The Beacon, Clancy's, Cafe Verde and Third Wave unexpectedly out of commission for a while. Crow's Nest upgraded to Crabby's Seaside. Sea Shack seafood to Starbucks coffee. Similarly Burger King became Chipotle. From the NSB Steakhouse focus on beef to the Colt's Pig Stand focus on pork. Former drive-thru BBQ switching to a cupcake stand.

Maintaining waterfront location despite name changes, DolphinView to Sea Harvest and Sea Harvest to River Deck. At an awkward turnoff along the North Causeway bridge, Gnarly Surfer's La Fiesta. The ever successful Thai Mango relocated not far from the renamed Spott. What becomes of the shuttered backstreet Golden Biscuit breakfast/lunch and side street That's Amore lunch/dinner remains to be seen.

Considering all that's gone along with the second year of pandemic malingering into the third, there's no wonder the transformations/closures of restaurants during 2021. Hang in to these local eateries during this challenging time. Likewise customers tolerating the 10% to 25% food markup passed on to patrons.

Adding recurring Covid-19 risks, increasing numbers of people opt not to eat out, favoring economical home cooking. Plus, those on hard times are unable to procure nourishment other than through the good grace of soup kitchens. With about 4,000 of the 50,000 population dealing no matter what with annual food insecurities.

Please wear your mask

After attempting to shop at the Edgewater Winn-Dixie, it is easy to see why Covid-19 numbers are so high in Floriduh.

We went to the deli section to get some sliced beef, then we notice the employee mask under the chin and no gloves. We went to the meat department – man putting out freshly cut meat, mask under the nose. Go to the soda aisle, man stocking shelves, no mask at all. Fresh vegetable section, mask under chin.

Every employee I saw working in the store part was not masked or not masked properly. The only employees that were masked were the checkers.

I haven't gone this far not getting Covid-19 to get it now. I have gotten vaccinated. I have a grandson with cancer. I am not risking it for others. I am sick of this stupidity.

Properly expressing thanks

This message is for the gentleman who helped me on Thursday, Dec 30,

The incident took place at Publix on Beachside in New Smyrna Beach.

I did not properly express my gratitude for the gentleman’s kindness and generosity.

Since I am unable to personally thank the gentleman, I sincerely hope that he reads this message or is made aware.

Thank you very much. God bless you and your family.

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