Move the marathons

I would like to make the suggestion that the marathons we do in this area be scheduled to happen somewhere off the main drag in Daytona Beach.

After spending an hour (truly) trying to get from Daytona Beach Shores to Granada in Ormond, it was easy to see just how frustrated everyone was with just trying to get where they were going.

A lot of people work on weekends and when you have a shutdown of Peninsula Drive, Atlantic Avenue, Ridgewood Avenue, etc., it pretty much limits your abilities.

Surely there is another path that doesn't allow traffic to completely stop and still enable the people participating in the marathon to run. Maybe you can consider somewhere else in the future?

Protect handicap benefits

Yes, there is a problem with people who want to take advantage of the few benefits the handicapped get.

A year ago, I was at the Winn-Dixie in Edgewater when a woman came flying into the parking lot, did a spin and ended up in a handicapped spot.

My husband and I were walking in. I do not have a handicapped placard because I can still walk. She climbs out of her car in some very high heels and walks into the store. Yes, she had the placard, but I doubt the card was for her.

It angered me but nothing could be done. Another time, I see a woman with a small dog on an extension leash with a baggy Service Animal Vest on. I spoke to her, seeing the dog was behaving in a manner that does not match a service dog. She said she couldn't afford to get a dog from the groups that train service dogs, so she went on Amazon and got a vest and filled out a permit for a service animal.

People need to put together a plan that will help protect people who are really handicapped and punish those that choose to play the system. So what are your ideas? My first one is to make it illegal for a service animal vest to be not sold to a person unless they can prove it is a true service dog.

In response to: 'Beach town graft'

Like it or not, people need to accept that the anglers have a legitimate lease with the city for the property on the North Causeway.

To break the lease would be costly to the taxpayers. The city should honor the contract.

I don’t know where the idea came from that the property would provide enjoyment for the masses if the anglers were not there. The city has other waterfront property on the North Causeway and has done nothing but try to sell it for the last 10 years. Learn to live with this until the lease runs out.

Drivers gone wild

People are driving out of control in Edgewater and especially in New Smyrna Beach where you never see any police.

People are breaking every rule of the road. They're doing everything in the car but driving and getting away with it. We need more police presence to monitor these dangerous drivers. People take their lives in their hands when they drive around here. It's scary.

We also need more traffic lights on U.S. 1, State Road 442 and State Road 44 to slow the speeders down. With all the new developments and building happening in these cities, it's only going to get worse. So, please assign more police on the roads and issue high-dollar citations to these bad drivers to keep us and our families safe.

Enforce the handicapped parking rules

I agree that I see nine out of 10 times a person exit their car from a disabled spot with a placard who is clearly not disabled.

Perhaps they are using an elderly parent or grandparent’s placard when the parent or grandparent isn’t with them.

There has to be better policing of this situation and a better system of identifying genuine disabled placard users.

Also, the Port Orange Police Department would stand to make a windfall in illegal parking tickets policing a disabled parking spot across from Chicken Salad Chick next to the Wells Fargo ATM. That spot is the busiest one in the lot with people parking there like a revolving door to use the ATM despite a designated spot on the other side of the ATM. In one hour, I counted 20 cars using the spot illegally. What a revenue make.

Too much taken away

Daytona Beach is trying to make this town a family vacation, yet, all we have is the beach. (Can’t count on the weather.)

Now they're talking about taking away our wonderful ballpark. The roller rink is gone, the bowling alley is gone. If you can’t afford the pathetic Boardwalk, you are bored beyond words. Wake up Daytona.

The kindness of strangers in Ormond Beach

Last week, while stopped at the intersection of Beach Street and Granada Boulevard, a lady tapped on my car window to tell me I had a flat tire.

In a panic, I drove to my favorite Shell station, asking to use their phone to call AAA. The attendant said “Why don’t you just go next door to Tire Kingdom?”

We walked over and Nick from Tire Kingdom came and checked out my car. Of course, I didn’t know my brand new car didn’t come with a spare tire. Instead there was a small compressor and can of gunk to be pumped into the tire. Nick did this and I was able to drive to Tire Kingdom, where they put on a new tire.

Many, many thanks to Nick from Tire Kingdom, the nice attendant at the Shell station and the kind lady who took the time to get out of her car at the busy intersection to tell me I had a flat tire.

Venus was adopted

I just wanted to let Hometown News readers know that Venus the dog at the Halifax Humane Society was adopted.

Conservative outlook

If you would like a more conservative outlook for public schools, and think our children in Florida public schools would be better off having a more traditional value of what our founding fathers had in mind, then please call or write your state representatives and senators and tell them to support SB 746 and HB 341 (Study of the Bible and Religion) as well as SB 946 and HB 737 (Moments of Silence in Public Schools). If implemented, it would help our youth in Florida to have a better and more stable outlook on life.

Also, if you think college students are just as important as our youth, please also tell your state representative and senator to support SB 72 and HB 613 (Postsecondary Education). If this was implemented, it would help create a more conservative atmosphere on our great Florida college campuses.

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