In response to: 'Ponce council declines parade co-sponsorship'

I am very disappointed. Isn't this an outside event?

I think it is time we all say enough. If you are concerned about contracting Covid-19, then don't go. I think it is unfair to keep the rest of us as hostages. I think it is time to say enough already.

I am very disappointed they did not proceed with this event, and I think its time that people and citizens in Ponce Inlet make some changes. I am extremely disappointed that this event was not hosted and it will not proceed.

In response to:'Outside masking'

You poorly educated irresponsible person.

Obviously, you don't seem to understand how this pandemic got into the spike it is right now. You appear to be one of those who doesn't care about spreading the disease. If city workers are wearing masks outside, I applaud them. At least they are smart enough to understand.

Two weeks ago, I wrote in about 40 friends and family have passed from Covid, well, it is now up to 49. I am tired of not seeing my grandchildren. I am tired of not being able to go out freely.

But what tires me more are people like you who just don't care about others. You don't know who is at the home of others. You need to stop and understand why people are wearing masks. You need to listen to the doctors and the scientists, and understand and stop being so ignorant.

Your poor attempt to make fun of responsible city workers only shows just how badly you should have gone to school.

Instead of trumped up condemnation, some truly need help

In response to the Dec, 18 "Spoiled society" Rants & Raves, help should come for all the citizens in our country, state, county, towns truly manifesting real need for it – instead a very select chosen few.

During such tough times in the past as the Great Depression and World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt stepped in with the New Deal as did later in the '60s Lyndon B. Johnson with the Great Society. Whatever the economic setbacks, health crisis or military conflicts, such programs are often the only hope for the most downtrodden among us in such apparently dis-equal times as the 1930s, 1960s and the past few years.

Could it be because many people of color are those in most often need of such assistance that it's time and again in American history begrudged? Upper class without empathy for lower class and the middle class is altogether overlooked in between.

Pitting one against the other with all too familiarly contemptuous stereotypes and slurs, the help never in time reaches where it's desperately needed. And various attempts to turn such disparity around for one and all are yet again stymied. Pit one class against the other and the rich get richer and others lose hope as they rush around calling one another names.

Keep it a nice place to live

What a blessing that God gave us a nice place to live in Volusia County and Holly Hill especially.

It is so quiet and peaceful.

However, there is something unpleasant in my neighborhood. The sidewalks from Center Street to Nova Road are dirty and unkempt.

There is drainage that is clogged and water sits there. People throw garbage there. I wish the City Council would do something about it and fix the sidewalk so people like me, with walkers, can go through it.

Why do people like to litter our city? The bus stop near Save A Lot is the worst. Please people don't litter. Let us keep our city clean and beautiful.

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