Brannon Center financially

Anyone know if the Brannon Center is making any money?

I know of only two events there that were not at the old center. Also I can't imagine any weddings receptions being there, unless the prices have come down.

(The Brannon Center response: The Brannon Center is a modern, waterfront venue that hosted a total of 196 unforgettable events with breathtaking backdrops last year, 21 of which included wedding receptions.

In 2020, the City of New Smyrna Beach is hosting a series of monthly budget workshops to serve as a public forum for residents interested in city finances. The last workshop on Jan. 28 featured deep dives of both Maintenance Operations and Leisure Services departmental budgets, including the Brannon Center. Video replay of this workshop is available now on our official YouTube channel.

Please visit for a calendar of upcoming events, current rates and more.

Beach town graft

How many different Mayors and City Council Members in New Smyrna Beach will it take before the Angler's Yacht Club along the start of the North Causeway is exposed for the racket it's been for more than a century?

Think of all those excluded from what should have long since been public property for the enjoyment of the masses rather than a private spot for a chosen few.

Not to mention the loss of appropriate city revenue. Those who know about it, keep it hush-hush; those who don't do nothing about it.

With so much concern about D.C. shenanigans, locals need not look far for much the same. Shame on those who persist year after year getting away with it and those that allow them to.

Thanks, heartfully

I want to thank from the bottom of my heart whoever found my phone and turned it into Hospice Thrift Shop in New Smyrna Beach. God bless everyone.

I wish you the best forever.

In response to: 'Treat disabled with respect'

Does this officer know his wages and others in that office are paid by us, the citizens of Port Orange?

How could this officer be so disrespectful to a disabled person? Why didn't he give her a ticket for stealing a shopping cart and call for back up as they always seem to do do in other cases?

What a sad day here in Port Orange to read this story. She lived so close why couldn't you just walk and help her. (What a disgrace to your community.)

In response to: 'Treat disabled with respect'

I would like to see something done about parking for disabled people.

They should have a license plate or sticker that says disabled.

People get placards that do not need them long-term. I have seen people put up placards, then run from the car. They take up spaces for people who are disabled permanently.

In response to: 'Treat disabled with respect'

My name is David. I live in Ormond Beach.

I was reading about the young lady who was apprehended by the police for stealing a shopping cart. I would like to reach out to her or her family and buy her a new cart or or perhaps two, so she has a back up. I think that would be a nice thing to do.

Perhaps the police will reconsider the ticket. I hope she doesn't have to pay anything. I would be happy to pay the fine for her, also, if they persist in pressing charges.

I find this rude and disrespectful for someone who must have an obvious disability. Please reach out to me. Hometown News has my contact. If there is anything I can do I am ready, willing and able.

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